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Scare Season is back in action. Well, almost. Halloween is just round the corner and the preparations for your home and family are in full swing. While you prepare your stead for the spooky affair, don’t forget about your business, as well. One thing all holidays come with is the opportunity of expanding your business and this creep-a-thon season is no exception to this rule.This is a time to for you to use your imagination, be creative and hopefully eat lots of sweets but aside from that it is a great time for promotion. Pointedly, the promotion of your business via your very own NET Domain hosted by Temok. And speaking of promotions, Temok is excited to bring you an offer that will let you prep your business for Halloween 2018.



To expand your business, the best way is to market it to your target audience through your own website. A platform where you can present and build your brand is nothing short of a long-term investment that will only bear more fruit as the time goes by. We understand this thoroughly and thus offer a substantial amount of hosting services and offers that will meet all your domain needs. The simplest way you can do it, without putting a hefty blow to your pocket, is to avail our .COM and .NET domain promotions.


When you use the promo DOMAIN.COM799 as you register, you can avail a big discount of domain registration at just $7.99/year. This promo is valid for all the 1st year registrations only. You can avail this offer for a remarkable business decision this year.


When you use the promo DOMAIN.NET899 as you register, you will get the NET domain registration at only $8.99/1 year. This discount is valid for all the 1st year registrations.

A booming discount gifted to you this Halloween 2018 for an entire year!


As is the tradition of this holiday, there are any number of great promotional offers associated with it and they don’t all have to be scary like discount promo by Temok. So, don’t be left out of a great business advantage during this season of nerve-wracking fun and jump in with both feet to rediscover how much fun business can be during this holiday.



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  1. Avatar Sathish Arumugam says:

    With the holiday season just around the corner, we may be wondering about the kind of things that we can do to make the Halloween part the best it. If anyone is preparing for a special Halloween party or event then this will be very useful for the business domain promotion.

  2. Avatar Isla says:

    i like this web Temok Halloween its relly helpfull …

  3. Thank you for this article..

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