Top 7 Free Video Editing Software To use In 2022

Video Editing Software ; Top 7 Free Video Editing Software to use in 2022
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In a world where visual material reigns supreme, an engaging video may significantly contribute to your brand’s success. However, without the assistance of video editing software, it is impossible to produce spectacular video footage. One thing has become abundantly evident due to the meteoric ascent of social media giants such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram: videos predominate in today’s digital world. Videos are being produced for audiences by influencers, businesses, movie stars, and virtually anyone else who can access a camera phone. These videos can be shared with followers or friends.

The vast majority of well-known video editing programmes come with a hefty price tag; however, there are a few solutions that are just as effective that doesn’t cost a dime. That is very encouraging information for the ambitious business person.

Whether creating content for Instagram Stories, Facebook advertisements, or product testimonials on YouTube, employing the finest free video editing software can give your brand a polished and expert appearance. You don’t need to be Spielberg or have his money to produce dramatic outcomes, thanks to the abundance and quality of video editing software that is currently available.

Producing excellent promos for platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or any other location where you upload brand videos may be easier with the assistance of good video editing software, which can help you show off your products from every conceivable aspect. There are a lot of free video editing apps that are intuitive to use and can help you differentiate yourself from the other businesses in your industry.

Product films that have been well made are a more engaging kind of content marketing than still product images alone, and they have the potential to diminish a customer’s reluctance to make a buy. Seventy-eight per cent of video marketers claims that video has directly helped increase sales, as reported by the company Wyzowl, which creates animated explainer videos.

If incorporating video into your content marketing plan hasn’t already been a priority for you, you can bet it will be soon. Whether search engine optimizers and content marketers like it or not, the trend of video content becoming more prevalent on the web will continue.according to invideo research80% of all consumer internet traffic is accounted for by online videos, and 79% of individuals claim that watching a video convinced them to buy or download a piece of software in the past. Most individuals also report that watching the video influenced their decision to view an advertisement for a product.

Fortunately, all of the research has been done by us, and we’ve put together a list of the best options available now.

Therefore, whether you are a beginner who wants to test the waters before you invest in pricey software or utilize studio-quality tools and effects without paying for expensive programmes like Premiere Pro, there is a piece of free video editing software on this list that is appropriate for you.

Best Free Video Editing Software

To get things rolling, the first thing you have to do is decide which is the best online video editor. You need to ensure that it has a wide variety of editing functions, such as a timeline editor, trimmer, splitter, modification choices, and an in-app recorder. In addition to having high-quality animations and transitions, a competent video editing application also provides users with access to a sizable media library that contains stock video, photos, and audio that can be utilized in any project. Another critical aspect to consider is whether your video may be rendered with a watermark using the various export choices. What file formats are available for you to export your project in? Can you schedule posts and broadcast them immediately to social media platforms?

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Even though there is a plethora of video editor software available, we have narrowed our search down to the top free video editing software that satisfies the essential requirements of the software.

Apple iMovie

Free Video Editing Software ; Apple iMovie

Those of you who are working on PCs won’t need to worry about this one, but it would be irresponsible of us to leave it off the list. Apple’s iMovie is one of the best video editing programmes available since it combines ease of use and sophistication. Suppose you are shooting on your iPhone or have been editing a movie on your iPad. In that case, you can use AirDrop to wirelessly and quickly move your project over to your Mac. iMovie’s ten high-fidelity filters are some of the most sophisticated video editing games.

One of the most sought-after features of iMovie is its green-screen, often known as its “chroma-key” tool. This function allows users to relocate their characters to exotic settings, such as Hawaii, at a moment’s notice. Do you want “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to play in the background while watching this scene? iMovie has direct integration with iTunes and GarageBand, making it simple to add your creative music and sounds to your videos. When your movie is finally finished and ready to be distributed, you can send it out into the world by using iMessage, Facebook, YouTube, or any other channels tightly integrated with iMovie.

iMovie is available at no cost to users of macOS. It provides a wide variety of tools for editing video and audio, as well as the capacity to incorporate still images, musical accompaniment, and voiceover narration into your videos. It is straightforward to use, making it suitable for novices.

The capability of iMovie to create videos with a resolution of up to 4K pixels is among the program’s most impressive features. It is possible to begin the editing process on your iPhone or iPad and then continue it on your Mac.


