How To Increase LinkedIn Page Followers using Free & Paid Strategies?

How To Increase LinkedIn Page Followers using Free & Paid Strategies?
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Creating a company page on LinkedIn is very good. You already know its importance as an effective communication channel. You have created your company page, and you have been able to use the best strategies to optimize it.

However, you should know that getting followers takes time and effort, so let me share with you some of the best organic ways to achieve it without investing a single penny. But if you want to achieve your goals more quickly, you need to work on paid strategies. In this article, you will learn about both free and paid strategies on how to increase LinkedIn page followers.

How to increase LinkedIn Page Followers for Free?

Strategy # 1: Join Multiple Groups

Remember that LinkedIn is a social media channel and that sharing experiences can quickly expand your network. To do this, you should actively participate in various LinkedIn groups.

Take into account that, beyond your group of employees, on LinkedIn, you can connect with professionals who have the same interests and create solid networks that will help you strengthen the page.

You can share from business and personal updates to research and case studies that will allow you to position yourself as an opinion leader among your followers. To achieve this, be sure to choose those relevant to your business interest or industry, participate wisely, and don’t spam.

You can save time searching for groups by consulting the LinkedIn group suggestions page (“Discover Groups”) or using the search function on the home page.

You can also create a LinkedIn group based on the topic or industry of your choice! You can add up to three groups to your company page, further facilitating opportunities for member engagement.

How do you create a LinkedIn Group?

Click on your work icon

Select Groups

How to create LinkedIn Groups and get followers.

Press the “Create Group” button

Create a LinkedIn Group

Provide all the details, upload and cover photo, and click on the create button.

How to create LinkedIn group

Strategy # 2: Encourage your employees to participate and connect on your page

This is, perhaps, one of the best strategies to exponentially increase the number of followers on your business page. Ask your employees to spread the word by sharing and interacting with the content on your page. Also, ask them to add your company page to their LinkedIn profiles. Everyone wins!

A good practice is to tag the business in personal page updates, as this is a great way to drive traffic to your page. In other words, your employees’ commitment to your posts, giving them “Likes,” commenting on them, and sharing them with their followers, can guarantee a very healthy combined audience since the follow button will be shown to those who still do not follow your business.

Strategy # 3: Add your email signature

This strategy does not require much explanation, so I recommend editing your work email signature with a link to your LinkedIn company page, encouraging readers to follow it.

In this way, email signatures, in conjunction with cross-promotion on other platforms and sharing between employees, can generate more engagement at least the internal team follows the content regularly. The key is consistent content!

Strategy # 4: Add a tracking widget to your blog or website

A widget is a small application or program used to give access to frequently used functions and provide visual information. If you want to increase your followers, this is a strategy that you should not ignore, as it works.

This strategy is an easy step not to be missed if you want to expand your audience, take a few minutes, and pay dividends in follower numbers.

I’ve already shared four free strategies to attract more followers to your LinkedIn Company Page. Now, move to the section about the paid strategies that you can use to gain more followers on this platform.

How to increase LinkedIn Page Followers using Paid Strategies?

Strategy # 1: Create ad campaigns

Please take advantage of LinkedIn’s ability to directly reach the audience you want, as it has detailed information about the professional skills and interests of its members. This knowledge is the preferred platform for 92% of business-to-business (B2B) models. This is why you should consider investing in a LinkedIn ad campaign!

You have several advertising options, and the most used are the advertising options that you make yourself.

Sponsored content

LinkedIn sponsored content works similar to sponsored posts on Facebook, allowing you to promote your business content, whether it’s articles, videos, or presentations.

This can be an excellent opportunity for lead generation, as you can target your audience in a particular way and get the attention of the essential B2Bs. Choose your content carefully and go for the strongest you have. Reuse it for better value.

LinkedIn text ads

LinkedIn text ads are remarkably similar to paid ads on Google or Bing and can help drive traffic to your business page, working as pay-per-click (CPM) ads.

