11 Reasons Why You Should Start Using the Proxy Server

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We are quite familiar with the proxy servers. Many of us know the proxy server as a tool used to access online content that is blocked or restricted. It can help you much more than you think. Here in this article, I will talk about some of the major reasons, why you should use proxy servers and how they can help you to grow your business. Before I move on to describe the proxy server uses and benefits, let me first tell you what are proxy servers and how they work.

Let me explain if you don’t know about the proxy servers. It is used to send the request to other server resources on users’ behalf. The proxy IP address is completely hidden and you can use it to get indirect access to other servers and resources. It works like a gateway between you and the internet. The request you sent online is taken by the proxy server and after the request proceeds the result is taken back to you. Now, the advanced proxies can do more than just send the request to the internet or access the blocked content. These servers can also work as web filters and firewalls that would make your system more secure and also prevent hacking.

Here are some of the major reasons why you should use the proxy server.

Improve Your Performance

The best proxy server can also help you to improve the network performance by using some compression tools. The businesses use the server proxy to deal with performance and speed issues. In the workplace setting, the computers that are routed by these servers are more likely to get access to different networks and resources as compared with another computer without a proxy server. Using the fast proxy server allows the employees to access any online content more quickly. They remove the data that is unwanted from the way to make access faster. Now by using the proxy server, your computers can be more effective and there would be no issue of slow connections. They are very good at balancing the requests that they get from the users. Some of the organizations also use proxies to improve the overall internet efficiency and speed.

The proxy server is a trustworthy middleman between you and the internet. They use the cache data, and if the server had visited the site before and the next time it would be faster to load. These servers can improve overall user efficiency and performance by making internet browsing more efficient. So, it can be said that internet proxies are a good option for accessing busy sites and dealing with heavy traffic.

Control Internet Usage

In companies, proxy servers are used to prevent employees from accessing websites that are not secure. By using them, the internet usage of the employees can be controlled in the organization. Now, the employee’s internet usage is all in your control and you can also block some sites and content that is inappropriate for the employees.

The employee’s activities on the internet can also be recorded by using these servers. So, you can get an idea about the online activities of your employees. In the future, this feature of the proxy server can also prevent illegal activities and breaches in the organization because the employees know that their online activities are recorded and monitored by the organization. You can make proxy settings according to your needs and control the computer’s online accessibility and usage.

Prevent Server Crashes

Prevent Server Crashes

The proxy server can also improve the user experience over the internet. Many of the internet users complain about the downtime that they face while searching online. As we know being an internet user, your data is stored on different servers in the cloud. Most of the online networks can be accessed globally and peering helps the networks to manage the user’s traffic. To reach the content that is restricted or has high user traffic, you can ask some internet service provider for help. The easiest way to get access to the required website is a proxy server that creates a web address for the users. It also ensures that there is no load on the site and the traffic is managed appropriately.

All of this stuff is managed in the backend which ensures a satisfactory user experience. These servers balance the online requests and efficiently manage the traffic preventing the system crashes.

Malicious Websites Filtered

In the proxy server, the admin of the system can also control the user’s accessibility to specific websites that seem malicious. For example, if the admin thinks that some websites are not appropriate and it might contain malware then they can block that website immediately, so no user in his network can access it. By doing this, the admin prevents the users from getting into any trouble and ensures their security.

Many organizations use these servers, just to filter the content. In the schools, the administration blocks some inappropriate content or social sites that they think might distract the students from their studies. The proxy server, being a gateway between you and the internet can filter all the requests that you made to the internet, and all of the results that you get are also filtered. The filtering feature would help you to get more relevant results and it becomes hard for the hackers to simply access your network.

Provides Better Security

Provides Better Security

One of the major benefits of the proxy server is that it makes your network more secure. As we know hacking is becoming a rising issue that is creating a lot of trouble for online businesses. The hacking not only harms businesses in terms of money but can also spoil your online image. It provides you with enough security that prevent hacking on your network. These servers would provide you with an extra security layer that helps you avoid illegal activities and breaches. With proxy servers, it is not very hard for hackers to get into your system and access the data stored in it. To secure your network or servers from expert hackers the server proxy is not enough.

However, your network is still much more secure as compared with the networks with no proxy servers. The web proxy server also acts as a content filter, to restrict all the websites blacklisted, seem inappropriate or dangerous for users. So, the security that the server provides is the same as a firewall. When it comes to security, one of the best things about the proxy server is that it prevents hackers from getting into your system or accessing confidential information.


As far as anticipation from hacking is concerned, nothing is like a proxy server. It works as a security shield between you and the hackers. Believe me, with proxies, it is very tough for hackers to find your system and access the data. What do you think helps the hackers to get into your system? Let me clarify. Your proxy server’s online IP address allows the hackers to find your device. From where do the hackers get the user’s IP address? The website you visited or tracking the online activities of the user is enough to get the IP address. These servers do not use the user’s IP address, so there are no worries about hacking and data breaches. I am not guaranteeing that the proxy server will provide you 100% security, of course not. But the proxy server surely doubles or even triples the current security of your system.

Faster Speed and Loading Time

The speed of the internet can be increased by using the proxy server because it saves a lot of bandwidth and compresses the traffic on the internet. When the network is very busy because of the heavy load of traffic, these servers can free up the bandwidth and you will not have any issue with the speed while using the internet. Organizations use the proxy server to make their internet faster so that the overall productivity of their employees increases. With the proxy servers, you would not have any issues with busy networks and slow speeds. It is the best option for the connection where the loading time is very slow.

The proxy servers optimize your internet speed and the loading time of the pages also reduces. These servers are also known for caching the data, which makes the loading time of the pages on the web faster for the user. So, they are very good at making the online searching experience of the users more satisfactory. The selection of the server is an important part and your overall experience depends on how well you know about your networking needs and what server you selected for your network.

