How To Get More Instagram Followers : Top 5 Ways In 2023

How To Get More Instagram Followers : Top 5 Ways In 2023
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Instagram is one of the most popular and visited resources on the global Internet. About 500 million people visit this site every day and their number continues to grow every day. The platform gained particular popularity several years ago, when representatives of major brands, well-known influencers and entrepreneurs appeared on the network. Instagram has ceased to be a network for sharing square photos, selfies in the mirror and pictures with animals. Now it is a real marketing tool that thousands of specialists use to promote services and goods or increase visibility in the media sphere.

It doesn’t matter what goal you are pursuing when creating a page on the platform. The main thing is to know how to promote your account effectively and get the target audience. Many people think that this process takes a lot of time and can become a problem. But in fact this is not the case. Using working and relevant ways to attract new followers, you will be able to quickly and efficiently increase activity on the page, strengthen your position and become competitive. We will tell you about the best of them in this article.

Before you start creating a promotion strategy, we advise you to make sure that your page is ready for this. What needs to be done?

First of all, you should be sure that the name of the page is easy to remember and stands out from the crowd. In order for the nickname to be readable and understandable, do not use many different punctuation marks, such as spaces, hyphens and dots. Do not double the letters to make it easier to find your account. The nickname should be associated with the content that you create. You can use a reference to your profession, first name, last name or a funny pseudonym.

The profile header is a brief description of the account. You need to make sure that you have filled out this section and prepared the ground for attracting new viewers. It is necessary for you to write briefly and clearly what you do or what goods or services you sell. For business profiles, this is a necessity, not a whim. With the help of keywords in the header, users will be able to find you through an internal search. It depends on how often people will visit your account.

Fill in the description. You have only 150 characters to write a few words about yourself. Use them wisely and inform users about how you differ from others, where you live and why people subscribe to you. The description should look as simple and clear as possible, but at the same time “hook” the reader so that he wants to stay on the page for a long time.

Is everything ready? Then let’s figure out what ways to attract you need to use to become more popular on Instagram.

New Formats

A year ago, the head of the network said that now it’s not just photo apps. Video formats of various subjects began to gain popularity, and developers introduced the ability to create clips of different lengths. You can post short funny Reels or long inspirational IGTV. These formats are now at the peak of popularity, and the algorithms of the network actively promote the content of authors who use novelties and combine them with text posts. You may have noticed that now, when searching by tags, thematic Reels occupy the main part of the page.

At the same time, videos of a little-known blogger or a beginner can get into the top. This means that using the new features, you will be able to get more subscribers without problems and for free and increase activity in your account. Come up with an image, create an exciting story and show your creativity and talents. And to make users visit the page more often, create a mini-series or a thematic section. If it’s high-quality content, viewers will subscribe to you so as not to miss the release of a new episode.

Using Paid Services

It takes a lot of time and effort to attract subs using organic methods. And while you spend it, bloggers appear who take care in advance to create a base of followers. Their pages look more confident, presentable and competitive. In order not to be among those authors who do not receive new subs due to lack of activity, we recommend you to buy real Instagram followers at the initial stage. Using this method, you will not only look more famous and in-demand bloggers, but also create the ground for successful promotion. The number of viewers depends on how often users will click on the “follow” button under the influence of herd instinct.

Take a little time to read the reviews of previous instagrammers and study the information on the site. You need to find information about how the company works and what bonuses it offers performers for completing tasks. If there is no such line, continue searching. Don’t you have time for this? Then just click on the link above and get a guaranteed result.


According to statistics, most active Internet users have accounts in several social networks. If you are one of them, then do not miss the opportunity to use existing traffic. Your readers on other resources are potential followers on Insta. And you can use this as one of the ways to promote on the site.

Post a few posts to other networks and attach a link to your profile so that subscribers can explore the content and followers to the page. If you have a trusting relationship with readers, then it is likely that they will support your initiatives and be active.

Targeted Advertising

Are you ready to spend some part of the budget for the sake of quickly and qualitatively increasing the page? In this case, this method is perfect for you. The advantages of this option are that you create ads and layouts that will be visible only to interested users. In order to launch an effective advertising company, study your audience.

You need to have knowledge about the gender, age and interests of potential followers so that the result does not upset you. Create an advertising company using your Facebook account to get access to more functionality. If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, do not be afraid to delegate these tasks to the targetologists.


Initially, any social network was created in order for people to communicate with each other, exchange opinions, ideas and personal experiences. IG is no exception.

Users write reviews to posts that they found interesting or useful. You can become one of them to attract attention to your blog. Write comments only on the topic and avoid spam so as not to create a negative first impression. Your goal is to start a dialogue with several people and to threaten them with your knowledge and experience. Do you think you have nothing to write about? Then show your talent in humor and write a comment that can amuse users. It really works, try it!

So, now you know what ways to attract followers are relevant in 2023. Use them in your strategy and combine them with each other to achieve excellent results. Communicate with subscribers, create creative content and show your talents, then you will definitely become a famous blogger and be able to monetize your account. Good luck!

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