What is Softaculous and How to Get Started?

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Most of the web-enabled applications having blogging, eCommerce, and other solutions like WordPress need to be installed in some steps. According to the WordPress installation method, you need to download the zip file having a compete setup, unzip the package, create a database with correct user privileges, edit .php file, upload files to the website directory and run a WordPress installation script. WordPress says that it is a very easy installation method but in this article, I will provide you another less painful solution to get these web applications. You will learn what is softaculous and how you can get started to install your required web applications with a single click.  

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is a software auto-installer that is used to install web applications including different scripts and PHP classes with one-click. It is the most widely used application in the web hosting industry and used to install web portals, e-commerce solutions, CMSs (content management systems), Wikis, social networking, ad management, blogs, polls, project management, forums and many more. Moreover, softaculous has another cool feature to take the backups of installations at any time with ease. It runs within the cPanel control panel or any other website control programs like Plesk, H-Sphere, DirectAdmin, and Interworx.

Softaculous uses the predefined scripts to install web applications on a website and launched from the website administration area. As you can view the left sidebar, a wide range of applications are categorized including, customer support, ERP, and 455 others.

For the installation of any application, you need to fill out the required information and click on the install button. Different processes like, database configurations, web server files, user permissions, and installation are done automatically without facing any issue. Take a look at the main highlights of to understand its popularity:

  • Easy to use
  • One-click installation of web applications
  • Over 455 scripts
  • All Scripts are updated on a regular basis
  • User friendly and easy to use interface that is more suitable for beginners
  • All installation settings can be modified through a rich user interface
  • Backup and restore tool is available
  • View demo scripts with application review before the installation
  • community forums and best technical support

How to Get Started?

An application that provides one-click installations of different other web applications has its own installation very easy and straightforward. If you have basic knowledge of Linux System Administration then you can perform these installations with a few commands. But if you are not tech-savvy then there are no worries, your web hosting provider will provide softaculous installations already.

How to Install Applications with Softaculous Apps Installer?

Login to your Cpanel (by visiting http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel) and you will see the list of different applications on the home page. Search softaculous, click to open and install all required web applications. Softaculous has the policy to update its applications for the latest stable versions and allow the users to change the language, screen display, or time zone. Most of the applications are associated with PHP scripts but it also offers Pearl, JavaScript, and PHP class functionality for the technically sound persons.

How to Upgrade or Uninstall an Application?

You have learned about installing web applications, it is also necessary for you to understand the process of updating or uninstalling the apps. When you will open the softaculous, you will see the homepage where you will see a note for the updates of installed applications. Once you have clicked on the note, you will be redirected to a new page having a list of all outdated software applications. Click on the blue update button and your application will be updated to the latest version.

For uninstalling any application, click on the all installations button available on the softaculous homepage to view all installed applications on your account. In order to remove a list of applications then select all those apps, you want to uninstall/delete and click on the red remove button or any particular app. The softaculous will delete all the files, databases, and database users without deleting the app files manually.  

Wonderful Features

  • All applications for your web business are available in one place.
  • Saves time to download and upload zip files without any installation failed issues.
  • Zero maintenance because updates are downloaded via the CRON process that runs on the server automatically.
  • Ease of use, even a non-technical person can use it.
  • Install the scripts in over 50 languages and save the translation packages.
  • Rating, reviews, demos and other information of scripts.
  • All scripts are continuously updated to the latest stable versions.  
  • It also allows you to test changes by website clone before installing it on the live website.

Share Your Experience with Others

On all popular control panels like DirectAdmin, Plesk or Cpanel softaculous goes beyond the installation of web applications:

  • You can easily view the demo screens ‘See the Demo’ of different applications so that you can get an insight into how your web applications look like.
  • It allows the users to rate and review the applications and useful information for others to help them in the selection of appropriate applications.

Final Words

Softaculous is not only the web application one-click installer, but it is the most popular and widely used software. It has the latest version 5.4.8 and perfect for every beginner but you can also use different other installers like Installatron, Fantastico, Plesk Power Pack and Simplescripts. Independent user reviews will help you to decide which one is more suitable for you.

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