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If you are going to start an online business and want to get a web hosting package for your website then one thing you should decide carefully is the platform on which you want to do your web hosting. There are two major platforms Linux and Windows servers. Both of these platforms are used for web hosting but their usability, functionalities, support and other features are quite different from each other. Choosing the right platform is essential for your long-term business success. In this article, I am going to discuss the functionalities, features, usability, pros and cons of these platforms, so, you can better decide which one is best for you to run your online business.  

Choosing from Linux or Windows hosting totally depends on your business needs. In the Software Operation Industry, the Windows and Linux Server are the imperative web-hosting platforms. Linux is fundamentally an open-source and free operating system that is made on the Linux kernel. The main Linux OS function is to manage resources of software and its objects. Windows Server is mainly a Microsoft product for a collection of operating systems server. It is a collection of OSs made by Microsoft and the main structure is layered into kernel mode and user mode. There is a huge difference between Linux and Windows and in this article, we would discuss some of the major factors that differentiate both platforms

Major Features of Windows and Linux

Windows Servers

The Windows OS first version is released in 1985 that was a simple graphical user interface (GUI), an extension of current disk OS and the main release was 1995 consumer release that has also combined DOS and windows with incorporated support of internet. There are many PCs are now running only on the Windows OS. The newest version of Windows OS is Windows 10 that is also ruling the marketplace.

Features of Windows

  • The Windows Servers are simpler to set-up and user-friendly as compared with Linux
  • To implement the operations, Windows Servers use the graphic user interphase (GUI)
  • They offer a wide range of paid and community support. Usually, all versions of the server used to provide long-term support to the customer
  • Windows Servers offer extensive and long-term customer support  
  • From the entertainment and gaming perspective, windows servers are a more promising choice
  • The Windows server is more user interactive but it is disposed to user errors.

Linux Servers

Linux is an open-source OP made on UNIX, in 1991. Linux OS also comes with a GUI with some essential software’s that are used every day.  It is used in mobile devices, desktop computers, digital storing devices, gaming consoles, video recorders, cameras, eBook readers, have Linux running. A Linux web server is a dynamic variant of Linux open-source OS, made to control the more challenging business applications needs such as system and network administration Web services, and database management.

Features of Linux

  • The Linux server offers support for multi-user capability.
  • It has the ability to control many tasks and instances at one single point. This feature of multitasking in these servers adds to the importance from the perspective of end-user.
  • It offers 3 layers (Authorization, Encryption, and Authentication) security framework method.
  • Portability is one of the major features of Linux servers.
  • It offers better end-user community support and also to its newly implemented and maintenance versions.

Benefits of a Linux Server


Linux Server is the most budget-friendly options available in the market, as it eliminates the need for any extra software. One of the major advantages of Linux is that it is open-source software and you would not need any license to use it. It is the only server to offer open-source software to its clients. So, all the software can be accessed that you require to make your ideal OS.

Higher Privacy

The Linux OS gives you privacy and doesn’t require you to provide excessive information to the company. In current years, there is a huge discussion about the privacy concerns in Windows 10. Now, the OS gets more data from its users than ever. You may think that it means better usability, but it is also an indicator of the lack of privacy.  


Linux is not only a supportive and useful server operating system for many new devices, but it also has worth to offer older machines also. If you have an old sitting for computer around, the Linux may also run on these old and outdated devices. The versatility of this platform is also the reason why people like this.

Higher Speed

With the Linux computer system, you may not have any issue of slowing down of the system when the load is high or more resources are used. One of the major issues that people have with Windows is its speed that reduces by time. There are a few aspects here, including spyware, adware, and other problems running on the background. With Linux, you would not have such issues. Linux hosting uses fewer system resources and it is known for its multi-tasking.

Advanced Security

Eventually, there is no OS out there that can totally protect you against all attacks of the software. Though, Linux has continued to be largely intact in numerous cyber-attacks to date. The vulnerabilities in the Linux can be easily detected and fixed, although other proprietary structures depend on the in-house teams for fixing their patches.


For recent developers, Linux is an efficient and fantastic platform. The Linux system modularity means you can make the solution as per your needs and requirements. The programmers can also create their own solutions from fiddle or scratch by using the source code. So, it can be said that Linux is the most developers’ friendly OS.

Plenty of Options

While choosing the Linux OS, you get a server with a more customizable feature that means that you have whole control over system resources. A vast range of free software is available that means you can choose the applications that are most ideal for you.

