Satisfactory Dedicated Server: Your Path To Unmatched Performance

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If you are a passionate fan, you have undoubtedly considered operating a satisfactory dedicated server. Building a gaming server enables you to serve up your game, design your private map with unique characteristics, and establish an administrator password to boost security and playability.

When playing Satisfactory, you might profit from utilizing dedicated servers. Building your business and automating the manufacturing process is considerably more enjoyable over a steady connection. Satisfactory also emphasizes open-world exploration and battle, which works best with companions. A private server allows you to play with more individuals than ever before!

The dedicated satisfactory server setup procedure is simple but requires various tools and comprehensive instructions to be completed successfully. Below, we’ll guide you through those procedures and tools and assist you in confirming you have the necessary system prerequisites to execute your dedicated server’s satisfactory commands. But first, let’s start with the fundamentals.

Continue reading and exploring to learn more amazing facts about satisfactory server hosting in 2024.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server, as the name implies, is a type of server that gives you full access to the technology for which you pay. You cannot share server assets with other organizations. A dedicated or bare-metal server is a physical system that serves just one hosting customer at a time.

Public servers and shared hosting systems are substitutes for dedicated servers. These environments share resources like RAM, processing speed, and storage space among several user accounts. For enterprise-level suppliers, the number of users exchanging resources might be thousands or millions.

As a result, if you host the website on a dedicated server, you will have full access to the server’s capabilities. There will be no need to share server resources such as memory, computing power, or hard drive space with other enterprises. If your company’s success depends on its website or mobile application, you should invest in a dedicated server.

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Create A Satisfactory Dedicated Server Setup

Create A Satisfactory Dedicated Server Setup

What Are The Requirements?

The demands that a Satisfactory server puts on the underlying hardware are primarily dictated by the number of players who connect to the server simultaneously. However, it should be noted that Satisfactory, if not more in its current version, is intended for a maximum of 4 players in multiplayer mode.

According to the material in the official Satisfactory Wiki and the requirements for the authorized satisfactory dedicated server tool on the Epic Games Shop, the following minimum system requirements are required:

  • CPU (processing): AMD or Intel (4 Core) from 3.4 GHz onwards, with a preference for single-core solid performance. RAM (memory): 6 GB for 1-4 players, 8 GB or more for bigger storage files or more significant than four players.
  • Hard disk storage: 10-15 gigabytes for the dedicated satisfactory server software; extra space for stored games or optional modifications

In addition to the computer power for the Satisfactory server, you must consider the computational load of the operating system while planning. In principle, you may select from mainstream Unix/Linux versions such as Ubuntu remote desktop; nevertheless, developers advocate a Windows server OS. For Windows Server 2019, a few extra requirements would be required, for example:

  • 4GHz processor – 64-bit
  • A 512 MB or 2 GB of RAM (with or without having a graphical user interface).
  • 32 or 36 GB of hard drive capacity (without or with a graphical user interface).

Why Choose a Dedicated Server for Satisfactory?

The key reason for wanting a dedicated satisfactory server is to hold private games. Spinning up a private server, protected by an admin password, provides quicker gaming, lower latency, and fewer disconnections. However, setting up a dedicated game server for Satisfactory offers some added perks.

One of these advantages is unlimited access to the Satisfactory dedicated server. In classic private games, the game terminates when the host signs off. When you construct your cloud-based dedicated server to play Satisfactory, all users may access it, even if the host is unavailable.

The reason is that self-hosting your video game from your provider has several limits. You will share your server with numerous people who may need more resources than you. It will provide inadequate data transfer and server resources, limiting your gaming.

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Why Should I Select Temok For My Satisfactory Host?

We provide much more features and utilize superior hardware than our rivals, even at a lesser cost. Temok has offered hosting services since 2013. With hundreds of thousands of clients served and over 500,000 servers hosted, we’ve earned an excellent reputation in the gaming satisfactory dedicated server world.

We are so confident in your satisfaction that we provide a complete money-back guarantee. If you need to cancel your order, please get in touch with our support staff within 72 hours for a full refund. All we want is for you to tell us why so we can continue to improve our service.

In addition, Temok provides a free FTP file transfer service for server owners who want to migrate from a prior Satisfactory server host. If you’re still unsure, check out the hundreds of favorable Trustpilot evaluations from our consumers.

With Temok, you may pick between the following three server types, each with distinct plans:

  • vServer: A vServer (sometimes called a Virtual Private Server or VPS) provides access to virtual resources you share with other clients without affecting performance. You are invoiced monthly at a set charge.
  • Cloud server: Temok’s cloud server packages also support virtualized resources. However, because this approach is currently invoiced, you only have to pay for your required services.
  • Dedicated server: Using a dedicated server from Temok, you have hardware that is entirely reserved for you. This server type has high single-core power, reflected in the pricing.

