17 Types of Websites That Make Money Online and Can be a Permanent Source of Your Income

Types of Websites
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Around 547200 new websites created every day. People are using websites for personal and business use. Very few of us are actually familiar with the earning capability of a website. There are different types of websites that can make money online and you can also create one to boost your income. If you are thinking of creating your own website for generating more revenue then you are at the right place because, in this article, I am going to share with you top 17 websites types that you can create for making money online.

You should very carefully choose the type of website, you actually want to create, keeping in mind your strengths and talent. Not all types of websites are going to work for you.

Check out this article to get the most profitable websites ideas, you can create right away!

 E-commerce Websites

An E-commerce website is like an online shop, where you can display your products and services and your customers can order goods and make payments online. The e-commerce business has a lot of potentials and you can generate a lot of revenue out of it. In the US, eCommerce makes up an increasing sales’ portion. If you want to sell your services or products online, then you should build an e-commerce website. E-commerce is one of the most profitable websites that you can make to do online business. Building an e-commerce site, you have to keep in mind some crucial things such as getting your SSL certificate and investing in eCommerce software to guarantee secure payment to customers.

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Blog Websites  

Undoubtedly, starting a blogging website is one of the most famous ventures out there. If you think, you can write quality and engaging content for the audience then blogging is the best website ideas to make money. In your blogs, you can write about anything that seems interesting to you. There is no surprise that blogs are the most common types of website available that is simple to manage and can really boost your income. Initially, you have to invest a lot of time to engage people online, but once you have built your audience, you can monetize your website. There are many ways you can monetize your blog, and it can quickly grow based on the quality and quantity of content you are producing. Make sure your content its SEO friendly, to make it more visible on the search engine.

Business Websites

A company’s website is a website dedicated to promoting the business of a specific company. The website of a company represents the company’s brand and promote the products or services that the company is providing. Your potential customer can easily access you from Google when they are looking for related products and services. It also makes your company looks more professional and legitimate.

The e-commerce website is also a kind of business websites, but it is possible to create a website for the company that does not sell anything directly but encourage other visitors to contact you for more information or to promote a physical store.

Entertainment Websites

It is true that most of the time when we are browsing on the internet, we are actually looking for entertainment content. The web is mostly used for entertainment purpose. Humorous websites such as The Onion, webcomics like xkcd, or websites with interesting or fun content like Buzzfeed. There are several entertainment websites, you can anticipate it to find an audience that relates to you. If your audience really likes your content, you can make a good amount of money out of it. If you’ve some ideas for entertainment website content that you think people will find very interesting, and entertainment website is one of the most profitable websites to make money.

Community Forums Websites  

In the last ten years, the community forums websites have cropped up. These kinds of websites provide an online platform for people to share ideas, events, and photos. Community forums are social sites because they allow people to be more social. The websites include linkedin.com, facebook.com, and Instagram.com. Photo sharing websites such as picasa.com also fall under these websites’ category. Community forums are a good way to stay connected and share opinions and ideas, other community members, with similar interests. The communication features should be the main focus of this website so that visitors would have no issues in communicating with each other.

Educational Websites  

Educational websites are designed to presentation information on different topics, through engaging designs or interactive games to keep the user engaged. Educational websites can be built by educational institutes to help their students on studies. You can make educations sites for kids, in which you can make different fun games and rhymes for kids that help them in learning readings, typing, etc. If you’re looking to building an educational website, you should hire a web developer freelancer to make some games, fun tools, or quizzes. If you want to make an educational website for adults then you can add different tutorials, online courses and other study material to it.

If you’re a beginner and unable to develop your website then first of all register a domain, buy a web hosting plan from Temok, and start building your website by using one of the most popular and easiest website builders such as WordPress or any other website builder allowing you to create your website with ease.

News Websites 

magazine and News websites need little clarification. The main goal of news websites is to keep their audience up-to-date on current affairs, while online magazines are more likely to focus more on the entertainment and fashion industry. If are you a potential journalist and want to build a solid online presence, then a news website is something you should consider. You can also install the News Page app to the website of your business that will automatically update and feed your website with related news articles. 

Answers and Questions Websites  

Quora, Yahoo Answers, or Stack Exchange are one of the most famous answers and questions websites. You can also create your own version of these websites. You can easily make your own question and answers website using WordPress. Combining it with other tools, you can build a thriving community online to ask questions and post answers. It is probably one of the major uses of the internet since it helps you to find the answers to your questions. Actually, finding answers is more common because of the increasing use of smartphones. 

