Top 20 JavaScript IDE & Source Code Editors For Website Development

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Every programmer or web developer knows the importance and value of the JavaScript. It is one of the popular programming languages which is used for frontend as well as backend. Nowadays, interactive and eye-catching designs are possible with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can create web-based slides, flying robot, digital art projects, server applications, games and many more. In this article, I am going to share what is JavaScript IDE, the difference between JavaScript code editors and JavaScript IDEs, and 20 best JavaScript IDEs.

What is an IDE?

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a development environment which is used to edit code, debug, automate and app development. It is more suitable for small and big businesses to save time and money because most of the features including testing and debugging are already added. Different IDEs are used to simplify the developers’ task and allow many programmers to work on a single project simultaneously. Every good IDE has the following functionalities:

Which is the best IDE for JavaScript Development?

I don’t think that one can come up with the best IDE for JavaScript, every IDE has its own functionalities, pros and cons. Do you want to write your code on laptop, or desire to edit your code using the phone? Do you need a lot of packages for big projects and want to customize your development environment? Don’t worry, the market is full of different solutions to fulfil your specific requirement in an efficient manner.

I have decided to discuss 20 IDEs with their advantages and disadvantages, so you can select the right tool whenever you need to develop any application. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the best JS IDE according to your ideal style of coding.

What is the difference between JavaScript source code editors and IDEs?

The major difference between JavaScript editors and IDEs is the debugging feature, IDE support ALM systems, speed up your development process with the help of different functionalities, and more suitable for big projects that need a lot of packages to execute. However, most of the code editors are available free of cost, lightweight with the ability to run on laptops or smartphones.  

List of JavaScript IDE & Source Code Editors

1. Visual Studio

Type: General IDE

Initial Release: February 1997

Official Website:

Microsoft Visual Studio is a general IDE having advanced functionality with a range of development tasks and intuitive interface. Visual studio is primarily used for developing different computer programs for windows and come up with screen splitting and different automation tools for the ease of use.

It is a leading JavaScript Development IDE with built-in JavaScript support and also used for C, C++, .NET, C# etc. Visual Studio is best suitable for beginners as well as professionals with a flexible environment, tools for compatibility testing and code refactoring features.

Visual JavaScript IDE has many built-in tools with the availability of different plugins to fulfil your specific tasks. It has excellent debugger which is able to operate on both machine level and source level. Visual Studio 2019 is the latest version which is available for use.


  • Impressive Functionality
  • Easy to use with convenient automation tools
  • Customization and Quick debugging
  • Accurate coding with team collaboration


  • Pricey
  • Needs a lot of machine resources to run

2. Visual Studio Code

Type: Source Code Editor

Initial Release: April 2015

Official Website:

According to a report published by State of JS, Visual Studio Code is a popular and widely used JS Code Editor. Why it is the first choice of developers? VS code don’t consume more power of machine resources and you can easily customize to the setup development environment of more than 30 programming languages including PHP, C# and Ruby. It is based on Electron platform and created by Microsoft, but you can also use on your Linux or macOS.

It is one of the best javascript text editor with Git-support, programmers can easily perform pull, push, or commit directly. Moreover, there are hundreds of plugins available to get particular functionality and facilitate developers to run their applications in debug mode with its built-in debugger.   


  • Open-Source cross-platform
  • Fast, Lightweight and powerful
  • Built-in debugging, Easy Customization and extendable with plugins


  • Lack of advanced IDE features

3. Webstorm

Type: IDE Dedicated for CSS, HTML, & JavaScript (Commercial)

Initial Release: May 2010

Official Website:

It is an IDE created by JetBrains that supports Windows, Linux and macOS. It is packed with refactoring, Intelligent code completion, in-built debugger, and hundreds of other exceptional features with a modern user interface. Webstorm allows developers to keep track of their code changes for review at any time. Spy-js is an excellent feature that distinguishes Webstorm from other competitors, which is used to give suggestions for preventing actions.