Benefits of a Windows Server

More Stability

Because there are fewer services and running processes in the Server main installation as compared with a full installation, the general Server Core stability is greater in the windows server. The installation of the server is very simple and easy.

Reduced Maintenance

 As there are fewer binaries in the Server Core as compared to the Full installation, there is less time and effort is required to maintain. For instance, fewer security updates and fixes needed to be implemented to the installation of Server Core. The Microsoft also examined the binaries in patches released and the Server Core for Windows 2003 and Windows 2000 and initiate that if an installation option Server Core is available for the Windows 2000, about 60 % of the mistakes and issues essential would have been removed, while for Windows 2003, about 40 % of them would have eliminated.

 Reduced Attack Surface

This server has fewer system services functioning on it as compared with the Full installation does, there is less attack surface (fewer probable vectors for spiteful server’s attacks). It means the server installation is safer than configured Full installation.

Simplified Management

There are fewer things to control and handle the installation of the Server Core, it’ is simple to support and configure a core server installation rather than Full one. The Windows Server is an operating of OS made by Microsoft that also supports data storage, enterprise-level management, communications, and applications. Preceding Windows server versions have focused on security, stability, networking, and numerous file system improvements.

Cons of Linux Server

  • The Linux servers are not very user-friendly like windows servers because of its advanced and technical features of this OS.
  • It usually does not have a lot of support from the storage management and driver creation perspective
  • From the entertainment and gaming support viewpoint, it is not as suitable as Windows servers
  • As far as the technical support is a concern, it is a bit of a lesser side as compared to the windows support
  • You cannot run the server-side programs that are made for the Windows server operating system.
  • It would not provide any dedicated tech support, so you cannot get fixes of issues except you to subscribe to the Enterprise Linux. Though you can get the free software so may consider it.
  • In this OS there are no drivers really exist, currently, the users have reported some issues when using certain hardware.
  • For the game developer, Windows is a better option because most of the games are not accessible. So, using this platform for game development is not as much and as easy.
  • It’s perhaps better used as a double boot instead of a replacement of Windows because of the fact you may not going to have any propriety programs; it may not be the same.

Cons of Windows

  • It is not available freely and you have to get this from the high-cost licensing approach
  • It is not an ideal option from the viewpoint of the multi-user.
  • When it comes to security threats and cybercrimes, it is vulnerable and it is disposed to user-made malware and errors.
  • The issues of stability since a server operating on a Microsoft Windows operating system is not certain stable as one that is operating on the UNIX. You may also come across a downtime issue and also some of the problems you have on a daily basis.
  • Additional resources are required to use the Windows server. You may need extra disk RAM, space and even bandwidth that you only increase your expenses.
  • It may cause compatibility problems if you are going to use CGI or PERL applications on the website.
  • As far as the performance is a concern the Windows servers function at a slower rate as compared with UNIX servers. If you want to load your website fast than it is not an ideal option.
  • The propensity to restart more frequently that may result in annoying downtime and delays of user’s requests on the website.
  • Windows is not open source and free to use server OS, therefore the hosting Windows servers will be more expensive. Moreover, there are limited free apps that you can run on the Windows server.

Which Is Better for Your Business?

Both Linux or Windows hosting servers have their own functionalities and features. Honestly speaking, there is nothing like the best server that would solve all of your problems. Choosing the right server is depends on how well you understand your business needs and how clear your goals are? It totally depends on your needs, which servers or OS you should choose for your business. For example, if you are a non-technical person then Windows is the best option for you, but for the developers, it is recommended to use the Linux, so, they can adjust this OS as per their needs.


Wrapping up the discussion of this article, I must say that selecting the right server, whether it is Windows or Linux is essential for the development of your business. This article discusses the pros and cons and other functionalities of both operating systems that would also help you to select the right server for your business. Both of these platforms are used for web hosting but their usabilities, functionalities, support and features are different from each other. Linux Server is the most developers-friendly and the Windows on the other side is more simple and user-friendly OS for a non-technical person also.

 I hope the information shared in this article is helpful and useful for you to make the right choices for your business. Do share this post in your circle if you find it helpful. You can as me question regarding Linux and Windows servers in the comments section.


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  1. In choosing a server operating system, Window comes with many features you pay for. Linux is an open-source and puts users the driver seat for free.

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