Five Types Of Content Highly Successful On Social Media

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Your success on social media is directly proportional to how popular the stuff you put there is. However, producing both effective and high-performing content faces several obstacles for enterprises of a smaller scale. It is difficult, time-consuming, and ought to add value to the experience you provide for your customers. A diverse variety of content kinds is typically included in content strategies in order to assist in the process of overcoming these challenges. You will be able to provide your audience with a more interesting and engaging experience if you use a diverse range of distinct styles in your marketing approach.

Ninety-three percent of marketers agree that the increased use of social media in their business has resulted in a faster pace of competition over the past year. So, what are some things that can help you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Content.

The core of any successful social media campaign is its content. This is how companies create their initial and ongoing impressions on social media platforms. It is the most important component in how brands communicate with new customers and maintain connections with existing ones. Timing is of the utmost importance in many aspects of life. If you need to plan a highly important meeting, but none of the attendees are morning people, arranging the meeting to begin at 8:00 in the morning is not likely to result in a fruitful meeting. Or, perhaps you are interested in organizing a vacation at a reduced cost; if this is the case, you should try to avoid doing it during the winter holidays.

The same may be said for the production of content and the use of social media. If you want your material to do well on social media, you need to be strategic about what you publish and when you publish it. This includes choosing what to publish and the timing of when you share it. If you understand not just what your audience enjoys but also the types of content that assist them in deciding whether or not to purchase your product or service, you will be able to build the ideal content mix for your audience. There is a wide variety of forms, lengths, and depths of participation available in social media material. The most effective short-term outcomes come from entertaining, graphic, and participatory content when it comes to social media.

But rather than simply focusing on the number of views and likes your material receives, you undoubtedly have a greater interest in developing a content strategy that will bring about actual, measurable, and lasting effects for your company. In that case, you need to construct an efficient social media plan to achieve your platform’s proper balance of content. First things first: obtain a firm grasp on your target demographic and how they interact with various forms of media. Some of the information you publish will either educate your audience about your products or raise awareness about your business. Some of the material you provide aims to persuade or motivate your audience to make a purchase or participate in another kind of customer engagement. The Content Marketing Matrix from Smart Insights is a useful framework for identifying the most suited content types for different purposes: amusement, inspiration, education, and purchase. Adding co-created and user-created content to the paradigm is a terrific idea.

 In this article, we will discuss the forms of content that marketers have determined to be the most valuable for usage on social media and how you may utilize social analytics to decide the forms of material that will be most beneficial to your company.

What kind Of Content Should Your Business Have?

If you want to develop an optimal content mix, a good rule of thumb is to decrease the amount of content driven by purchases and calls-to-action to about 20 percent. However, this percentage will vary depending on the product or service that you sell. If the decision cycle is short and the purchasing decision is emotional, the amount of emphasis placed on calls to action should be increased.

This is generally the case in the fashion business, which relies heavily on visually engaging content such as photographs and videos.

At the other end of the spectrum is the long decision cycle, which should create a relationship with the audience and guide it toward a purchase decision through content types such as white papers and webinars. Once you have a clear overview of your social media post ideas, building a content calendar that holds the publication dates, content pieces, and social networks is an excellent approach to balancing the different forms of material. This can be done in a number of different ways.

Within the content planning functionality of certain social media management software, you may be given the option to assign a colour to each different type of material. However, in order to use all of these different forms of information on social media, you will need to publish it through one of the social networks’ predefined publication options. These alternatives are restricted in number.

The Types Of Content That Marketers Will Find Most Useful On Social Media In 2022


social  media ; Video

Video is the most beneficial content type for attaining social goals, as reported by 54 percent of marketers.

Even though there is a growing desire for video among consumers and that video is valuable in accomplishing social goals, content strategies employed by marketers continue to prioritize photographs and posts containing links. The Index findings show that only 14% of posts on Facebook, 11% of posts on Instagram, and 5% of posts on Twitter contain some form of video content. When looking at the distribution of published video content, we can see that brands within a certain number of industries outperform those benchmarks.