How Do I Choose the Right Satisfactory Server Hosting?

How Do I Choose the Right Satisfactory Server Hosting

Making the appropriate decision while looking for a Satisfactory dedicated server is critical. This decision will influence several aspects of the game’s efficiency, the most important of which is connection. Fortunately, there are a few factors you may consider before making a decision:

  • Capabilities

Different players will require other resources from their servers. Variables could involve the maximum number of players on the server at any given time and the location of each person in the world. To minimize disappointment, ensure the dedicated server provider meets all your requirements.

  • Uptime

You and everyone who plays on your server will inevitably desire maximum uptime. It is one of the most important benefits of renting a dedicated server. It will be housed on a robust infrastructure, allowing you to stay online for extended periods. Even if the host is not online, other players can join the lobby and play as usual.

  • Performance

Having an excessive-performance server can assist in eliminating latency and other difficulties associated with high ping. This form of hosting also allows you to manage resources, so you won’t have to worry about storage constraints.

Those that provide high-quality servers will have little trouble providing all important characteristics, such as the CPUs used by the server itself. Keeping a look out for companies who offer cutting-edge gear will help you make an informed decision.

  • Cost

Finally, ensuring you receive fair value while hiring a dedicated Satisfactory server is critical. Whether dividing payments among players or utilizing this server just for yourself, it’s always a good idea to verify the pricing.

Why not seek a service that does not need you to sign up for an ongoing plan? Many people choose to pay in recurring payments with no commitment. It allows you to cancel the server at any moment.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Satisfactory Hosting

Advantages of Dedicated Server Satisfactory Hosting

The advantages of leasing a Satisfactory dedicated server hosting include:

  • Outstanding Performance

Whether you intend to play alone or in multiplayer, you’ll need excellent performance and quickness. Renting a dedicated server hosting service will give you the most up-to-date software and hardware and an abundance of server resources such as RAM, storage, and CPU.

As a consequence, you may enjoy lightning-fast performance while playing games. Because of the available capacity, you may store larger file sizes without slowing down. This translates to increased gaming performance that you may not have previously experienced.

  • There is little to no Downtime

Satisfactory dedicated server suppliers power your game with powerful data centers and cutting-edge technology. They will additionally provide you the option of selecting your favorite location. As a result of being closer to the data center, you will have faster reaction times, improving your gameplay experience.

Furthermore, the server operator will monitor and update everything to ensure no downtimes or delays. Thus, you may achieve peak performance regardless of how long you game or how many others join you.

  • Security

Nowhere is secure, including your game server. People attempt to hack into your systems to take your data and assets. But don’t worry; with a dedicated gaming server, you’ll have more robust security, like DDoS attack protection, to keep you secure. The most excellent part is that you don’t have to care for or maintain it; the service provider handles that.

  • Better Control And Customization

Satisfactory dedicated server setup hosting will give you unique and user-friendly control panels, allowing you more control over your gaming. You may tailor it to your needs for more convenience. Moreover, you may combine it with other applications, such as player rating software and forums. You don’t have to handle anything; allow the server to do it for you while you enjoy your game without worry.


Satisfactory needs a minimum of 8 GB of RAM to operate the platform’s fundamental gameplay. However, the requirements alter if you wish to build a personal satisfactory dedicated server.

Users wishing to set up a private server will surely need a minimum of 12 GB of RAM. If you want to host more than four players on your server or need to import bigger, Satisfactory saved files, Epic Games advises a PC with 16 GB of RAM.

If you want an effortless solution, Temok can assist. Our dedicated servers are offered for rent, allowing you to cancel whenever possible.

If you have any difficulty establishing your dedicated server, our team is accessible to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Choosing Temok is the finest way to set up a reliable dedicated server in 2024. With several positive and exceptional Trustpilot evaluations, we are glad to announce that we will be the top dedicated server hosting company in 2024. If you have questions about satisfactory dedicated server hosting, please comment below.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q#1 Can You Run A Dedicated Satisfactory Server?

Satisfactory requires no less than 8 GB of RAM for running the platform’s core gameplay. However, the requirements alter if you wish to build a personal Satisfactory dedicated server. Users wishing to set up a private server will require a minimum of 12 GB of RAM.

Q#2 How Many People Can Play Satisfactory Dedicated Server?

There are four participants in the multiplayer session. Satisfactory may be played in multiplayer mode, with up to four players publicly supported, however, there is no hard player restriction (see below). The experience is co-op exclusively; there will be no PvP aspects, however, pioneers can hurt one another.

Q#3 Do You Need A GPU To Run A Dedicated Server?

GPUs are not compulsory for dedicated servers. Servers may run without them, but they aren’t utilized to process graphics. GPUs can be useful in some situations, but they aren’t essential.

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