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17 Things to Know About Visual Content Marketing



Short paragraphs and keywords.

Is content really king?

It’s an old debate, but now than ever, content really is a huge determining factor in the success of your website.

But content doesn’t just mean words. Visual content is just as – if not more so – important than the words on the page.

How important?


1. Visuals in Social Media

A full 74 percent of social media marketers use visual assets in their marketing. That figure is higher than both blogs and videos combined. Perhaps this is why 37 percent of marketers said visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business.

2. Retaining Images

Retaining Images

Retaining Images

The ability to retain information without some sort of visual aid is poor – this isn’t news. In fact, when someone hears a bit of information, they are only likely to remember 10 percent of that information after three days. When an image is paired with the information, however, that same bit of information is likely to be remembered 65 percent of the time after a few days. People remember images.

3. Visual Media Trumps Words

Content is king right? Sure, but not just the written kind. In fact, website visitors would prefer to watch a video rather than actually read anything on the site. In fact, 4 times as many views prefer videos to articles about items.

4. Video Content Growth

Video Content Growth

Video Content Growth

By 2017, 74 percent of all internet traffic is expected to be video content. By 2019, Cisco has projected that videos will dominate a full 80 percent of all internet traffic. Those numbers are staggering not just from a marketing perspective, but a data and streaming perspective as well.

5. Video Tutorial Preferences

Remember that preference for videos over content? It expands to tutorials as well. If you only have written instructions for a tutorial, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the market that would prefer video, or at the very least image-based, instructions.

6. Keyword “Video”

Want people to read your emails? Include the word “video” and your readers will perk right up! Using “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19 percent and improves click-through rates a full 65 percent.

7. Video and Mobile Devices

Video and Mobile Devices

Video and Mobile Devices

51 percent of videos are played on mobile devices. This is 203 percent higher than the video streaming rates from 2014 and 15 percent higher than the rate from 2015. It makes you wonder what 2017 will hold for videos and devices.

8. The Rise of Live Video

In 2016 only 14 percent of marketers were using live videos. But Facebook users spend 3 times as much time watching live videos than traditional videos. We can expect marketing videos to rise to the demand of the viewers.

9. Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

85 percent of all adults – not just Millennials watch and consume content on multiple devices at the same time. We can expect even higher percentages from the upcoming iGeneration (those born after 1998).

10. Infographics Sell

Want to create a reaction? Share an infographic online. Infographics are shared and liked three times more than any other content type online – even videos. That’s a powerful bit of information to put your brand on. Infographics are also easy to share across multiple social media platforms as the sort of post or pin that is shared and has the potential to go viral.

11. Illustrations Matter

If you put an infographic on your page, your readers will spend more time looking at the images on the page than they will spend actually reading the text. Audiences like information-carrying images. In fact, they like them better than the articles that surround them. Trying to give directions? Offer your audience a picture. People trying to follow illustrations perform 323 percent better if they have some images to use as they work.

12. Image Content Ratios

Image Content Ratios

Image Content Ratios

Images matter everywhere in social media, and Twitter is definitely affected. Tweets with images will receive 150 percent more retweets than a post without any images. It’s worth repeating – people really like looking at images rather than plain words.

13. Facebook Domination

The content and image rule applies to Facebook as well – posts with images have 2.3 times more engagement by users than posts without images. This is especially useful when you realize Facebook users watch 8 billion videos per day, and 85 percent of those are watched without sound.

14. The Growth of Instagram and Snapchat

Instagram and Snapchat

Instagram and Snapchat

Instagram grew quickly and currently has more than 500 million users. This seems to pale when compared to Snapchat where 9,000 photos are shared per second and 10 billion videos are watched every day. Overall Snapchat has 150 million daily active users and Instagram is still going strong.

15. Shopping with Pinterest

44 percent of online women are using Pinterest (and 16 percent of men). The people using Shopify after being referred by Pinterest wind up spending an average of $80. On the other hand, Facebook referrals to Shopify spend about $40 on average. Pinterest users appear ready to shop. Additionally over 80 percent of pins are re-pins on Pinterest. By contrast only 1.4 percent of tweets are retweets.

16. Prime Viewing Time

Looking to reach your customers? They are on YouTube during prime viewing hours in the evening. In fact, YouTube reaches more adults during prime-time viewing hours than any cable TV network. Suddenly those commercial spots before each video are that much more interesting…

17. Subscribed Channel Viewing

Subscribed Channel Viewing

Subscribed Channel Viewing

Those young adults aren’t just casual YouTube viewers either. They are committed to their various subscribed channels. If their favorite channel dropped a new video, roughly half of all YouTube subscribers over 18 would stop what they are doing to take a look. That’s powerful marketing and branding.

Social media, images and content certainly aren’t new, but the right combination of the three yields dramatic results. If you’re missing a key element or even if you simply don’t have enough of the stuff customers want – you’re going to be missing key elements of customer engagement.


Oleg Calugher is your Fellow Blogger and Co-founder of Guest Crew. Catch him on Twitter.

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6 Comments on “17 Things to Know About Visual Content Marketing”

  1. Vinod says:


    Awesome article, content marketing is really important now a days to reach global readers. Since link building is not so effective now a days so we must focus more on content.

    Writing in-depth article will surely get awesome results from search.


    • Oleg says:

      Hey Vinod,

      Welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,

      Link building is important too and with great content – it is easy to attract more links.

      User Experience has become a major ranking factor as well – which is why great content is even more important.

      – Oleg

  2. Umesh Singh says:

    Hi Amar,

    Visual marketing is future of content marketing and its going to rule on the internet marketing. We were seeing that everyday but didn’t realized that it is effective unless we saw these stats.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome info.

    – Umesh Singh

    • Oleg says:

      Hey Umesh,

      Welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,

      Stats are always helpful, that way you know what works and according we should plan our business promotions.
      Totally agree with you, visual content is going to rule the internet marketing space in the future,

      – Oleg

  3. Hi Oleg,

    You have shared 17 different things about visual content marketing. Actually, for social media, it has evolved into more of the content being visual and it’s a helpful way for marketing and branding. It may attract more traffic to the site and increase sharing. There are many ways to make use of visual content marketing on all social media platforms.

    If a marketer is interested in taking it to the next level, this may create more clicks, shares, interaction, and conversions.

    Thank you so much for sharing your nice ideas about visual content marketing.

    With Regards,
    Salauddin Bepari.

    • Oleg says:

      Hey Salauddin,

      Welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,

      Totally agree with you, visual content attracts more shares, views and links which results in gaining a lot of traffic.

      Certain platforms like Pinterest, stumbleupon, slideshare are totally visual. Other platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. values visual content a lot more than just text – which is why infographics etc. does a lot better than plain text articles.

      – Oleg

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