What is SSL VPN & How VPNs Can Boost Blog Security?

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We use the Internet for many different purposes. You can name an activity for surfing, searching, chatting, online buying, uploading, and sharing files, and the list goes on. The Internet has simplified everything for us. With such ease, challenges, threats, hacks, and assaults expose us to losing identity, credit card fraud, privacy invasion, and other horrific cybercrimes. Security is more important than ever due to increased cyber security risks, information hacks, and privacy attacks. Big corporations engaged in online business have understood the importance of cyber security. Every company is currently developing a security strategy to protect its internet presence. Using a secure socket layer virtual private network is one of the simplest ways to deal with internet security concerns (SSL VPN). In this article, I’ll go into more detail about an SSL VPN and how it protects a user’s identity while decreasing the chance of an online security attack. How do VPNs boost security blogs?

What is SSL VPN?

What is SSL VPN?

An SSL VPN is a protocol that encrypts data and enables smooth data transfer while adding an extra layer of security, making it more secure and inaccessible.

No matter where a user is physically located or what web browser or program they use, an SSL VPN offers remote access to restricted information, one of its best features. It means a user’s system doesn’t need to be installed for an SSL VPN. You can also access critical administrative data securely with an SSL VPN.

Why We Use SSL VPN?

A user can connect to a single web browser using a Portal SSL VPN. While using a Tunnel SSL VPN, a user can connect to several web browsers.

Check out the following advanced features that will make you prefer an SSL VPN and convince you to use it to your advantage.

Advanced SSL VPN Features

An SSL VPN connection offers incredible advanced and basic features, making it the top choice for users.

Ensuring Endpoint Security

Before allowing a user to log in using their credentials, a computer must follow a set of restrictions: the guidelines mention scanning a specific file, Windows configuration, and anti-virus upgrades.

Restrictions on Source IP, Date, and Time 

Limits online access to specific websites in specific places during specified times. Checks and maintains backup procedures while the restrictions are in place.

Windows Cache Cleaning

After a person signs out of their account, the temporary files are all deleted, maintaining a clean browser cache.

For Windows, a virtual sandbox user environment

The desktop settings of a user are automatically configured to prevent unwanted access to data and apps. Once a user logs out, the default desktop settings are restored, and all temporary files are deleted.

How VPNs Can Boost Blog Security?

VPNs can be used by you as a blogger even though they are most frequently employed for business needs and corporate requirements. We’ve already discussed why we use VPNs to maintain security. Let’s now think about how relevant they are to blogging activity.

VPNs Protect Admin Credentials 

VPNs Protect Admin Credentials 

It’s equally crucial to secure your site by turning on VPN encryption whenever you access the admin section. Connecting them in transit prevents them from being intercepted by blog hijackers because admin credentials are frequently the first thing to be targeted in Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.

VPNs Protect Your Downloads and Uploads

VPNs Protect Your Downloads and Uploads

Many uploads, downloads, and occasionally torrenting are required for blogging. You don’t want script kids and copyright trolls searching through your traffic or manipulating it, whether you work with illegal files. A VPN protects your identity and blog content while you blog by encrypting your data and hiding your actual location.

VPNs Avoid Censorship and Firewalls

When conducting their research, bloggers require unlimited access to information. Various sources are removed from your search results because many nations enforce harsh ISP-level censorship measures. Depending on where you are, you might need help accessing news websites, scientific papers, legal documents, statistics, books, movies, or music.

A firewall can also be put in place by your company or school to keep you from accessing your blogging platform or the social media sites you use to promote your blog. In this situation, you can get over the firewalls and censorship put in place by your ISP or workplace by using geo-spoofing with a VPN.

VPNs Safeguard Your Privacy

Some claim that the only people who should use a VPN to protect their identity when blogging are extremists, investigative journalists, and dissident bloggers in totalitarian nations.

VPNs safeguard your privacy

Your Internet service provider, copyright trolls, Facebook, ad networks, state-sponsored and freelance hackers, and Internet ad networks can use all spy on your online activities. While many of these organizations operate legally, your ISP can also sell your data. Do you approve of the lack of online privacy? I certainly am not, which is why I use a VPN.

VPNs Secure Your Online Activity on Public WiFi

Do you sometimes use free WiFi to view your blog? It’s not a good idea to use public WiFi without thinking about security because that’s where hackers set up malware and MITM attacks. When you blog from insecure networks, VPNs encrypt your traffic to protect your content and login information. VPNs provide you access to regionally restricted deals, providing intriguing potential for savings.


You should give your online security and privacy a lot of thought if you’re a modern Internet user, blogger, author, website owner, researcher, or provider of online services. You should be aware of any dangers of using the Internet for convenience and enjoyment.

Because your online content is unique if you are a blogger, security and data protection concerns are much more crucial. You want to share new ideas with your audience to gain fame and recognition. Additionally, you do not want other people to copy and use your thoughts.

You may be confident of your security, safety, and protection by using a top-notch VPN. 

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