The Role of Blockchain, Web Hosting, & Cloud Hosting in Computing

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Businesses no longer need to operate using storefront doors to make sales. The internet era is shaping how we do business without necessarily having a physical shop. You only need to launch a website and run your venture from the comfort of your home. However, an online business can also have a physical location, but you still need a website to help widen your customer base. Every website needs a service to host it. Website hosting is the invisible yet fundamental part of every online business. 

It is not easy to find a suitable host for your website, but legitimate companies offer quality hosting services. Most importantly, there is a range of hosting services to choose from depending on the needs of your business. We usually advise people to go for a hosting service that will sustain their online presence for as long as is necessary, even when the initial cost is high. These are the things one needs to consider before settling on a particular hosting method:

  • Budget 
  • Support services 
  • Amount of storage 
  • Bandwidth

Finding Expert Web Hosting Service for Your Business  

Finding Expert Web Hosting Service for Your Business

A website host plays a central role in every internet activity. It is the glue that holds everything together, and any problems faced by the host are transferred to the business. Therefore, one must make a sound decision as far as web hosting is concerned. It would help if you had a host that guarantees the utmost security for your website, among other things. 

It is possible to host a website yourself, but we advise against this if you don’t have the necessary expertise. There are experienced web hosting companies and individuals with plenty of experience in this field. They’re the right people to approach to avoid making regrettable mistakes that could cost you your business. Below are a few things you need to consider when looking for a web hosting service. 

Check Reviews for Several Hosts 

The truth is you can’t know for sure if a particular host is good unless you try them first. However, you can get valuable information about a particular host from customer reviews. A review or comments section is where users dump their frustration or heave praises about experiences with a particular host. 

Most reviews give genuine opinions or concerns about the services offered by a host, but some might be exaggerated. The best way to decipher truth from lies is to read as many comments as possible. It is not easy for everyone to lie about their experience, but a few can be out to taint the host’s image due to isolated unfortunate experiences. Most importantly, the truth is always told by many random users, and this is precisely what you should look for. 

Your Website’s Needs 

Different hosts are well suited for particular websites. Therefore, the needs of your website should be the first thing to consider before settling on a host. A site that is set to attract massive traffic must be hosted by strong servers that ensure loading speed, among other things. Similarly, a WordPress website needs a host that is best suited for WordPress hosting. Similarly, a commerce website requires hosting by those who specialize in that field. 

Website storage is another need you need to consider. The nature and usage of the website determine the amount of storage you need for your files. Nevertheless, always ensure the space is available is enough in case you need to add more files later. Note that the amount of stage the host allocates your website is determined by the plan you choose. Premium plans have more significant storage than fundamental, but the purpose of your website should guide you appropriately. Additionally, some hosting companies generally offer more storage than others, so you ought to inquire about the same to find out. 

Data Security 

It would be frustrating if you lost all your data in the blink of an eye and your host seemed unconcerned. It is difficult to trust someone with your data and website content, but there are hosts you can trust. The bigger task is finding that one host that offers an information redundancy system for data protection. They should also have backup systems where customers can retrieve their data if things go south. 

Average Response Time 

Average Response Time

Customer support is very important in web hosting. Unfortunately, some hosts take unnecessarily long to respond to client queries. Some things cannot wait, and businesses can lose a lot if some glitches are not taken care of on time. Look for a host that replies within a few hours or minutes, not one that takes days or weeks. That way, you will be sure to have your problems resolved as soon as possible. 


 A website that is slow to load or whose links can’t open not only annoys users but also Google itself. Ask the prospective host what their uptime is, and if it is not anywhere near 99.99%, then don’t go for it. Uptime has the potential of either making your business thrive or decline. Google tends to give less value in organic traffic search to websites with low uptime. Amazon experienced the uptime issue in 2013 when their servers went down for half an hour. It is estimated that the retail giant was losing as much as $66,000 per minute for the entire time before the issue was resolved. Imagine the kind of loss such would do to a new business. 

