10+ Tips For Writing YouTube Descriptions

10+ Tips For Writing YouTube Descriptions
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Everyone uses video descriptions, from beginners to millionaire video bloggers. The thing is that the description of the video on YouTube is not a mundane set of words, but a well-thought-out text that people need to find the videos they need. In other words, the YouTube video description is no less important than a successful title.

Compared to making a YouTube video, writing the description of a YouTube video is not difficult at all, but it is not as easy as searching on Google ” I need an essay written for myself ASAP. ” Today, we are going to explain how to do this.

How To Create A Video Description On YouTube

This is quite easy even without special skills or experience in handling online platforms. In the first step, you need to go to your profile. Next, you need to click the “Customize View” button. In the panel that opens, go to “About Video” and select the button you want. This tab is where you enter a text message, after which the user confirms their intentions by clicking “Save.”

Tips for creating an effective YouTube video description

Brief Description

The title of the video does not always say what it is about. Start the text description with a short introduction to the video. You do not need to describe each episode in detail: 2-5 sentences are good.

If the video is long enough or covers several topics at once, we recommend that you include time codes in the description. Add a link related to your website, the product you are talking about, or links to your social media accounts.

Know Your Target Audience

The description of YouTube videos should be based on the target audience’s needs. It is recommended to immediately indicate the details and topics of the video, for example:

Reviews (about what, in what format);

Know Your Target Audience , Writing YouTube Descriptions

Decide if you want to use humor or present the information as seriously as possible.

But do not put big restrictions because the presence of several videos will help attract new subscribers, which will positively affect your income.


Just like when we write an entry on our blog and add a series of keywords, YouTube descriptions also require this strategy.

Thus, we must take into account the use of keywords in the title of the video and the description. It will suffice that we add at least 2 or 3 keywords.

The same should apply to your YouTube channel. As we mentioned earlier, YouTube’s algorithm places a lot of importance on keywords on your About page in order to rank your content and understand what you’re offering to users.

The more keywords you add to your YouTube video description, the more likely it is to be found frequently in searches. It will look elegant and discreet. Insert the main keyword at the beginning, the first 25 words. Do not use more than 3-4 keywords in the text to avoid overloading the description with keywords.

If you don’t know what keywords to use, we recommend using Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Trends, which will tell you what keywords or phrases users use to search for your content.

Do not use more than three keywords since Google could consider that you are using them as padding and, therefore, will not take you into account for being content of doubtful quality.

Description Should Not Be Too Short

Many content creators on YouTube often add little information to their video descriptions.

This has the consequence that, although they provide quality content, it fails to attract new subscribers or views of their videos due to the lack of an optimized description.

That’s why we always recommend writing a description of at least 200-300 words to get successful views on YouTube.

Focus On The First Three Sentences Of Your Description

The first optimized sentences of the description will attract users to click on your video.

As in an entry or publication on a blog or website, Google takes into consideration the use of keywords within the first lines of the texts, as this indicates that you will really deal with that particular theme or topic in the text and not that you will go off the rails.

In this case, it is best to add 2 or 3 keywords in your description’s first few lines or sentences.

In fact, YouTube recommends that: “Put the most important keywords at the beginning of your description” because these sentences are the ones that, in the first place, your audience will see.

By promoting your YouTube channel, you will get advertisers, and you will need to add links to the product you are promoting in the description below the video. This way, the viewer can go directly to where they need to go, see the range and make a purchase. You have to make sure that your product and service have compelling descriptions to mature your conversion.

Many content creators often include links to their social networks or other related videos from their YouTube channel in their descriptions.

This is valid and very useful to grow your community of followers or customers, but doing it at the beginning of your description field is not a good idea.

This happens because when your videos show up in search results, it could discourage visitors from clicking on your video since reading a simple link won’t tell them anything relevant.

In the meantime, they will move on to other videos that give them precise information about what they are looking for.

In this sense, the first sentences or phrases of your YouTube descriptions are the potential to grow your audience and list of subscribers.


We recommend adding at least 3-5 hashtags to help your viewers better locate your content. Try not to use more than 15 throughout your description field, as YouTube will take your content as misleading and unreliable.

Therefore, it will not take it into account to position it.

According to YouTube :

“Hashtags are very useful when it comes to current content, such as upcoming events or characters in the news. They ensure that users searching for videos on a topical topic will find plenty of related content.”

In this case, do not hesitate to add tags or hashtags to your content, especially if they are part of a specific trend.

Include A CTA (Call To Action)

Once you get your audience’s attention, it is time to make them perform a certain action, such as leaving their comments, like or subscribing, among others.

The best calls to action are precise, urgent, and show an obvious benefit to the viewer.

For example, if you ask them for a subscription, you should offer them good content in exchange for this action, such as a playlist in your description that attracts the user to watch more of your videos and be aware of your new content YouTube.

Include A CTA , Writing YouTube Descriptions

Surely, you have seen that, in many YouTube videos, content creators ask their subscribers or visitors to leave a comment, like, or do other activities that provide them with some benefit.

A well-done CTA can increase engagement, subscriptions, and more.

Place A Minute Index

Many popular videos on YouTube contain full tutorials on certain topics subdivided into other topics.

When this happens, it is often useful for users to have at their fingertips an index of minutes with the sub-topics covered in the video. This way, they will not have to play the content repeatedly, trying to find the information that interests them.

Similarly, this type of information in your description box will allow your audience to be interested in your video if they know what it contains, in case they are looking for a specific piece of information.

Mistakes To Avoid

At first glance, it seems easy enough to describe the video on YouTube correctly. However, this is a misunderstanding because many people make many mistakes that prevent further publicity and increase their popularity.

Special attention can be paid to introducing keywords, and its frequency should not exceed the permissible limit values.

It is important to understand that people read the information in the text. So it’s worth making sure you don’t have to strain to decipher the message.

Last Conclusions

Optimizing the texts of the YouTube descriptions is not complicated at all, and with these simple recommendations, your channel on this social network will take off quickly.

Many of YouTube’s tips come from practices that have worked best for its most famous and successful YouTubers, so following them opens up a wider range of possibilities for you too to have a successful channel.

Don’t forget to identify the best keywords and other complementary ones, write in a simple, very human style, and add that personal touch that characterizes your brand or YouTube channel.

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10+ Tips For Writing YouTube Descriptions

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