What is Cloud Hosting? How it is going to win the internet in 2019



The modern world is so much dependent on computers. Computers are almost half as complete without internet. For major works, one need to access to the internet. Now, every business, organization, product somehow has a website or some internet page where they store their data, operates their business through it or simply informs other people of their business through it. For storing data and operating a website they need some storage or server. Either the can be their own or somewhere else. Cloud hosting is a very modern concept about computing and networking.

What is cloud hosting?

Suppose, a business company need to have a website to run their business through it. Now, they can either have their own server to run the website as well as to store the data. So, as it is obvious that they need to maintain the server and tools occasionally. Moreover, the capacity of storage will be limited. So, if they expand the business in future, they need more servers and as a result, more maintenance. That is where the idea of cloud hosting or cloud computing comes.

By cloud computing or hosting, a company can store their data in a virtual cloud or a remote network of computers. The company doesn’t need to have their own server to control and store data. They can easily put their data in a distant server and remotely control and store them. That network of servers is of another company or service who provide this service.


  • As the servers are provided by another hosting provider(s), a company doesn’t need to have their own server which is very costly.   
  • As a result, the maintenance costs of the servers also of no concern.
  • There can be plenty of servers on a demand basis, so if a company needs to expand its business, it can subscribe to more servers as it needs
  • As a company can take servers as demand basis, the tension of over spending goes off. They can take just the number of servers or spaces in them as they need, not more.
  • The server company or the remote network store the data of one certain company in different network of servers. So, the possibility of data theft or leaking decreases.
  • The speed of the servers is pretty much better than any other traditional servers as the server companies tend to provide the highest rated service, they can to stay on the competition. Also, as it is virtually based server, the speed automatically increases
  • There is wide range of capacity of backup of the data. A company can backup their data for future. So, even if the data is lost due to some incident, the server company can help to recover the data from backup
  • Though the data is stored in a remote server, the data can be accessed at any time
  • If any of the servers fails, other servers will take its place. So, there is no interruption of data storage nor any loss of data


  • Though the data theft possibility is very low, there is some slight possibility remains. As today’s hackers and internet thieves are improving technically, some slight weakness of security can result in theft or loss of data
  • As the responsibility of data storage and security of data is wholly under the server company, if anything occurs in the servers and storage area and the servers damage, then the data of more than one company can be gone completely.

Cloud Hosting vs. Traditional Hosting

Traditional hosting is physical based hosting where a company can store their data in physical servers. They rent physical devices provided by the hosting companies. Either the storage space can be shared or completely for them. So, traditional hosting is of two types: Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is having the same physical server shared by two or more companies. The hosting company rent the same server to more than one client. It is a suitable and cheap system as the price is also shared. This process is suitable for small businesses.

Dedicated hosting is having one server solely dedicated for one company. The company can access to the physical server at any time and full access to all the storage.

Now, the cloud hosting system can provide the service of these two categories. By cloud hosting process, the virtual server can either be shared or dedicated to one company. Moreover, it is cheaper than the dedicated server system as this provides the option for allocating the data in where it is needed the paying just the money according to the space allocated for a company.

In traditional hosting, the physical server is located in one place. Also, there is some limitation in the server storage, RAM, bandwidth etc. As a result, when that server is accessed from a distant place or the company website is browsed from another country or so, the speed of the data transfer becomes very low. In cloud computing, the servers are located in multiple places or all over the world. It uses the PAAS (Platform as a service) and IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) systems to locate the data in several places. The different servers all over the world work as a system to store the data. As a result, the RAM, bandwidth or storage of different servers can be used. So, the speed of data transfer is automatically increased (the website loads faster!). All the servers are connected virtually. So, there is no need of physical process. This process is also more secure than the traditional process as the data is stored in multiple servers rather than storing in a physical storage in one place. Moreover, a single server of traditional process can go down by any incident. But multiple servers of cloud hosting process work as one system and whenever a server of the system goes down, another server takes the place. Temok.com is such an IT service provider that provides exclusive cloud and traditional hosting services at a price as low as $2.99/ 3 years! That’s a huge saving for such small or big companies.

So, that’s why all the big companies tend to move to cloud hosting from traditional hosting process. Cloud hosting is reliable, faster, more capable of storing and transferring data and Temok.com paves the way to get such reliable service.


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  1. Avatar Saad says:

    Clearly described. I however would prefer cloud hosting over traditional. How about the shared hosting? It’s way cheaper and reliable, isn’t it?

  2. Avatar Brandi Gates says:

    Hi Oleg
    Such an amazing post , i really don’t know about hosting before reading your post
    , and if my blog have more than 10k traffic daily basis then what hosting will be best for me ?
    Thanks you for sharing

  3. Stuart Diver Stuart Diver says:

    Hi Brandi,

    Thank for reaching out, in this case you have to use shared hosting or if your load time is too much then VPS server would be the best option

    Avail Xmas Sale: https://www.temok.com/public/marketing/xmas/

  4. Avatar Azure says:

    Hey oleg
    It’s amazing for beginners blogs, and i want to say you blog is very informative . i really need a hosting and i am going to buy
    Thanks you

  5. Avatar John says:

    Well, for a website with over 10K visitors daily you probably need some good dedicated resources, I would ask you to take a look at cloud solutions. You can go from 2 CPU, 4 GB RAM of managed Cloud solution to 4 CPU, 8 GB RAM https://www.temok.com/managed-wordpress-cloud-hosting

    If you could let me know your current monthly bandwidth consumption and the type of CMS (content management system) your website is built on, I could suggest a plan precisely fulfilling your needs.

  6. Nice breakdown Stuart. I have seen how amazing the Cloud is through my Chromebook.

  7. Stuart Diver Stuart Diver says:

    Yes, you are right saad 🙂

  8. Avatar Natasha says:

    Wow! Interesting post! Thanks for sharing and keep continue sharing such types of the post with us! Please, you will recommend me the best cloud hosting website name?

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