What Are Great Options To Host Laravel Website Or App In 2023?

Great Options To Host Laravel Website or App in 2023
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While creating web applications, selecting the right framework is essential to suit the requirements of the business users. Laravel is one of the most popular open-source PHP frameworks for building comprehensive and efficient web applications. It enables writing expressive syntax, simplifies database migration, and allows database access to multiple users. Laravel has a simple authentication system, queuing mechanism, and routing process, which provides more helpful programming results than other frameworks. In this article, we will discuss what are the suitable options to host laravel website or app.

Since Laravel applications need technical resources and customization to work appropriately, many developers work to find the best hosting for Laravel. There are many hosting platforms but always choose a reliable managed cloud hosting platform that provides you with Managed Laravel Hosting with security, many features, and technical assistance.

What Is Managed Laravel Cloud Hosting?

Laravel Website or App ; What is Managed Laravel Cloud Hosting

Laravel hosting comes with automated deployment of Php Laravel framework with your required Php version on a dedicated cloud server with bundles of advanced features. In managed Laravel cloud hosting, you don’t need any server management or expertise to manage your Laravel application hosting in production.

With Managed Laravel Hosting, the deployment is easier to manage. You can install Laravel on their dedicated cloud servers with one click and forget about server management and configuration. They are available 24/7 to support you.

Why Is Laravel Different From Other Frameworks?

Many developers use Laravel, a PHP framework for developing online apps. One of its best features is the Artisan command-line tool, which allows you to create code fast. Since you can write Laravel routes in plain PHP, they are also simple to understand and change. Also, it makes working with databases quick and precise. 

How Does Laravel Hosting Work?

A PHP-based framework called Laravel is famous for its simplicity of use and powerful functionality. The Laravel web application framework is only compatible with Laravel hosting.

Laravel-based web apps may be easily deployed and operated with the help of Temok’s wide range of capabilities and services. Most of the time, Laravel hosting companies will provide pre-installed Laravel environments, pre-configured server settings, and support for multiple Laravel-specific features.

 Laravel Market Share

According to SimilarTech, almost 128,862 websites use Laravel as their primary framework.

Laravel Website or App ; Laravel Market Share

Following are the top websites using Laravel as their primary framework by top leading countries across the globe.

Laravel Website or App ; Following are the top websites
Laravel Website or App ; leading countries

Top Industry Verticals Using Laravel

There are many top industry verticals where Laravel is being used. 

Laravel Website or App ; Top Industry Verticals Using Laravel

What Are The Different Laravel Hosting Options?

For Laravel applications or websites, there are a few different hosting solutions available. You can select host options for your website, including managed cloud servers, dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), and shared servers.

Although shared servers are the most cost-effective solution, they have some drawbacks. Sharing resources between your website and another website on the same server will slow down loading time. 

Although VPS hosting costs more than shared hosting, it gives you access to a virtual private server. Another option is to host a Laravel app or website is dedicated servers. They are costly but deliver you the most acceptable uptime and performance. A dedicated server gives you complete control over the server environment and the ability to meet your unique requirements. 

Why Should You Choose Temok For Laravel?

Businesses who desire to benefit from the scalability and flexibility of the cloud but lack the internal resources to handle a cloud server may find managed cloud servers an excellent choice. You should consider Temok – A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. Temok is the perfect Laravel hosting solution for you. We allow users to host their websites according to their requirements. We remove your headache of web hosting while delivering unmatched security and performance, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Most important, Temok is offering you unlimited bandwidth with huge storage at very affordable rates.

Laravel Website or App ; Why Should You Choose Temok For Laravel

Features Offered By Temok

Temok is providing you with distinct features of their Managed Laravel hosting. A few of them are listed below:

Dedicated Cloud Servers

Run the applications and software you want on Temok’s dedicated cloud servers by the requirements of your particular project.

Advance Security

We are installing firewalls, restricting access to the servers or projects to only authorized people. 

Customizable And Scalable

All our solutions & managed cloud services can be customized to fulfill your business requirements and have been carefully crafted to be easily scaled up or down depending on the size of your condition.

Unlimited Applications

 Depending on the server size, you can install as many programs as you want.

Multiple Databases

As their technology has been designed to be versatile, you may easily create various databases on a single server for a single application.

24/7 Support Team

Regardless of your plan, our support system and its service staff are proud to deliver extraordinary assistance around the clock. We guarantee rapid response through 24/7 customer support and active surveillance with all managed PHP hosting plans.

Intelligent Defence Systems

Security issues can cost your business thousands of dollars. We have gathered all our expertise to prevent and stop problems before they damage the activity of your business.

Real-Time Observation 

You may monitor and assess the use of computer resources, such as RAM and bandwidth, in real-time using the user dashboard.


A top-rated PHP framework with a group of unique features is Laravel. Laravel consistently ranks first in rating and publishing, even on GitHub. Most importantly, it is updated every six months, ensuring security and reliability while creating more superficial and pleasurable coding.

Host Laravel website Or app with Temok. For every kind of project, Laravel is a robust framework. I would strongly recommend checking out Temok- Managed Laravel Hosting if you are a developer wanting to leverage a framework with Laravel.

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