Yahoo Answers and Quora are perfect examples of big websites using this model. They let visitors ask any question and allow visitors to leave their answers based on their understanding and experience. The best thing about these websites is that you don’t have to create any content because your audience is creating it for you. You can create an interactive community that can help each other with finding answers.

Online Portfolio Websites  

We all need a place to display our work and career accomplishments. On your WordPress site, you can easily add your portfolio with beautiful sliders, and spectacular image galleries. WordPress can be used to offer a polished and sleek user experience for portfolio website that can be browsed easily and employers can find your work. Like a physical portfolio, these websites are used to promote and display the previous work experience. Mainly used by those in the business sector, a portfolio site is like your CV, in which, you have to demonstrate your skills to impress future employers, clients, or customers.

Social Networking Websites

We all know about Twitter and Facebook, but there are many other forms of social media sites also. These websites are typically made to let people share their thoughts, ideas or images, or connect with people to discuss certain topics. Social networking sites are also becoming the go-to destination for people. When creating content of this type of website, you should focus on things that are more likely to share by other people on social media, such as infographics, entertaining videos, in-depth reports, memes, discount offers, etc.

Job Boards Websites

Numerous popular websites such as Problogger, Smashing Magazine, etc. use job boards to generate some extra income out of it. There is an increasing niche job boards demand for a specific industry or specialization.

WordPress lets you easily make your own job board where job listings are created by employers and professionals looking for related jobs can respond to them. There is a high demand for job boards in the industry because companies want to access professionals and people want to get their desired jobs. 

 Bio Websites

Writers and authors have their own websites that hold their biographies, their works catalogue with comments and reviews, and links to social media accounts, their publications and blog are being sold on the website. This is especially valuable in the publishing world and fan base establishment. With a Bio website, you get more followers based on your online presence such as Twitter, Facebook, or blogs. This can also improve your future publications’ marketing.

Crowdfunding Websites

In the crowdfunding, you have to raise funding for a venture or project from different people. These websites types are a go-to resource if you need investments for your startups. Previously, the only method to raise funding for a new business was to search for huge investments from wealthy people. But now, there is a crowdfunding website, where you can easily raise funds for your business, you just have to create your project’s pitch video, and then set the amount you’re required with a deadline. Internet users who trust in your business will initiate some money to your cause. You can exchange some incentives with donations, such as VIP experiences or discounted products. 

Video or TV Streaming Websites

You must hear of Netflix and other similar websites such as NowTV have revolutionized the way the people watch TV. These video streaming websites have become very popular in recent years, with some catch-up websites such as BBC iPlayer and all of them representing more traditional examples of a specific website theme.

Picture Sharing Websites

Many websites like Pixabay.com enable the majority of users to download and upload pictures for less or no cost at all. The user here gets paid with promotion on just an image-sharing site and via vending high-quality resolution pictures that viewers will desire to buy, maybe for commercial determinations. No matter you are a professional or a beginner photographer, do you won’t share your family vacation images? Via Envira Gallery and WordPress, the user can develop amazingly lovely photography sites. The user is able to incorporate galleries, albums, titles, captions, lightbox popups, slideshows, and the bells and whistles.

There are also plenty of image templates obtainable for WordPress. 

Online Payments Websites

In the current world, because of an increase in transactions demand, customers choose to make online payments and therefore a website that can offer online payment services is more preferred by the customers. With a dependable online payment service provider (PSP), clients can proficiently pay online through credit cards, bank transfers, and real-time orders. This system provides no risk tolerance to guarantee that customers just pay for online posts without incurring hidden charges, particularly with global transactions.

Nonprofit Websites

You may think nonprofits as a money-making business in the same way, but it still can be. You can easily make a nonprofit website, you just have to represent what the nonprofit is about and presenting visitors how they can get donate, involved, or raise funding. Nonprofit sites will have a purpose to gather email addresses, and to make a people’s database, interested in getting in touch with your organization via newsletters.

Niche Affiliate Websites

You can also make a good commission by referring your users to the services and products of other companies. WordPress is also offering many affiliate marketing plugins and tools that you can use for this purpose. You just have to build your audience through quality content and promote the products of other companies. You get some commission in return when you refer your users to other sites.

 This article discusses different types of websites and how you can monetize them. I hope this article answers to commonly asked questions like what kind of websites make money? what are simple websites that make money? etc.

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17 Types of Websites That Make Money Online and Can be a Permanent Source of Your Income

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