Why Videos Are Effective On Social Media

There is a good reason why social video content is trending. Video may assist you in achieving all of your social media objectives, regardless of what those objectives may be.

According to Wyzowl’s 2021 State of Video Marketing Survey, most video marketers believe video has helped raise sales, traffic to their website, and customers’ understanding of their product or service.

If your primary objective is to increase participation in an existing group, social video content may be an extremely helpful resource for you to draw upon. Instagram videos generate 49 percent more interaction than photo posts. Tweets that include videos receive ten times more interaction than those that do not. People are also inclined to share videos with their peers twice as often as they share any other content.

It is unnecessary to have an infinite amount of time, resources, or polish to create effective videos, as evidenced by the widespread adoption of TikTok and Instagram Reels. Videos with a low production value made in the creator’s style might add a level of relatability that viewers appreciate.

In addition to allowing for the production of high-quality, low-effort videos without the need for significant financial commitment, video material can also be repurposed and transformed into a variety of other content types.

 Best Social Media Platforms To Share Videos

The top three social media channels that consumers use to follow businesses and wish to see brands using more are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Because Instagram, in particular, offers a wide range of tools for producing both long- and short-form videos, the platform is an excellent testing ground for a variety of video concepts and aesthetics.

You might be curious about what the deal is with TikTok. On the site, individual creators rule the show, and businesses have not yet truly found the sweet spot for engagement, but a lot can be learned from TikTok trends.

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social media ; images

When it comes to the rankings of the most valuable content format, images are very close. In addition to this, they are the form of content shared the most frequently across social networks.

Still images, in contrast to the vast majority of movies, maybe digested and understood in a single instant. Social media users get an instant image of your brand based on elements such as the colours, composition, text, lack thereof, and other characteristics. Check our previous article that includes Zuckerberg Reveals AI Metaverse Initiatives.

Why Images Are Effective On Social Media

It is a well-known truth that the majority of people would prefer to look at a picture than read a thousand words worth of text. Most social media users will share your sentiments because they yearn for simplicity, quickness, and ease of access.

As a result of the widespread availability of mobile devices that include high-definition cameras and editing software, everyone may indulge their innate desire to be a photographer. This paves the way for social media marketers to take control of the creation of photos for their content strategy without the need to engage a significant number of resources. In addition to this, it has made it possible for customers to provide their preferred brands with user-generated content (UGC) of the highest possible quality.

User-generated content (UGC) pictures give a company’s visual identity an additional facet while also helping to foster a sense of community and relatability between the brand and its social users.

Best Social Media Platforms To Share Images

Marketers need to incorporate images into their social media strategy, but Instagram and Pinterest have a few advantages that make them stand out.

Even though it’s grown into a lot more, Instagram began as an image service. According to the Sprout Social IndexTM, marketers share 87% of their Instagram posts as images. A recent study found that 48% of customers want firms to post photographs more frequently on Instagram in order to stay relevant.

Marketers shouldn’t let the fact that only 20% of customers follow their businesses on Pinterest stop them from posting images there. More and more people are seeking inspiration rather than brands on Pinterest. In reality, 97% of all platform queries are unbranded. To get the most out of Pinterest, visitors need to go onto the site with an open mind and heart (and future purchases). The social commerce tools on Pinterest and Instagram allow brands to tag things in photographs, turning them into shoppable content.

Text-Based Posts

social media ; text-based posts

Although it is essential for companies to prioritize visual content, they must not lose sight of the influence that words have. According to nearly one-third of marketers, text-based postings are seen as the most valuable form of content.

The attention to detail and consistency you devote to other content formats and creative components should also be given to the written content. Your written content will have an easier time standing out from the congested social chatter if you take the time to develop a distinct brand tone and voice that is in line with your visual brand.

