What is a Dedicated Server and What are its Characteristics?

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Investing in a dedicated server is not an easy decision. Before declining or confirming any option, you have to know the depth advantages that this hosting type could give you. Most business owners launch their website on shared hosting because it is the lowest priced web hosting. However, as the business grows, it becomes essential to upgrade your hosting as per your business requirements. Dedicated servers are the first choice for websites having thousands of visitors. So, it is the main reason I am writing what is a dedicated server – and what are its characteristics?

A dedicated server is a web hosting that delivers complete freedom and root access to the client who uses it. Memory, storage, bandwidth, CPU, hard disk, among other things, will only be available for one account.

To get an idea, while a virtual private server (VPS) is like having a Townhouse or a separate house but in the same building.

By analogy, a dedicated server would be comparable to having a large house in the mountains or on the beach (and, of course, no neighbors nearby). Moreover, you can also paint, build more rooms, or park your car where you want.

What is a Dedicated Server and What are its Characteristics?

This last point refers to the independence of web hosting. Since, by not sharing the server, crashes due to overload, lack of space or misuse of the platform, they will no longer be a problem.

A dedicated server will give you greater security and speed. If you have a very high traffic website, a good recommendation would be to buy this type of service.

In addition to this, a dedicated server has a high capacity for scalability and customization. It is the perfect choice to host high-traffic and resource-intensive websites.

Thanks to the free incorporation of resources to the platform, you will generate customization capable of making a “made to measure” server.


With a limited resource provided in shared or VPS hosting solutions, it can be challenging to serve a more extensive customer base and higher traffic spikes. So, the dedicated servers offer a higher level of scalability.

Our dedicated servers will provide 100% performance on demand and come with many options – it may be a WordPress server with a MySQL database and an Apache and PHP front end.

There is no need to worry about your business’s exponential growth. Additional dedicated hosting servers can be added, and the vast applications can be separated onto different nodes to increase the overall performance.


In order to maintain your brand reputation, customer satisfaction and secure transactions, security is critical and a significant concern for anyone using VPS, managed cloud hosting, or any other type of hosting.

In case of a security breach, well-reputed organizations can also face significant revenue loss and lose their customers’ trust. So, a dedicated hosting environment provides unparalleled protection because you can install your desired security software like firewalls or any anti-malware programs.

Therefore, you need a dedicated hosting provider that offers a wide range of SSL certificates, web application security, spam filtering, DDoS protection, intrusion prevention, and dedicated IP addresses.

Hardware Choices

Since dedicated servers can be pricier than VPS and shared hosting, choose a hosting provider that offers different hardware options. When you select a server as per your web traffic, it will be efficient in performance and capacity.

You can get many options such as the number of cores, CPU, RAM, hard disk, bandwidth, RAID, CPU speed, and so on.

Administrative Access

As I have discussed earlier, a dedicated server is like your personal computer with powerful hardware dedicated to your website. You have complete root or administrative access to install and configure whatever you want as per your business operations.

High Availability

The hosting provider such as Temok implements enterprise-level technology for excellent protection of your servers. The data center is protected by 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, monitored, redundant power without any break, network and storage connectivity to provide you optimum quality results.

OS Choices

You can install your favorite Operating System as per your business operations because it is not shared with neighbors.

Control Panel Options

You choose to use one of the feature-rich control panels, including cPanel, Plesk or WHM, to run and manage web applications.

With the help of your favorite control panel, you can manage and accomplish essential tasks of the site quickly and conveniently. You can also set up powerful spam filters, domain redirection, create and manage email accounts, web-based applications, manage databases, and handle file management.

Top-Tier Technical Support

You can ask the hosting provider for troubleshooting or other tech support 24/7/365 support via chat, email, phone, or ticket.

The technical support team is available to solve any potential site issues or server setting problems that may arise.

Apart from this, some of the hosting providers, such as Temok, also provide helpful resources such as blogs, knowledge bases, etc., for their customers.

Dedicated Server Disadvantages

The main disadvantages of a Dedicated Server are price and configuration.

Indeed, if you have been purchasing or dealing with the hosting providers, you have already noticed the following disadvantage: the price.

Both shared servers and virtual private servers offer much cheaper plans.

However, this also corresponds to each platform’s functionalities since having a dedicated server is the most advanced option for web hosting.

As I anticipated above, the administration of this server has high levels of customization. For this reason, specialized personnel is needed to handle this type of web hosting efficiently.

By not having someone knowledgeable about servers, you are probably wasting the potential of this server.

Even so, you can forget about the configuration and structuring of the system, getting a dedicated server with the administration.

In this way, you will leave your server in experts’ hands and ensure you have an efficient platform. If you need to make a change, contact our Technical staff and get help from industry experts.

How To Get a Dedicated Server?

Would you like to quote a dedicated server? At Temok, we want and can help you do it quickly and easily. You have to contact our Sales Specialist by calling +1 (718) 414 6543 or emailing at sales@temok.com.

You can also explore our website to learn about all our products and place an order without any difficulties. If you want to share your experience or facing any issues then let us know in the comment box given below.

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