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Reasons Why Temok is Your Best Choice for Laravel Hosting

Designed to be the fastest

Our server stack for hosting has been optimized to run at lightning speed. Your customers will enjoy the best shopping experience with instant page loading.

Improve your SEO ranking

Google ranks pages higher depending on loading speed. Our hosting service ensures you’ll be at the top of the list.

No Lost Sales

Potential Clients can be impatient. They’ll have no reason to be with are super fast hosting service.

Optimized Server Stack

We have built an unrivalled server stack for power and performance using MariaDB, PHP 7 and Varnish.

All the Mods

Server level caching, database tweaking, web server tuning, PHP Opcache and Cloudfare CDN designed to deliver super fast speed.

Unrivalled Assistance

Regardless of your plan, our support system and its service staff are proud of delivering extraordinary assistance around the clock. We guarantee rapid response through 24/7 customer support and active surveillance with all managed PHP hosting plans.

Quickest Response

We will always respond to your issues within 10 minutes to provide the fastest solutions...

24/7 Support Team

You can email or call our dedicated support center at any time no matter how big or small your...

Intelligent Defence Systems

Security issues can cost your business thousands of dollars. We have accumulated all our expertise into preventing and solving problems before they damage the activity of your business.

Daily Malware Scans

Malware creeping into your store will cause Google to blacklist your site. We scan and solve all problems before this can happen.

Effective WAF

Our Web Application Firewall system designed by Sucuri will prevent hacks and attacks on your website by filtering out all bad and harmful traffic.

DDos Defence

Your site will be fully protected from high intensity attacks by our system of durable networks.

Lifetime Data Encryption

Our built in and free SSL ensure that all your data is encrypted forever.

Optimized Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee our hosting service will provide 99.99% uptime for your online store.

24/7 Active Surveillance

This service is not a response to problems. It is a process of regular monitoring to prevent attacks from affecting your store and business. We provide constant checks on the health of your website and servers.

Constant Checks

One status check per minute ensures that we can react to any problems before they affect your visitors or damage your selling potential.

Rapid Response

After an alert has been signalled, we guarantee our experts will respond within 10 minutes to analyse, isolate and solve the root of the problem.

Comprehensive Management

Our wealth of experience means that your business is in the safest possible hands. We will manage the daily operations of your servers to allow your e-commerce business to run with 100% efficiency at all times, no matter how large or small. Let us handle the essential, yet mundane tasks so you can focus on growing your business into the success it deserves to be.

Monthly Reports

Our delivery of monthly reports will provide you with all the information you need to see exactly how we have kept your website secure and running with 100% uptime.

Complete Planning

We will organise every aspect of the resources at your disposal. Storage, backup, patches, updates, droplets and everything else will be managed and planned by our experts.

Built with Developers in Mind

Our hosting service is designed so that your developers can access and use are simple control panel so that they can spend more time on coding and less time on infrastructure.

Git Assistance

Developers can initiate changes in code on live or staging sites with ease.

SSH Freedom

Our SSH system makes easy to access the servers as well as update files and folders.

Unrivalled for Speed and Performance

None of our comtpetitors offer the wealth of experience or breadth of services that our hosting packages do. If you don’t believe us then compare our reviews.

We are the only service that offers free SSL, 24/7 active surveillance, free CDN and free WAF. If you can find a hosting service that runs faster then we’ll give you your money back.

Are you still unsure?

If you have a domain yourdomain.com, your server’s host would be something like server01.yourdomain.com. This what you would use for logging into your root account, while you would be able to run your website at yourdomain.com.

We do offer from multiple geographic locations. Please find location information here:

  • USA (New York, San Francisco)
  • Canada (Toronto)
  • UK (London)
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam),
  • Germany (Franfurt)
  • Singapore and
  • India (Banglore)

With effective migration, the testing of your websites functionality will be carried out by you after it goes live on our servers.

With Whiteglove Migration, we will share a temporary URL so you can check the functionality of your website on our servers before it goes live. After confirmation that everything is working at optimum performance levels, we’ll initiate the final migration and go live.

Call us or email us stating your specific requirement. We’ll come up with a tailored package just for you within 24 hours.

Upgrading your package can be done instantly by a simple phone call or email. Just state your new requirements and we’ll do the rest.

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Why Choose Temok.Com?

100% Customer Satisfaction

We never stop striving to deliver to our customers, and settle for nothing less than 100% satisfaction. Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians, developers and designers understand what your business needs to succeed. We ensure that we will meet those needs and beyond.

Dedicated Customer Support - 24/7/365!

Our support staff is always available to help - day or night. Contact us via phone or live support chat, available via your account dashboard. You can also submit a support ticket via our help area. No matter how you choose to contact us, you will always receive a rapid response and resolution from our support team!

10+ Years Experience Serving 12000+ Clients Worldwide!

We never stop striving to deliver to our customers, and settle for nothing less than 100% satisfaction. Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians, developers and designers understand what your business needs to succeed. We ensure that we will meet those needs and beyond.

Dedicated To Helping You Build Your Brand

We understand the needs and requirements of your business, on both a technical as well as an aesthetic level. We will help you develop the presence, image and infrastructure that assures you will build a solid relationship with your customers, thus helping you establish and build your brand!