Free Video Editing Software ; Canva

The video editing tool Canva includes fundamental editing functions like splitting, trimming, and cutting, along with the ability to adjust the timeline. Even though it is impossible to add many layers to the timeline, the storyboard allows for adding as many layers and components as the user desires. Canva’s video editing software provides several different video sizes that are free for you to personalize, depending on the type of video you intend to create. Your video tracks and photos can also have their opacity adjusted, cropped, resized, flipped, and rotated, and their size modified. You can utilize the recorder included in the application to capture a voiceover, a video from your webcam, or a recording of your screen if you need to add anything to your project. You don’t need to sign up to use the editor; they also provide a mobile app that you can use to edit videos even when you’re not at your computer. This editor also has a collaborative capability, making it possible to work with multiple people simultaneously.

Canva provides a wide variety of video templates that can be used for any project. You cannot only submit your photographs, movies, and music, but also use this video editing tool’s extensive library of pre-licensed audio tracks, stock videos, images, and elements. You can post your images, videos, and audio. You have various options to select from when it comes to animations, transitions, and overlays, all of which can lend your additional video energy.

Your video will render at a resolution of 1080p, and you will have the choice to export it as MP4, MP3, JPG, PNG, or GIF without any watermarks. You also have the option to publish your work straight to online services such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, amongst others.

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HitFilm Express

Free Video Editing Software ; HitFilm Express

The most impressive free video editing software available is named Hitfilm Express. Its high-energy approach appeals to aspiring filmmakers who want to put an extra special touch on a personal occasion or get creative with a video blog. However, it is still straightforward enough for the adventurous friends-and-family population to use. Users of Mac and PCs have access to one of the best free 360 video editing programmes in the form of HitFilm Express. It has all of the features you anticipate finding in a fundamental editor, such as splicing, trimming, audio editing, and a great deal more.

The most recent release, Hitfilm Express 2021.3, comes packed with many new features, some of which include physically-based 3D rendering, user-defined Light Flares effects, an integrated voice recorder, and more. That is in addition to the many other features that are already included in this premium-feeling package, such as an auto stabilizer that can make choppy footage appear smoother, motion tracking, a colour picker that can selectively adjust colours, and a crop & pan tool, also known as the Ken Burns effect. All of these features are already included in the package.

Hitfilm Express supports resolutions as high as 4K, GPU-accelerated decoding on Nvidia, AMD, and Intel graphics cards (only on PCs), modifications to the user interface, and native support for Dolby AC3 audio. Additionally, it is compatible with VEGAS files and effects. In addition, it has a bright interface; however, if you would rather have a dark interface, there is an additional cost of $9.

Other fantastic features include the option to create your lightsaber battles, the capacity to edit videos in 360 degrees, and the ability to fix lens distortion from action cameras. You may also buy a variety of add-on packs for the application, with prices starting around ten dollars, so it has even more capabilities than it already does.


Free Video Editing Software ; Kapwing

In addition to being a reliable video editing software, Kapwing also includes the capabilities of modifying timelines, trimming, dividing, and chopping videos. You can add several layers to the timeline, each consisting of text, audio, video, or image files. You may crop, resize, rotate, flip, and modify the colours of your video tracks and photographs using its many adjustment choices. Additionally, you can reposition your video tracks and images. Your project is also capable of being resized to dimensions that are suitable for a variety of media. The subtitler function of this tool enables you to quickly and easily add captions to your project. In addition, the screen, the camera, and the user’s voice can all be recorded directly within the application.

You do not need to log in to use the video editor; however, doing so will result in your videos having watermarks added if you choose to edit them without logging in. Video editing on the fly is not yet possible with this editor because no mobile app is available. Nevertheless, this editor comes equipped with a collaboration feature, allowing you to work on your project in tandem with others.

The video editing tool offered by Kapwing also includes a repository of free-to-use templates, stock films and images, and audio and elemental components. You also have the choice to upload your own, should that be more to your liking. If you want to improve the quality of your video, you can make use of the many animations, transitions, and overlays that are accessible.

