What is Google Page Rank & How to Increase it?

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When someone enters a search query in Google to find anything he is looking for, the search engine tries its best efforts to return relevant, specific, and high-quality results about what he wants. It is not magic, but 200+ SEO factors are considered to finalize the most relevant web page.  

In this guide, I will discuss what is Google Page Rank or PageRank and how you can increase it with simple tips.

Most people think that the quality of content determines page rank, several inbound links, and website age. For example, if you developed a website and get a link from a website with a page rank of 10, it will probably share some page rank with your newly created website.

A Page Rank is the range of numbers between 0-10; the higher the number, the superior your business website.  

What is Google Page Rank?

“Google Page Rank” or Google Page Classification System is the name of a ranking made by Google’s algorithm for all web pages on the internet. As I discussed above, Google gives each web page a “score” of 0 to 10. The number 10 is the number assigned to the highest priority pages. It’s not easy to get, for example, Facebook and LinkedIn’s Page Rank is 9. Although there are other criteria, Page Rank is the most crucial standard to stand out in Google searches. Many blogs etc. that you read daily. If I say that the site’s Page Rank is 1, 2, or 3, I wouldn’t be exaggerating. You can find ways to stand out among them and increase your Page Rank in this article.

How to increase Google PageRank?

1. Content

I know it’s been written a thousand times, but the content is the most important thing. Especially original content that has not been copied from anywhere, Google likes it very much. If you are copying all or some of your content from other sites, you may forget to increase your Page Rank. Most SEO experts state that content is king, and it is one of the most crucial ranking factors. Google has very comprehensive algorithms for these pages and can take you to the bottom without any mercy. Since good content is also shared abundantly by the readers, it also contributes to the Page Rank value in this respect.

2. Backlinks

Links from sites with high Page Rank are gold. A single link from a site with a high Page Rank is better than dozens of links from sites with a low value. By commenting on these sites, you should link yourself as a guest writer if you can. Guest posting, in particular, provides handy links, but in turn, it is a method that requires a lot of effort and time. The point that should not be overlooked here is to get links from sites related to your niche. A link from a completely unrelated site will do more harm than good. And forget about buying links. Google’s algorithms are getting smarter by the day.

3. Social Sharing & Flagging Sites

With their high Page Rank, some of these sites not only give quality links but also bring a large number of visitors to your website. Stumble Upon, and Pinterest are my favorites. It is more beneficial to add the most original content by selecting it rather than sharing every single thing you write.

4. Write & Update Regularly

The more frequently your pages are updated, and new content is added, the more Google visits and indexes your site. Sites whose content is old and has not been updated for a long time immediately begin to descend in the rankings. Therefore, you should continue to add content to your site regularly. You should set a goal for yourself entirely depending on the subject and features of your site. One post a week, like one post a day. However, you have to balance well. If your content quality starts to drop just because I’m going to write it every day, it will do you more harm than good.

5. Link Exchange

One of the oldest methods, but it works. Of course, it makes the most sense to swap with sites with a higher Page Rank than you. But you have to make sure that you’re not giving and receiving a link from the same page. If you receive a backlink from web page A and provide a backlink to the same page A simultaneously, it could be harmful to both websites because Google has an advanced algorithm to monitor closely.

6. Internal Links

One of the easiest ways. In your new articles, it is necessary to link to your old articles, to add sections such as “most read,” “most recent,” and “similar articles,” to prevent the reader from leaving the site as much as possible, and to navigate through the site. As in-site links increase, Google visits all your pages. It is more likely to increase Page Rank.

7. Never Try Black Hat SEO 

Add links, increase your Twitter follower count, etc. There are lots of websites claiming things. Best to ignore them. As I mentioned above, Google’s algorithms are much, much more intelligent. If Google catches you wrong even once, it blacklists you, and it’s not easy to get off that list. If you consider the efforts you have spent until that day, you should prefer the standard ways instead of paying this price. Here’s what I wrote about getting to the top of Google search results.

8. Fast Hosting Server

Web host plays a vital role in your website ranking and long-term business success. Choose a reliable and faster web hosting server, and don’t forget to install a valid SSL certificate because HTTPS has a faster speed than HTTP.

If you do it together, you will get one step closer to a high Page Rank and a top Google ranking. However, even if you use all the proper methods, sometimes it takes time to get results. For example, it has been more than five months since I wrote my most visited article, and visitor traffic peaked in the last month. As in everything else, patience, the right approach, and continuity are very important in this field.

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