Shared IP vs Dedicated IP Address:  A Comprehensive Guide

Shared IP vs Dedicated IP Address:Shared IP vs Dedicated IP Address: A Comprehensive Guide
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Many people are starting businesses online and need web hosting partners. So, while choosing your web hosting partner, you are curious about what type of IP address they offer. Shared IP or Dedicated IP address. Does it matter for your website?

Many people talk about the differences between shared IP vs dedicated IP address. Which one should you choose? Choose one which fulfills your business requirements and demands. This article will explain what shared IP vs dedicated IP address is and some of the significant differences between the two configurations.

What Is An IP Address?

An IP address stands for Internet Protocol Address. It is a descriptor of all the devices such as laptops, mobile phones, etc., connected to a computer network. These network devices use IP addresses or transmission Control Protocols for coordination or communication. The IP addresses consist of numerical labels. For example, we have a website named Temok, and its IP address is

Shared IP vs Dedicated IP Address:What Is An IP Address?

The IP addresses are mapped to domain names using a domain name system that acts as a phone book directory for the worldwide web. When you type any domain name ( into your address bar, a DNS query is generated by your ISP (internet service providers). It requests the results from the name servers connected with that domain.

What Is A Dedicated IP Address?

You and your company only use a dedicated IP address through a virtual private server. It is only assigned to your website. If someone types your IP address in the search bar instead of your domain name, he can view your website online.

If your website is streamed through dedicated IP, all your online traffic will not show to anyone. It will remain private and unseen. Implementing a dedicated IP address is a very simple and effective method to maintain a robust security system. It makes sure that you can trust all users using that Network.

You can use Dedicated IPs to control permissions, stop unauthorized network access. Your team can access business information smoothly regardless of their location.

Can I Change My Dedicated IP Address?

If your device is assigned with fixed or a dedicated IP, the IP address cannot be changed. On the other hand, shared IP will change intermittently. It depends on the server which you are accessing. It can move locations to maintain security. But with a dedicated IP or static IP, you cannot move locations.

Like those provided by Temok’s dedicated server option, a single Dedicated IP address is enough to protect your whole company and provide secure network access to your entire workplace. You can then allocate the same Dedicated IP address to different team members by adding or transferring user licenses through our centralized control panel. Buy a dedicated IP address from Temok at very affordable rates.

Why Should You Choose A Dedicated IP Address?

If you want to send emails in a high volume, use a dedicated IP address. When you send emails regularly, you can quickly build your reputation without getting help from other domains on the same IP address. If your shared IP partners give a bad IP reputation, you can consider a dedicated IP address. Because it can be challenging to recover from bad IP, use a dedicated IP address as long as you can afford its expenses because it is expensive compared to shared IP.

If you have just started your business and have a small budget, then the cost of a dedicated IP might be detrimental to your goals.

What Are The Benefits Of Dedicated IP?

The benefits of dedicated IP are the following:


You don’t worry about other domains on your IP. You have complete control to send emails and messages, so IP partners cannot bring down your reputation.

Easily Fix Issues:

When different domains use an IP address, it is difficult to find from where the issue came and how to resolve it. But when you use a dedicated IP, you are only maintaining the domain, so it is easy to resolve issues.

Larger Network Doesn’t Allow Shared IP:

Some internet service providers like yahoo only allow dedicated IPs. It puts shared IPs at a sending disadvantage.

What Is A Shared IP Address?

A shared IP address is also known as Dynamic IP. As the name indicates, a shared IP address is assigned to different websites. All data you get in a shared IP address is sent through the same server instead of dedicated or fixed IP. If you use a shared IP address, you can move your locations to maintain your security level.

Why Should You Choose A Shared IP Address?

You can use a shared IP address if you send emails in low volume. It will take time to build your reputation. But if you have started a new business and have a low budget, use a shared IP address before your domain has been successful.

What Are The Benefits Of Shared IP?

Shared IP is a perfect choice if you have smaller domains and a group of domains with a good reputation. The benefits of shared IP are the following:


Shared IP is more cost-effective than a dedicated IP. If you are a beginner, it is financially easy to use a shared IP address until your domain has been successful.

Good Reputation

If you are a new or smaller domain that shares an IP address with well-renowned domains, you can benefit from other domains with a good reputation.

Shared IP VS Dedicated IP

Every domain name has an IP address, and that IP address is the actual address of a website. Shared IP is used for different websites, whereas dedicated IP is used for only one website. All websites can use shared IP, while mostly large e-Commerce websites often use dedicated IP.

Shared IP vs Dedicated IP

Which kind Of IP Address Is Best For SSL?  

Nowadays, you cannot differentiate between a dedicated IP and a shared IP for SSL. Many years ago, it was considered true that you required a dedicated IP to encrypt your website with an SSL certificate.

Many hosting providers like Temok use a technology called server name indication. It permits the server to use different SSL certificates on a single IP address. In this way, you can add an SSL certificate to your website regardless of the kind of IP address.

That’s why Temok offers a free SSL certificate. You can easily add these to your websites from Temok Dashboard. You can also bring your certificate if you want some customized features.

How Do IP addresses Affect SEO?

Your SEO is not affected by the type of IP address you use. Your SEO success is all yours.

Let’s Wrap Up

Depending on your email campaigns, you can use either a shared IP or a dedicated IP. You use dedicated IP if you want to send mails in high volume. But if you’re going to send emails in low volume, you go for a shared IP address. Whether you are using a shared IP or a dedicated IP, it has no impact on SEO.

We hope this article has cleared all facts about a shared IP vs dedicated IP. It helps make decisions easier on which type of IP address you should choose. If you have any doubt or other questions, feel free to contact us or leave your comments below, and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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