How to Create Super Admin in WordPress Multisite Step by Step

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You are using a WordPress Multisite installation where you can manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. It has an additional role that is above a regular admin, which is called Super admin. As the name indicates, the admin can manage a single website, but the super admin has the right to manage all of the websites under multisite installation.

Who should be Super Admin in WordPress Multisite?

Remember, super admin has all the rights to perform every task that is possible with WordPress, so it is the reason why it is most important to be careful when assigning this role to anyone. Ideally, keep your super admins as minimum as possible.

Most probably, business owners and higher management authorities have super admin access to all of the websites, but if you want to assign this responsibility and access to anyone so that he can manage your all websites.

Suppose you are a web development agency or freelancer web developer and manage multiple clients’ websites. In that case, it is better to make them an Administrator or Editor and keep sole super admin access at your own.

You have to create a new super admin user in WordPress multisite by visiting My Sites > Network Admin > Users and selecting the “Add User” button. After creating a new user (you can skip this step if you have created it already), change its role from the Edit User menu.

Keep in mind the given tips while creating a multisite environment:

  • Don’t use admin as the username for administrator or super admin role
  • Create minimum suer admins to keep it secure
  • Don’t use easy to guess or simple passwords (generate a random password and save it securely)

How to Add Super Admin to WordPress Multisite?

Navigate Users Menu

Click on the “My Sites” from the top left corner of the WordPress multisite dashboard and choose “Users.”

Navigate Users Menu

Add New User

You are landed on the users’ page, click on the “Add New” button.

Add New User

Enter Username & Email

Enter the username and email of your new user to send him an email containing a link for setting up a password.

Enter Username & Email

Edit User

Once you add a new user, you will receive a notification, as seen below in the screenshot that the user added. Now, click on the “Edit User” link to open the user details page.

Edit User

Assign Super Admin

You will see all the details about the newly created user. Scroll down to the “Super Admin” and check the “Grant this user super admin privileges for the Network”. If you want to change other user settings, you can also update them here.

Assign Super Admin

Update User

After adding all the details, click on the “Update User” at the bottom of the menu.

Update User

Now, a new super admin user has been created to the multisite network, and they can check their email, update the password and start managing all the websites listed under a network.

Edit user name


It is another way to add super admin rights to a user present on your WordPress network with WP-CLI by running the following command:

wp super-admin add <username>  

on the server.

What are the Extra Permissions for Super Admins?

In addition to the general Admin permissions, Super admins have these permissions on the multisite network.

  1. Create Sites
  2. Delete Sites
  3. Manage Network
  4. Manage Network Options
  5. Manage Network Plugins
  6. Manage Network Themes
  7. Manage Network Users
  8. Manage Sites
  9. Upgrade Network

Final Words

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