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Your website is your brand. Your identity. That means the domain name you choose shouldn’t just be a good one – it should be a perfect.

Selecting the perfect domain name isn’t as simple as brainstorming cool words and ideas. There is a science to the construction of every URL and every bit of your website’s domain name is sending a message to your visitors. What type of website is this? Is it trustworthy? Is this a reputable source for the information I’m seeking?

If you don’t know or understand the Top Level Domains, or TLD, of your own website, how are you supposed to be sure that visitors – customers – know what sort of website you’re running?

Websites are more than just domain names and acronyms. Those websites must be hosted to even make it online to reach a viewer. Once you’ve selected the right domain name and TLD, an even more important decision awaits – just how are you planning to host that site?

Domains and Web Hosting

Domains and Web Hosting

At times the internet can make us all feel like we’re learning a new language, and just like the subtleties of our own native languages, tiny moments online can make a substantial difference in what you’re presenting to your readers.

Every movement online with your website should and must be deliberate. And your first move – your domain – is easily your most powerful.



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12 Comments on “A Guide to Domains and Web Hosting – [InfoGraphic]”

  1. Avatar Bren Pace says:

    Hi Oleg,

    This is a fabulous infographic that sums up exactly what a good web host can give you. Thank you for sharing this with us.


    • Avatar Oleg says:

      Hey Brenda,

      welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,
      Glad to know that you liked the infographic, it is the very first infographic we have created on this blog.

      – Oleg

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  5. Avatar Osho says:

    Great infographics and seems like this guide is really informative with lot of great stuff in it.

    Thanks for share.

  6. Avatar averygrayson says:

    Hello, very informative post. One month ago I decided to take the hosting service but I do not have enough idea about that. One of my friends’ suggested me to contact with Hostbuddy which is a repudiated hosting company of USA. Your given information helped me a lot to take a good decision. Thank you very much.

  7. Avatar meera shah says:

    What are your thoughts on domain names? I know you will recommend .com, but what are your thoughts on .net or .org? Are there any difference besides .com being more common and memorable extension of a domain name?

    • Avatar Oleg Kaluger says:

      Hey Meera,

      Welcome to Temok and thank you for the comment,

      SEO wise there isn’t any difference, unless you buy a country specific domain which can rank better for its local searches – but as far as branding goes it isn’t really about being memorable alone. If you just tell someone about your domain name, they will put a .com at the end of the domain and try to find out … people will assume that your domain is a dot com, even if you tell them specifically that your domain ends with something other than a .com

      But that said, you should register the other variants of your domain before someone else does – simply re-direct everything back to the .com

      – Oleg

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  9. Avatar meera shah says:

    Hello Oleg Kaluger,

    Thanks for the explanation, you have made my point clear.


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