Why Text-Based Posts Are Effective On Social Media

In order to learn about new products or services, 53% of consumers like or follow brand pages on social media; a second 22% do so in an effort to stay up to speed on corporate news. That’s why text posts are the best method for delivering it.

Forty-three percent of customers would select a brand over the competition if it showed that it understood what customers wanted and needed. Using written material to establish interactions with your clients is a great way to learn more about them.

Best Social Media Platforms For Text-Based Content

You can use Reddit to engage in Q&As and get to know your fans there. LinkedIn is a natural place to share thought leadership and publications and communicate with customers, SMEs, possible investors, and other stakeholders.

Twitter is the most popular social media platform for marketers to broadcast plain-text updates. Images remain popular on Twitter, but the social media site is mostly focused on exchanging ideas. According to David Herman, a senior manager for Twitter Sports Partnerships, joining in on Twitter conversations is the single best thing marketers can do. Your brand will reach new audiences, engage your community, and let people know what your brand is all about if you speak up and let your voice be heard.


social media ; stories

Stories might not necessarily be able to boost brand exposure, but they are gold when it comes to community participation. A little more than a quarter of marketers believe that tales are the most valuable form of content that can be shared on social media.

Why Stories Are Effective On Social Media

In the United States, 73% of people believe that stories allow them to experience new things outside of their daily routines.

Stories are prominently displayed on social network interfaces across all platforms. In addition to their prominent placement, tales are incredibly appealing to customers because of their interactive and relevant nature. Marketers may convey their brands’ personalities with easy-to-manipulate stickers, interactive features, filters, and sound effects.

Best Social Media Platforms For Stories

Instagram Stories are the most popular kind of Story on any social media network, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and even Slack. On most social media platforms, a story’s lifespan is limited to 24 hours. If you’re a brand on Instagram, you can turn your Stories into Highlights on your profile.

In addition, Instagram Stories’ reactions and responses are sent directly to the brand’s DMs, making it easy to start or continue one-on-one discussions with your followers.

The blogs on the internet, particularly on the Temok website, also provide some of the best articles regarding Top 7 Alternatives To Facebook Ads In 2022.

Live Video

social media ; live videos

Businesses are thinking differently about how they might engage with their customers in real-time due to ongoing digital transformation, which will be hastened by the events of the year 2020 and the inability to participate in experiences that take place in person. Live video emerged victorious during the pandemic, and it won’t be going away anytime soon.

Why Live Videos Are Effective On Social Media

Using live video, companies and creators can stream discussions, performances, Q&As, seminars, and other online events. With live streaming, viewers may ask questions, leave comments, and react immediately instead of waiting for responses via text or image uploads.

During the pandemic, people were anxious for a sense of connection and togetherness, and live and simultaneous watching provided it. Marketers can reuse video content by saving and repurposing recordings made during live streaming events on any social network that offers this feature.

Best Social Media Platforms For Live Videos

Both YouTube and Facebook Live saw significant growth in user numbers during the pandemic. According to YouTube’s Culture & Trends Report, 85 percent of the platform’s users had viewed a live stream on YouTube within the previous year. Facebook has revitalized its live-streaming capabilities by introducing new creative tools, accessibility features, and a mode solely playing audio.

Brands can expand their exposure to other professional networks by utilizing LinkedIn Live, another streaming service. Compared to native videos produced by the same company, LinkedIn Live videos receive seven times as many reactions and twenty-four times as many comments on average.


It is essential to post material tailored to your audience’s interests to succeed in today’s cutthroat and crowded social scene. In addition, if you want your business to be successful on social media, you need to engage your audiences on their terms, steer them in your direction with the appropriate content to get them ready to choose your product or services, and then make it as simple as possible for them to make a purchase. Understanding what your audience responds to is a big step forward. In addition, it is critical to understand their decision-making process and criteria for selecting a service provider. Stay in touch with your customers and keep them engaged while making a decision. Please provide them with the data they require to make those choices.

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