The Most Useful WordPress Tips & Tricks For Beginners In 2022

WordPress Tips ; The Most Useful WordPress Tips & Tricks For Beginners in 2022
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More than 500 websites are being built on WordPress daily. This platform manages 14.7% of the top 100 websites all over the world. WordPress is a powerful content management system and it allows you to create any kind of website today. From a personal blog to an e-commerce website to a niche social network, you can build websites on WordPress and all kinds of WordPress themes lets you create a great website. Mostly, WordPress users are not developers and they are not familiar with code.  Thus, many people are not able to use WordPress tips & tricks to improve and increase the performance of their websites and add more functionality.

Is WordPress easy to use? In this article, we have discussed the most useful WordPress tips, tricks & hacks that let you get more from your WordPress website installation. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, it would help you a lot

Choose The Right Hosting

WordPress is open-source management to create and managing websites. You can use WordPress to build a personal blog, eCommerce store, business websites, etc. But the platform does not host websites itself and without hosting, your website cannot go live on the internet. Your hosting company must give you enough resources to manage your website traffic, avoid downtime and crashes, and provide a fast loading speed.

First of all, you have to choose the right hosting provider and plan for your website. There are multiple types of hosting with a lot of various features. There are also WordPress-specific hosting plans, which will make your website easy to set up and run. Here, we recommend you to have a look at Temok, as it is the best hosting provider for WordPress.

WordPress Tips ; Choose The Right Hosting

Pick The Quality Theme

There are many options when choosing a WordPress theme. You can browse different themes from WordPress theme directory.

WordPress Tips ; Pick The Quality Theme

Previewing a theme allows you to see what it would look like online when you publish any theme. Some themes let you edit the content. Simply, pick a theme you want and check how it looks online, click ‘view demo’ and ‘live demo’ and decide to import that theme. You can also modify the demo content to make your theme.

Install SEO Plugins

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for the success of any website. Without SEO, you cannot rank your website in search results. Installing SEO plugins can make your website more successful and your life much easier. Plugins can analyze your keywords, and content and handle all the technical things like robots.txt, and sitemaps for you. There are a lot of SEO plugins. But I recommend Yoast SEO. If you are a beginner, Yoast SEO helps you a lot to understand things and it also creates XML sitemaps.

WordPress Tips ; Install SEO Plugins

Install Google Analytics

It is very important to know how your website is working and it is impossible without any Google analytics tool to measure the performance of any website. Install the Google Analytics plugin, you will be able to get all insights into how your website is working and how the site visitors are behaving on your pages. There are also many other Google Analytics tools but MonsterInsights is one of the best tools to consider for your website.

WordPress Tips ; Install Google Analytics

This plugin has more than 2 million active installations. After installing this plugin, you’ll get access to audience reports, behavior reports, content reports, and eCommerce reports. By installing the Google analytics plugin, you can view your data directly on the WordPress admin dashboard.

 Avoid Using Too Many Plugins

Google Analytics and SEO plugins are necessary. You can add some other plugins to add functionality to your website. Here are some great plugins in the following:

  • Caching
  • Forms
  • Directories
  • Bookings
  • Memberships
  • Popups
  • Backups
  • Security

But avoid using too many plugins. If you add popups to your website, you don’t need a popup plugin. Don’t install a bookings plugin unless you manage a business that would benefit from it. If you install too many plugins, it makes your website slower. Use limit plugins when you need them. Avoid using unnecessary plugins.

Compress Your Images

Always use compressed images as it minimizes the file size and helps your websites run faster and save your storage. That is the reason that every image should be compressed before it is published. There are multiple online tools you can compress your images for free like, Optimizilla, image resize, etc.

WordPress Tips ; Compress Your Images

All you do is upload the images you want to compress, then download the final versions once they’ve been optimized. It is quick and easy and you don’t need to download any software.

Use Title Tags & Alt Text

Use title tags and Alt text. Images can make your website attractive, keep your audience engaged, and highlight the main points. If you are a beginner, you must know how to get started with WordPress? When you add images to your website, add a title and some alt text to the images. Both the title and alt text should be clear. It should not be too long. Because according to the Google algorithm, Google can’t see your images as it depends on titles and alt text.

WordPress Tips ; Use Title Tags & Alt Text

Setting a featured image is also one of the WordPress tips and tricks for beginners. It is a very good idea to set featured images for your post. It appears as the thumbnail image next to your blog post whenever it appears on another page, or is linked to on other sites or through social media.

Do you know about permalinks? Permalinks are the part of the web address that comes after the domain name. These are the web addresses of every separate landing page and blog post. When you create a new page or post on WordPress, it automatically generates a new permalink by default. But before publishing the page, these default permalinks need to be changed.

They keep everything arranged and can be used by search engines and site visitors alike for accessing content. How can you change your permalinks? Navigate to the ‘settings’ option from your dashboard. You will see there a permalink button. The post name option is the one that will provide the most SEO value, so that’s what you should go with.

 Remove Clutter

How many sites use WordPress? WordPress gives you a lot of customizable choices for your website. You can include ads, banners, and widgets all over your page. Here is a WordPress guide for beginners where you can learn a lot from these WordPress tips and tricks. If you add banners, and widgets in excess to your website, it makes your website untrustworthy and unprofessional. Adding too many elements to your website is also very disturbing to your website visitors. It makes it difficult for them to focus, which means your content will not get attractive and they will not click on your CTAs.


In this blog, we have discussed all basics of WordPress. Learn how to use WordPress. You can get website ideas for beginners. WordPress is one of the best content management systems nowadays. Starting with WordPress is easy to use, and extremely adaptable for every kind of website. But you have to stay active to handle your website.  WordPress for business proves to be very beneficial. With so many different features, functions, and add-ons to take benefit from, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. But don’t allow yourself to get distracted. If you follow the above WordPress blogger tips and tricks, your website performance will increase and it makes your site speed fast. If you are not aware of WordPress and are a beginner, you can learn WordPress in a week and grow your business online.

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The Most Useful WordPress Tips & Tricks For Beginners In 2022

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