It is a paid tool with the $59 per year for individual users and $129 per year for companies. However, you can get 59% discount for non-profit and educational purposes. Webstorm also has a good User Interface, customization feature and themes to give a comfortable look and feel.


  • Code refactoring, autocomplete and good navigation feature
  • Built-in tools and support for many plug-ins
  • Easiest error reports with great customization


  • Paid & uses high memory

4. Atom

Type: Open-Source Code Editor

Initial Release: February 2014

Official Website:

It is one of the most popular open source javascript editors launched by GitHub. Atom is best cross-platform JavaScript IDE with a built-in package manager, multiple panes, smart auto-completion and highly customizable. Atom is very easy to install and offers you the functionality to extend the features by installing different packages like Linter, Minimap and auto-close tags. 

Atom is built with the help of Electron Framework and support real-time debugging, multiline selection, highlighting and auto-close HTML tags. There are also pre-installed four UI and eight syntax themes.  


  • Flexible in use with multiple panes
  • Built-in Package Manager
  • GitHub integration and Smart Auto-completion


  • Low performance
  • Limited functionality and lack of user support

5. Brackets

Type: Open Source Code Editor

Initial Release:  November 2014

Official Website:

Brackets is created by the Adobe systems under MIT license with outstanding preprocessor support. It is the first choice of creative professionals and JS developers. This open source JS editor is fast, lightweight and provides built-in support for JavaScript. Brackets is a cross-platform used for Windows, Linux and macOS to perform front-end development tasks using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Every web developer can enhance the functionality by installing different extensions including Smart Highlighting, Autoprefixer and Snippets. Live Preview is a wonderful feature supported by Brackets that allows to observe the code output by automatically opening browser.  Brackets has focused on making visual tools and deliver an exceptional feature to change CSS that applies to a specific ID without opening the CSS files.


  • Lightweight and fast
  • Made for web development
  • Real-time preview


  • Lack of advanced IDE functionalities
  • Gets slower after the plugins installation

6. Komodo IDE

Type: IDE for Dynamic Languages

Initial Release: May 2000

Official Website:

Komodo IDE is mainly used for dynamic programming languages including Golang, Perl, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby and many more with the support of Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems. It has many powerful features including syntax highlighting, autocomplete, code refactoring, debugging and unit testing with a lot of add-ons for extending the features. It can be used as a JavaScript IDE to perform web development tasks using HTML, CSS and other dynamic languages.

Komodo IDE is free for community and non-profit projects but you have to pay as low as $7 per month for each team member. You can also install a free trial version for 21 days to understand the functionality and features. It is best suitable as a JavaScript IDE and also facilitates multilingual work environment.


  • Workflow Management and Extensibility
  • Enterprise-Grade Support with customizable User Interface
  • Support Dynamic Programming Languages with multi-user editing


  • Pricing
  • Limited functionality in free version

7. Komodo Edit

Type: Text Editor

Initial Release: November 2007

Official Website:

Komodo Edit is a free and open source version of Paid Komodo IDE. It lakes many features of its paid version, like Unit Testing, In-Line tools, Custom workspaces, shell scope, code refactoring, Database Explorer, Live preview, dependency detector, version control system integration, Real-time code collaboration and many others.


  • Ease of use and Simplicity
  • Minimap and track changes
  • Autocomplete and calltips, multi-selection and Integration


  • Limited functionality

8. Sublime Text

Type: Code Editor

Initial Release: January 2008

Official Website:

Sublime is an ergonomically convenient multilingual open-source text editor created by Jon Skinner and Will Bond. It has significant speed boost, advanced pane-management, clutter-free interface, Go to symbol and Go to definition features.

It can be a best Text editor for javascript, you can change many lines at once with its multiple selection tool and found your al frequently used tools in a convenient command palette. With the release of its latest version, Sublime is transformed into a pseudo IDE with the support of cross-platform and a high degree of customization.