Getting started with these ads is very easy and inexpensive. If you’re new to LinkedIn ads, this might be an excellent place to start, but be sure to A / B testing (more on that later).

Sponsored InMail messages

These types of messages are a nifty LinkedIn tool that can have a significant impact on your business. They allow companies to send a personalized image to someone else’s inbox, with an accompanying sponsored tag.

This option can be a great way to promote your content and drive conversion through calls to action (CTAs). Choose a CTA that increases the chances of a positive response. But if you are doing email marketing then you should

Partner announcements

LinkedIn’s Marketing Partner Program aligns companies with the ad companies to best help you meet your marketing goals.

Dynamic Ads

These ads directly target the person by name and using their profile picture in the ad. To set it up, you will need to contact a LinkedIn representative.

Audience network

This LinkedIn feature allows companies to target a specific audience through sponsored content through partner sites or apps.

Strategy # 2: Engage your followers

The number of followers you have is essential for your LinkedIn Company Page to establish itself as an authority, but it’s just as essential to make sure your followers interact and share your content more. How do you do it?

Capture their attention immediately

A clear strategy to increase engagement with followers is to make sure you use a good hook on your post’s first and second lines.

Authenticity is key

People prefer content that shows humanity and vulnerability, such as personal stories. This content establishes a deep emotional connection with your audience, as it feels more authentic and memorable. This is a crucial strategy for establishing engagement:

  • Show the human side of the brand; it always works. Include a CTA at the end of each post, asking a question, asking readers to click on a link, or others.
  • Don’t keep posting content to sell.
  • Tell stories, share experiences, add value, and answer questions from your followers.
  • Stories of corporate social responsibility always attract attention.
  • Customer testimonials work well.
  • If you do something positive for the environment and the community, let us know about it!
  • Share your achievements with your followers. If you’ve won awards and accolades, they should know!

Strategy # 3: Respond to negative comments constructively

The more your followers participate, the more likely they are to receive negative comments. So what should you do?

If someone criticizes your brand, avoid emotional responses and focus on doing so constructively. This is important as it shows that you are proactive in trying to resolve the situation. The way you handle criticism will be as impactful to your brand as receiving positive feedback.

Under no circumstances leave the criticisms of the company without any response. Don’t lose your temper either: keep your company’s good reputation as your goal.

Strategy # 4: Prioritize quality over quantity

How often should you post on LinkedIn? While posting content regularly is vital, quality should be prioritized over quantity.

Strategic and intentional content that is truly meaningful to your target audience is far more critical than posting any old content. Focus on quality, not how many people follow you.

Strategy # 5: Run tests to find out which content most appeals to your audience

Use A / B testing to see if your target audience responds better or worse to the number of posts you publish. These are a great way to determine what works best for your brand.

What content attracts the audience the most? Native video content is proven to help your brand communicate in a more personal way and performs exceptionally well on LinkedIn, reflecting authenticity and providing a channel to tell a story effectively. The native video is published directly on the LinkedIn platform and is not linked from another platform, such as YouTube.

When it comes to videos, the first six seconds are essential to promote audience engagement. It is also recommended to use subtitles and make videos short and to the point. Please consider that only a third of people use sound when watching videos on their mobile phones, so correct text is essential.

That’s why planning for mobile engagement and providing a good user experience is vital, as 91% of LinkedIn members watch videos on their mobile devices.

Go straight to your audience. People love image-over-text rich media. So, opting for images that have text, presentations, and infographics will work well and attract visitors to your page. Make sure your content is informative and provides value, even if it’s visual. It can be challenging, but if you do it, you can outperform your competition.

Strategy # 6: Decide when is the best time to post on LinkedIn

While time is valuable, the best time to post for a brand may not be the best time for yours; it all comes down to the audience you want to target.

Whether it’s a growing business or an established corporation, if you want your business to thrive, creating a LinkedIn Company Page is crucial to staying relevant and building your brand, increasing trust, and increasing levels. General engagement.

Have you used any of these strategies? If you haven’t, which one would you use first? Share your ideas and comments!

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