You can export your video to 720p in MP4 or MP3 format. If your movie lasts five minutes, it will render with a watermark. However, paying roughly $16 monthly for membership may remove the watermark and raise the render quality to 1080p. Even while this video editing tool does not include a scheduled publishing option, you can still use it to publish your video straight to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

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Free Video Editing Software ; WeVideo

WeVideo is yet another excellent piece of video editing software that you can test out. You can modify the various layers of pictures, text, video, and audio that you add to the timeline editor by using its trimming, cutting, and splitting tools. You can also add new layers to the timeline editor. You can also blur, colour, rotate, flip, scale, and rearrange your video tracks using the adjustment tools at your disposal. Using the in-app recorder offered, you can incorporate a voiceover, webcam video, and screen recordings. This video editing programme needs users to sign in before using it, and it also comes with a mobile app. If you do not pay for a monthly subscription, you will not be able to invite other people to work on your project as you do with Canva and Kapwing’s video editing capabilities. You will also get access to the crop feature and the green screen editor when you purchase this subscription.

While it has a variety of video styles, there are just three sizes available: 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1. It’s possible to use certain free audio and video elements, but you’ll need a monthly membership for stock photographs and movies. You can, of course, post your photos and videos to the site.

If you use the free version, your video can only be rendered in MP4 and MP3 formats at a resolution of 480p. To eliminate watermarks and increase the resolution, you need to upgrade. No option for planned publication; however, you may still upload your project straight to platforms like YouTube, Google Drive and Dropbox for immediate release.

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Free Video Editing Software ; Invideo

The video editing programme offered by InVideo does not provide a splitting capability; however, it does include strong capabilities for trimming and cutting videos. The timeline editor of this software gives you the ability to add an unlimited number of layers for video, images, audio, and text, all of which are simple to monitor using the layer widget. Cropping, resizing, rotating, colour filtering, and blurring are some of your video recordings’ various editing choices. You also can increase your project’s speed to speeds ranging from 0.25x up to 2.5x. The in-app recording feature of this video editing programme is limited to voice exclusively; however, a text-to-speech option is also available. The film, the editor’s mobile app, is also accessible if you need to edit while you’re on the move. You will be able to collaborate with other people on your project by utilizing the collaboration function of the video editing tool. To begin the editing process, you must log in to your InVideo account.

Depending on the type of film you want to create, you can choose from a wide range of pre-made templates. Only three aspect ratios are available: 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1. This video editor’s extensive library of stock films, photos, audio, and other materials can enhance your project’s originality and make it more marketable.

An MP4 file of your video can be rendered at a resolution of 720p. You can sign up for a monthly membership if you want to remove the watermark and increase the resolution to 1080p. The only way to publish regularly is to use the scheduled publication option.

Adobe Online Video Editor

Free Video Editing Software ; Adobe Online Video Editor

You can utilize Adobe’s online video editing tool for quick and easy editing. Since the timeline editor only has one layer, it lacks some of the other editors’ more robust features. As a result, you can only edit the storyboard, not its accompanying audio. You can only resize your picture or video track if you’re working with text, video, or an image. The size selections are also limited, with only 16:9 and 1:1 possibilities available. Because it doesn’t have a mobile version, this editor isn’t great for editing videos on the go.

Despite this, the editor offers a split-screen capability that lets you combine multiple images into a single scene. If you choose, you can even record a voiceover in the editor. Using the joint function, you can ask others to participate in the video editing process. Signing in to an Adobe account is required before you can begin editing video content.

Adobe’s video templates are story outlines with a restricted number of options. There are suggestions and directions on how to fill up the storyboard in these templates. Audio, pictures, and other materials can be used in the editor’s library. In addition, you are required to post your films and different media types.

Without watermarks, your video can be saved as an MP4 file with a 720p resolution and played back. With Adobe, you can’t schedule a post to be published in the future like the other editors. Direct uploading to Facebook and Twitter is still an option, however. Adobe’s professional video editing software, such as Premiere Elements, Rush and Pro, is the following expensive upgrade you may receive from this editor.


Start making gorgeous films immediately using the free video editing software on this list. By developing aesthetically engaging product videos and advertising, you may increase your return on investment and maximize your ad budget.

Desktop-based video-editing software is readily available for organizations that want to produce advertising videos. Free video editing software for desktops has the advantage of having more functions than the majority of mobile editing applications.

This is why it’s essential to find the right video editing programme for you.

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