  • Multi-cursor and multi-select functionality
  • Lightweight and highly customizable
  • Efficient development environment with unique features


  • Absences of advanced functionality

9. Eclipse

Type: Eclipse JavaScript IDE (Open Source)

Initial Release: November 2001

Official Website:

Eclipse JavaScript editor need to be installed plugins for a specific programming language that you want to use. You can get remarkable performance, robustness, and stability with the eclipse JavaScript development tools. There are many amazing features are available to increase the efficiency of the JavaScript IDE including automated error reporting that allows the IDE to send found bugs to

Moreover, you can build Docker images and containers with the help of open-source solutions like Docker CLI and Docker UI. In order to boost the functionality for testing, modeling or charting, you can found solutions from the Eclipse Marketplace Client. If you want to reproduce or automate the identical workspaces it is possible by setting up the Oomph Project in this JavaScript IDE. It is one of the best IDE to run under GNU Classpath.  


  • Support for Multiple languages
  • A wide range of plugins are available
  • Fast compiler


  • Complex for beginners
  • Absences of advanced functionality

10. Light Table

Type: IDE

Initial Release: April 2012

Official Website:

LightTable is an opensource and cross-platform development environment that provides feedback, code execution and assists the developers in quick abstraction creation. It allows the multiuser editing on the same code simultaneously. There are different interfaces are available including file tree, command pane, and the navigation pane with an exceptional feature of checking the code real-time, line by line.

It is a best open source code editor that includes Customizable keymaps and Behavior-Object Tag Engines, so that you can easily shape the IDE according to the work requirements.


  • Open Source Cross-platform
  • Used to embed anything
  • Lightweight  


  • Absence of advanced functionality

11. Codelobster

Type: PHP and JavaScript IDE

Initial Release: September 2016

Official Website:

Codelobster is an IDE which is primarily used for PHP development, but it also supports and equally important for JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is very popular among the web developers and supports several plugins to support WordPress, Yii, JQuery and Drupal. There are several features including HTML code conversion to ASP, Perl or PHP functions and vice versa, Macro recording, function parameter displays on hover and visual style customization.

You can get a free trial of 30 days; if you are interested to get more functionality then buy a Lite version with limited upgrades or Professional membership plan to access all the features. Codelobster has ten multilingual interfaces and support Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


  • PHP debugger
  • Class View, SQL manager, and FTP/SFTP support
  • Commands for pair, tags and attributes selections


  • Pricing

12. RJ TextEd

Type: Unicode and Source Code Editor

Initial Release: October 2019

Official Website:

RJ TextED provides a universal web development environment and support ASP, PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript with exciting features including Unicode integration, advanced sorting, smooth autocompletion and many more. Moreover, RJ TextEd support SFTP and FTP with the ability to handle both ASCII and binary files in an efficient way. There are many options available to customize your work environment.


  • Open-source and Freeware
  • Handle ASCII & Binary files


  • Requires a lot of memory

13. NetBeans

Type: Dedicated Java IDE

Initial Release: 1997

Official Website:

NetBeans is an opensource IDE which is mostly used for C++, java, javaScript and other programming languages. It comes with an easy feature of drag and drop interface to start every new project from scratch. NetBeans is a cross-platform IDE and more suitable for developing modular software components.

There are many useful features are available including debugger, user settings customization, Visual Library integration, storage monitoring, syntax highlighting, Step by step dialog support and project management tools.


  • Powerful debugging options
  • Open-source and Cross-platform
  • Free
  • Custom plugins support


  • Sometimes slows down

14. CodeLite

Type: JavaScript IDE (also supports C, C++, PHP and many more)

Version 9.0 Release: 2016

Official Website:

It is also an opensource development platform that supports PHP, C, C++ and JavaScript. CodeLite is compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS. It has many useful functionalities including refactoring and code completion features, syntax highlighting, project management add-ons, and source browsing. CodeLite allows the integration of unit testing, subversion and scope integration.


