Android 12 Go Edition Release Date and Exciting Features

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The tech giant Google has released another beta version (Go edition) of Android 12, a faster, more intelligent and privacy-focused operating system than ever before. They tried to overcome the multilingual gaps by introducing improved features and more excellent user experience to smaller and bigger screens.

The fourth beta version of the upcoming Android 12 OS has many exciting features, including App search, attractive notification style, and others. In this guide, I will share Android 12 exciting features one by one.

Let’s take a quick introduction to AppSearch, an on-device search engine that allows apps to index structured data and search with higher performance. It supports native search features and multi-language to deliver the best possible indexing and retrieval options.

Android 12 Go Edition Release Date 2022

Android 12 Go Edition Release Date and Exciting Features

This update was made on 14th December 2021 to unveil its features, but there is no specific date. They said; it should be released in the new upcoming year (2022), but there is no mentioned release date.

Android 12 Go Edition Features

Let’s look at exciting features coming to Android phones in 2022.

Faster App Launches / Splash screen Loading

Mobile applications installed on the Android 12 Go edition will launch up to 30% faster and smoother without any blank view or wait for the screen. How this task should be performed is also explained that they created a SplashScreen API so android developers can deliver a consistently smoother experience when anyone launches an application.

As you see in the picture shown below that android 11 (Go Edition) has not shown any display on the screen yet, while a device with Android 12 (Go Edition) has ultimately shown a display with smoother animation. That indicates that the right one has a faster speed than all older android versions.

Android 12: Faster App Launches / Splash screen Loading

Longer battery life with Apps Hibernation

Mobile users are mainly worried that their phone down the battery within a shorter time, so Android 12 Go will automatically save your battery life because it hibernates applications that haven’t been used for long periods. It is also helpful for those smartphones that have limited storage capacity. However, you will recover files within 30 days; after that, you can delete unnecessary files and free up the space.

As you can see in the picture below, that mobile phone shows a settings notification that indicates three unused apps were hibernated. Either you can open the settings page by visiting the “manage” button or clear the notification if it is ok.

Android 12: Longer battery life with Apps Hibernation

More Exciting Features

This android version also makes understanding your content much more accessible. When users navigate to the recent apps screen, they will see options to listen and translate any text or content into your chosen language. As you can see in the picture shown below: a mobile screen of a Wikipedia page with “Translate”, “Listen”, and “Screenshot” buttons. However, you can see the screen on the right-side that shows translated content from English to Hindi.

Access “Translate” and “Listen” directly from recent applications and make your multilingual reading easier.

Android 12; More Exciting Features

Simple and easy App sharing Option

Multiple apps are required to get our desired functionality, and it is one of the core parts of the overall smartphone experience, but downloading them from the internet will charge you more. Sometimes, you don’t have an internet connection and want to share apps, so there is no need to worry about it because Android 12 Go can share your applications directly to nearby devices without using an active internet connection.

Tap on the “share app”, and it will show a nearby device (Nisha’s Phone) to share apps.

Android 12: Simple and easy App sharing Option

Share devices with a higher level of privacy

Same as window OS has multiple user options; this edition also allows you to share your device with your friends or family with a higher level of privacy. It is a simple way that a guest user can buy an Android 12 (Go edition) by creating different profiles directly on the lock screen. Anyone can switch to a guest profile before using your device and reset it once they’re done.

As you can see, guest profiles are shown on the lock screen:

Android 12: Share devices with a higher level of privacy

Improved Privacy control

Android’s latest upcoming version, 12 (Go edition), has more transparency around applications accessing your mobile’s features or data and more controls to decide how much private information these apps can access.

To do this, Google added a new privacy dashboard where you can see a snapshot of which apps are accessing any type of sensitive data, like the microphone, or camera and revoke permissions if needed. And a new privacy indicator is added on the status bar that will tell you when your apps access your camera, microphone etc.

In the picture given below, you can see two mobile screens side by side. The left one shows the privacy dashboard with detailed information such as those apps using the camera, location and microphone in the past 24 hours. Let’s come to the right side screen that shows a symbolic camera notification to indicate that the app is being opened and a green icon appearing at the top to show that the camera is in use.

Whereas the privacy dashboard shows you which application is accessing sensitive information or features with an indicator.

Android 12: Improved Privacy control

Final Words

Like me, you have to wait for the official announcement by Google that is expected in 2022 so that we can enjoy this latest version with its unique features.

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