5 min read

Avoiding HIPAA Violations: A Guide to Secure Data Management

Posted in Databases

5 min read The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has imposed significant HIPAA penalties on the healthcare sector due to widespread protocol failures and insufficient security measures. Several issues, such as lax security policies, neglected risk assessment audits, internal human errors, and a staff shortage in HIPAA training, can result in the loss, hacking, or theft of patient […]

6 min read

PostgreSQL vs MySQL – Which Database is Best For Your Project?

Posted in Databases

6 min read PostgreSQL and MySQL are relational databases that manage data in tables. These tables can be connected or linked based on data that is common to each. Relational databases allow your business to better understand the relationships among available data and help achieve new insights for making better decisions or recognizing new chances. PostgreSQL vs MySQL […]

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