What is Email Hosting and Why do you need it?

What is email hosting and why do you need it?
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Whether you use your emails, renting a paid and separate mail hosting/mail server is completely unnecessary for many email users. Still, things are a bit of a mess when it comes to your important documents like invoices, customer contact information, or other sensitive information stored in your email account. It is changing.

It doesn’t matter how you use your emails but getting a separate mail server (mail hosting) is compulsory for most Business or personal email users. Still, things are confusing when it comes to your business documents or other sensitive information stored in your email account; it is changing.

You may be saying, “I can use email addresses provided with my hosting package” or “I use free mail services”. This blog will eliminate these confusing concepts between free services, web hosting, and mail hosting. However, you can lose trust if you use email like anyemail@gmail.com instead of using your name@company.com email address; you don’t risk losing the trust of your clients and subscribers, etc.

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service where a hosting provider such as Temok rents email servers to its users, and you can only manage your emails. While many hosting companies offer you a mail domain that you can use within your hosting plan for free, most businesses prefer to take advantage of the flexibility and power of professional email services. Email hosting service is the management of both incoming and outgoing emails by a private mail server.

You get dedicated email platforms to manage email connected to a domain and implement any email authentication scheme you want with paid email hosting services.

What are the Advantages of Email Hosting?

In addition to the professionalism of having your domain name in your email addresses, it is recommended that you switch your email hosting services rather than leaving your data in the hands of free email service providers. Businesses pay for this service, so if something goes wrong with emails, you’ll have the assurance of 24/7 support.

Many situations can cause serious harm to your Business:

Your password can be stolen, hacked, or you can forget your password, so you will be able to recover access to email and associated files quickly. Why is it possible? Because you are paying for a premium service.

Maintaining and supporting email continuously on your own or relying on in-house services will increase your costs and the likelihood of hardware and software problems and infections. Such issues can cause your emails to be down for several hours to many days, which is why a range of businesses are opting for modern email hosting services.

Paid email hosting is not only advantageous when something terrible happens, but it is also an easy way to get more reliable and efficient service.

While all business professionals should have their email, most people are unsure about using their email hosting and confuse the term with web hosting. Even if they understand the difference, they are not sure how professional email will benefit them.

Differences between Email Hosting and Web Hosting

Since there is a lot of confusion between web hosting and email hosting, I will quickly review these two types of hosting.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service that provides computer resources such as storage space, CPU, memory and bandwidth required for your website files to be published on the internet. Users can create and store website content on a web hosting servers for serving the visitor’s HTTP request via a web browser.

If you think of a website and all of its content as a store, web hosting provides a physical space to display the store’s products – in this case; this includes text, images, videos, and anything else that makes up the site’s content.

Email Hosting

The exchange Email hosting service is where all of your email messages and associated (attached) files are stored on a server. When you receive an email to your website’s domain address, the email is routed over the internet and stored on the recipient server. At this point, server administrators will determine what action to take (reply or ignore), taking into account any spam filters, redirect requests and whether the sender is on any blacklists.

An email hosting service allows you to manage your emails other than the hosting service your domain name is connected to. In this way, even if you publish your website through the hosting service of a different company, you can quickly and uninterruptedly manage and use your emails via Exchange email hosting.

Instead of purchasing these services separately, you can check out Temok’s one-point solution, the Shared Hosting Business plan.

2-in-1 Business Hosting and Email Solutions

Imagine that you need a large web domain and mail server for your Business. Instead of buying them separately to take advantage of the features of both services (web hosting and mail hosting), by purchasing the Business Hosting service, you will both have unlimited web space and have the mail service where you can manage an unlimited number of email accounts without having to worry about your emails.

Moreover, the domain name you need for your Business is FREE!

*Unlimited email accounts are valid in turbo and business plans.

Instead of paying separate fees for two services, you can manage your Business and your relations with your customers at the most affordable prices with Business hosting without being stuck with limits.

The advanced mail server you will have in business hosting allows you to manage all processes with great ease.

You can check our page for Business Hosting Packages with Free .com domain name.

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