Essential Hosting Features 

What hosting features do you think would be the best for your website? Well, different hosts have unique features others may not have. However, some essential features must not miss and you must look out for them. For instance, proper web hosting must provide a one-click installer option that allows users to install desired apps. DNS management is another essential feature you must look for before deciding to use a particular host. The same applies to file managers and many other features that give a great website running experience. 


Price is not very important because the quality of hosting usually determines the price, but it is a factor worth mentioning. Furthermore, some companies offer cheap hosting services but do a good job. People are advised to avoid jumping to the cheapest offer they come across because cheap might prove expensive in the long run. Remember, quality hardware and software used by a hosting company costs money. The cost is usually passed on to the client, but it is for the common good. However, there are amazing offers out there, so you shouldn’t turn a blind eye entirely to every cheap price. Looking at the features is the most important thing here, then you can compare the prices. 

Hosting Environment 

The hosting environment has to do with the physical environment hosting takes place. It also refers to a stand-alone hosting cluster of servers where all customer information is kept. As a client, you may not know the company’s hosting environment, but doing a small background check might provide some valuable information. You might want to know the kind of people you’re trusting with your website, including their qualifications and expertise. It is easy to know more about company directors by looking through their official social media pages. Overall, the hosting environment should be safe from internal or external threats. 

The Transformative Power of Blockchain Hosting 

Hacking is a major threat to any business that relies on the internet for operations. Every established online player, from cryptos such as bitcoins to government websites, should invest heavily in data security. Sometimes the internet is too vulnerable to attacks by hackers that people end up losing what took them decades to build within a few minutes. It is for this reason that the concept of blockchain hosting was invented. 

Also referred to decentralized hosting, this new peer-to-peer hosting that gives the website owners peer-to-peer control of the service. Before blockchain Webhosting was invented, hosting services used to operate on a client-server basis, which exposed websites to various security threats. Blockchain hosting provides enhanced security that makes it hard for unauthorized persons and robots to access sensitive information. Essentially, the service involves duplicating the transactions and other sensitive information and spreading it across the blockchain’s network of computers. 

These are some of the benefits blockchain technology has for businesses: 

  • Greater transparency 
  • Decentralization 
  • Boosts security of data 
  • Reduced costs 
  • Better speed 
  • Improves traceability 
  • Efficiency 

Greater Transparency and Trust 

Absolute trust is needed where the parties involved are either sharing data or making transactions between them. Blockchain hosting boosts this trust because people who have never seen each other get to work together. Most importantly, the technology eliminates intermediaries who would compromise otherwise sensitive information. Have you ever wondered how virtual money players such as cryptocurrencies operate even though the players don’t know each other? It is due to the transparency and trusts the parties involved have.  


There is no one in charge when it comes to blockchain hosting, just a group of people agreeing to work together for the benefit of everyone. The decentralized structure of hosting websites enables all parties to acquire the information they need without discrimination. In essence, blockchain is a one-stop shop where you can get everything you need in one place. 

Enhances Data Security 

Data security is the single most important factor to consider before taking your venture online. Traditional web hosting services are prone to security breaches that undermine the operations of online businesses. Blockchain solves this security problem by ensuring the information is well-guarded. It also protects websites from interference since information cannot be changed or deleted once it is uploaded into the blockchain. Most importantly, it makes it easy to monitor and trace transactions in real-time. 

Reduced Costs 

 Blockchain technology allows users to run their websites at relatively lower costs. For instance, it doesn’t need middlemen to carry out manual tasks such as auditing and amending data. One can also do as many transactions as necessary without incurring outrageous costs. Ultimately, the average running costs are much lower than regular hosting. 

Better Speed 

Blockchain typically completes transactions within seconds, way faster than conventional methods. However, network traffic and data size could affect speed, but it’s generally faster than regular hosting. The absence of intermediaries means transactions are processed faster. 