The overall process of file transferring through the proxy server is very fast, which makes the web proxy server favorable for the users. During transferring the file, if the server goes down then the file will transfer to the next server, but this case is very rare. So, when it comes to speed proxy servers are efficient enough to deal with your internet speed issues.

Warning: If you don’t choose the proxy server carefully for your network then it can slow down the internet speed.

Provide More Privacy

Provide More Privacy

When you are networking with a proxy server, it is hard for the other servers (to which you send some requests) to identify your activities. For example, if you used them for accessing some website, the IP address would be used to access the website and your proxy IP address cannot be identified by the website. In this case, it not only prevents you from malware and other data breaches by hackers but also provides you privacy. By using the server, your online activities cannot be tracked or monitored by other servers.

With the proxy server, your identity would remain anonymous and privacy enhanced. Now, you can enjoy advanced privacy, without any fear of being monitored or tracked. Your online identity is no longer public and it would also help you to do your business privately. It would not allow anyone to track your location or online activities because your IP address is private.

Through internet proxies, you can transfer confidential data and information without any threat of hacking. When you have proxy software between you and the internet, it is very hard for the hacker to get your IP address because you are using the server IP address for browsing and your IP address remains private.

You Can Access Restricted Content

You might have noticed while searching online that some website’s content is restricted because of geographical restrictions or other copyright issues. The proxy server is majorly used for accessing restricted or blocked sites. The websites scan your IP address for the locations and other specifications before allowing you access to the website. As your IP address is not used while stuffing on the internet, so you would not be restricted by any website.

For example, if a website runs in Australia, and they restrict its content to anyone located outside Australia. Now if you are in the UK, you cannot access the content of the Australian website with geo geographical restriction, but with the proxy server, you can access the restricted Australian website. Now, feel free to browse online for any content whether it is restricted or blocked. It allows you to bypass the blocked website by using an internet proxy to gain access. They are mainly known for their ability to allow users access to content that is restricted. Most people, only use them for this purpose.

Parental Control

The internet proxy can be used by parents to restrict certain sites for their children. The filtration on the website can help parents to get full control of their children’s online activities. For example, parents can keep their children from adult sites, or during the exams, the parents can block social media and other inappropriate sites for their children, so they would not waste time on useless things. The activities of the users can also be recorded on the internet, so the parents cannot just control the online activities of their children but also monitor their activities.

I would recommend that parents use the proxy server, so they have control over their children, otherwise letting them free on the internet can spoil them in different ways. Other than the parents, the schools and colleges can also put proxy server filters on their computers. This would help the schools to have better control over their students by tracking their activities.

Do Sensitive Tasks

Do Sensitive Tasks

As it is mentioned above, the proxy server provides complete privacy to the user while searching on the internet. Getting benefits from privacy, you can do sensitive research on the internet. The anonymous identity of users can benefit your business in a couple of ways. It would prevent hacking, data breaches, and malware websites from getting into your system. Other than that, you can also use it to search for sensitive tasks in organizations such as confidential messages, file transfers, or other information exchanges.

For example, the research on criminal issues, governmental matters, etc. It is almost impossible for hackers to access the information or data that you have transferred. Your IP address would also remain secure from hackers because you have an anonymous identity. Most of the proxy servers are free to use, which has a lot of benefits but there would be some licenses so that they cannot be used for any illegal or terrorist activities.

A proxy server is an ideal option when it comes to maintaining security, and privacy with an anonymous identity. You can do all kinds of sensitive tasks because it is secure to use and also prevents hacking. You can also use them to make private communication, where you have no threat of being watched by someone, unlike other social media sites, where your privacy is ignored.

Hidden IP Address

A proxy server is a middleman between you and the internet. If you are using the proxy server for browsing the internet, your IP address will be hidden and the proxy IP would be used for surfing on the internet. Your IP address contains a lot of information about you such as your city, country, and even your home address can be identified with your IP address. If the hacker knows your IP address, it is easier for him to hack your system and get your confidential information. So, you must know that your online security is very much linked to your IP address.

A hidden IP address means your systems are secure and you have complete privacy over your online actions. You might think about how the hackers get your IP address. There are millions of websites on the internet and you browse dozens of websites daily. When you access any website your IP address is identified by the website. I am not saying; this website would misuse your data because it is not always the case. The website might not directly misuse your data but a little data breach on the website by a hacker can cause a lot of problems for you. The hacker can get your IP address identified by the website and then use it to get your confidential information or gain illegal access to your system.

In the case of a proxy server because your IP address is hidden, so the hacker may not be able to get it to cause you any harm. I think the proxy server is a must-have nowadays when the hacking is at its peak and things are not safe online.


The use of proxy servers is increasing as people are becoming more aware of their enormous personal and business benefits. In this article, I have discussed different features of the proxy server and how it can benefit users and businesses. It provides the user with advanced security and prevents hacking. In the proxy server, the IP address of the user is hidden which allows the user to browse the internet anonymously. It also provides more privacy to the users and the speed of the internet also increases.

It is a well-known tool to be used for accessing websites and content that is restricted. Once you understand the working and usability of these servers, you can get enormous benefits from them. You can use them for your personal or business use. The internet proxies are the best option to optimize your overall online experience and you have better performance over the internet.

With the proxy server, you can do sensitive research and your online activities cannot be tracked. Organizations can use a proxy server to monitor the activities of their employees. It also allows the users to restrict or block some websites that are looking malevolent or dangerous for the network, to prevent malware. I hope the information that I have provided in this article will help you to know the benefits of a proxy server. Do share this post in your circle to spread the knowledge. I would like to know about your thoughts about this article.

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11 Reasons Why You Should Start Using the Proxy Server

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