  • Open source
  • Rapid code completion based on the in-house parser


  • Absence of eye-catching UI

15. AWS Cloud9

Type: Cloud-based JavaScript IDE

Initial Release: 2010

Official Website:

AWS Cloud9 is created using JavaScript and Node.js and provides a built-in terminal, editing simultaneously, variable refactoring, syntax highlighting and many other useful features. It is best online javascript editor and also supports other programming languages including PHP, C, C++ Python, Node.js and Perl.

It is possible to extend the functionality by using different plugins and variety of themes to set up your desired development environment. You are also able to deploy your applications on different platforms such as Google App Engine, Joyent or Microsoft Azure using AWS Cloud9.


  • Run configurations
  • Integrated tools for serverless development
  • Fully-featured Editor
  • File Revision History and Built-in Image Editor


  • Pricey

16. Codeanywhere

Type: Cloud IDE (Free/Premium)

Initial Release: May 2013

Official Website:

Codeanywhere is also a cloud-based and cross-platform IDE created with the help of JavaScript. Developers are able to write, edit, and run their projects directly from web browser, and code in 70+ programming languages. They can also connect their virtual machines via SSH or FT and it also allow to connect Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox using Codeanywhere.

Codeanywhere has an in-built terminal for the supports of basic Unix commands as well as npm. It is based on CodeMirror and utilizes OpenVZ containers known as DevBoxes for development environments.


  • Remote connection
  • Terminal console
  • Platform Agnostic


  • Pricey

17. IntelliJ IDEA

Type: Java-Specific IDE (Free/Commercial)

Initial Release: January 2001

Official Website:

It is the most favourite IDE for JavaScript developers and also support many programming languages except Java and JavaScript. Intellij IDEA comes up with an amazing feature that it automatically adds tools that are most relevant to your context in order to deliver ease of use. It is also able to automate the repetitive programming tasks, smart code assistance, static code analyzer and integrated Version Control.


  • Instant and clever code completion with deep intelligence
  • Support JVM languages and Enterprise Frameworks
  • Built-in decompiler and terminal


  • Pricey
  • Lack of advanced features in free version

18. PhpStorm

Type: PHP-Specific IDE for Commercial use only

Initial Release: 2009

Official Website:

It is a closed-source IDE best suitable for frontend projects and developed by JetBrains. Developers can get automated refactoring, zero-configuration debugging, syntax highlighting, on-the-fly and code analysis. There are also different useful built-in tools for profiling, testing and other tools to work with databases and SQL projects. Using PhpStorm, you can navigate the code with smart code navigator and able to work on all major frameworks including Symfony and WordPress.


  • Fully-functional IDE
  • Major Frameworks support
  • Customizable


  • Commercial software

19. SourceLair

Type: Web-based Online IDE (Trial/Commercial)

Initial Release: January 2011

Official Website:

It a web-based IDE developed using a framework of python known as Django. SourceLair allows you to share the project with clients or other team members by sharing the public URL of the project with them. In some special cases when you are working on a project that is using a separate database server then you can simply add it to the project with the help of a few clicks.

Code folding, smart autocompletion, automatic indentation, syntax highlighting and many more are built-in features. SourceLair offers real-time error reporting for JavaScript comes up with a full-featured Linux terminal and a robust keyboard control layout.


  • web-based online IDE
  • Publicly accessible project URLs
  • Customizable


  • Pricey

20. Vim

Type: Open-Source Text Editor (Charityware)

Initial Release: 1991

Official Website:

Vim is favorite of many developers; it is a highly configurable program and specially designed to be used as a standalone application with a GUI as well as directly from the Command Line Interface (CLI).

It has a comprehensive integrated system for help, mouse interaction support, and able to edit archived files over FTP, SSH and HTTP protocols. It also offers keyboard-based interface, spell checking, syntax highlights, and undo/redo history.


  • Excellent performance
  • Fast & Lightweight
  • Increases productivity


  • Difficult learning curve

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