Improve Traceability 

Traceability is another huge benefit your business is set to reap from blockchain hosting. The technology allows excellent visibility of products, from the point of origin to their destination. Most importantly, this service allows users to get real-time support concerning their products. It not only makes it easy to trace items and transactions but also makes it easy to verify their authenticity. Traceability in blockchain hosting allows for fraud prevention, among other benefits. 

Increased Efficiency

Compared to regular hosting, blockchain hosting is more effective from afar. It makes it easy for online businesses to make transactions within a short period with incredible accuracy. Blockchain participants use a single ledger to record transactions in an automated manner, thus saving time and avoiding mistakes.  

Emerging Issues in Blockchain Hosting Services 

Blockchain technology is a relatively new hosting method that is still undergoing many trials. Expectedly, it comes with several issues that need to be addressed sooner than later. It is projected that the technology will take over web hosting completely shortly. Here are some of the issues facing the technology. 

Ethical Issues 

There are concerns the platform could be used by criminals to do unlawful activities and go undetected. As mentioned earlier, the technology allows peer-to-peer hosting, which makes it an easy target for criminals. Customers share sensitive information on a trust basis, and this could land in the wrong hands. This is a major obstacle blockchain hosting faces and could delay its adoption worldwide. 

Regulation Pressure 

Virtual businesses such as cryptocurrencies are increasingly facing pressure to have their activities regulated by parent countries. Such a move would take away the freedom by which blockchain hosting is thriving. Authorities had underestimated the viability of cryptos until recently, when interest in them grew. 

Security Risks 

Although blockchain is one of the most secure hosting services, it is still vulnerable to hacking. The worst part is that security breaches can potentially affect the entire system. It is an issue to which developers are trying to find a possible solution day and night.  

Future Applications of Blockchain Technology

Apart from the challenges mentioned above, blockchain technology is set to revolutionize certain aspects of our life. For instance, scientists are working on models that would see the use of blockchain to store DNA data in the future. Additionally, the technology will replace disk-based media in holographic storage once plans are finalized. 

The Rise of Cloud Hosting 

Simply put, cloud hosting involves outsourcing application and website resources from a cloud for flexibility and scalability. The cloud is a layer between the client and server for application hosting to take place. The technology is increasingly becoming popular, with businesses migrating to it from traditional hosting methods. Cloud hosting heavily relies on artificial intelligence, the main reason its efficiency is unmatched. Businesses that need to cut operational costs prefer using this technology. 

Here is how cloud hosting is helpful to website and application users: 

  • It creates a decentralized system where data can be shared freely
  • Speeds can pick up to 600%
  • It is an incredibly cheap option for new business setups
  • Guarantees reliability and scalability in terms of computing power and storage space 
  • Easy accessibility since the user only needs to log in to access all the product features and software 
  • Cloud hosting is highly efficient compared to traditional hosting
  • Backed up data can be restored faster from the cloud 
  • Automatic software integration in the cloud 
  • Enough space for data storage and expansion 

The advantages mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg; there is more to cloud hosting than meets the eye. It is the next big thing in application and web hosting that every internet user must look out for. However, there are some disadvantages associated with the technology you need to know. For instance, there is no guarantee all participants will get uniform performance. The service is shared, so some tenants are bound to experience better performance than others.

Cloud hosting is also prone to technical issues that affect performance. However, these issues can be fixed soon enough before it causes a lot of damage. That is not to mention various security threats, the thought of which causes users sleepless nights. 

Final Words

Web hosting, blockchain, and cloud hosting are major game changers in online business. Software developers and scientists are racing against time to make these computing technologies safe and reliable. Blockchain and cloud computing is particularly gaining a lot of recognition due to their ability to serve many clients at ago efficiently. Most importantly, users no longer have license restrictions since the same is no longer provided by other players such as Microsoft. Essentially, these computing methods are set to transform the whole idea of software installation for the good of the online business. 

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