24 Super Essential Sales and Marketing Ideas, Big Companies Would Never Tell You

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Attracting maximum customers to a business is something that all companies want but we know that it would never happen magically.  You have to pay for it. Developing sales and marketing strategies are essential to make your product more visible to the customers. The companies use different promotional and marketing strategies to attract more customers to their businesses but most of the times things do not work for them, as expected. In this article, I am going to share some marketing ideas for sales that might work for your business. You should understand that when it comes to marketing and selling, not everything would work for your business. You have to understand your customer’ interests and demands to find the best promotional ideas to increase sales of your company.

The sales and marketing ideas that I am about to share with you in this article are already adopted by many leading companies to increase their sales.  So, it’s time to get rid of your outdated marketing and promotions strategies. WHY??? As you know that the business landscape is changing rapidly because the changing demands of the customers, so to deal with the changing needs of your businesses and customers, you have to adopt some more effective and unique sales and marketing techniques to ensure long-term business success.

 Here are some of the most essential sales and marketing ideas that can-do miracles for your business.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is something most important for you because if you don’t know your customer’s interest, it will be impossible for you to attract your target audience to your business. One thing you must understand that marketing your product or service to the right customer is very important. Your marketing strategies should be compatible with your customers’ interests. No matter how much you are investing in the marketing and promotion and how well you have built your brand image, if it is not interesting to your customers, all of your efforts will be wasted. So, when it comes to sales and marketing, everything depends on how well you know your audience.

Make Clear Marketing and Sales Goals

 Once you understand the demands and needs of your customers, the next step is to make a clear goal for marketing and sales. To stay focued, it is important to have well defined and smart goals. The goals for marketing and sales should be compatible with your company’s objectives and mission. The goals that you made for marketing and sales are actually the performance benchmark that would help you to measure your marketing success.

Business Cards

The business card is a successful offline marketing strategy that can prove very beneficial for your business. Using the business cards, you can give out your contact information right away to customers you meet. Try to make the design of business cards more attractive and professional. The business card is an effective market tool and you can add your company’s logo, product description and slogan in the business card, along with the contact information.


The brochures are one of the many ways used by companies to promote their products. you might notice that the retailing stores distribute the brochures to the customers that contain the information about their products and services. It is a good marketing tool if you have to deal with the customers in some physical shop. The customers can read the brochures while waiting in the lobby. It is also a cost-effective way of marketing that you can use to provide all the information about your business to the customers.


If you have email addresses of customers, you can use them for personalized marketing. Once you get the email addresses of the customers, you can make their personas and use it for personalized marketing purposes. You send emails to your customers about your promotions, discounts, new arrivals etc. It is a good way of keeping your customers in touch with your business and remind them about your products and services.

 You can also attach some coupon code in the email as a special discount for the customers on products and services.

Occasional Discount

You may notice, many brands offer a seasonal discount on their product such as summer sales, new year discounts, Black Friday discount, you can name them. Nothing can attract a customer more than sales and discounts. The marketing most stuck in the question, whether they should give a discount or not?

It actually demands on your audience and how they react to promotions and discounts.  Coupons are also very flexible tools for promotion and it allows you to tailor discounts on a specific sale. Though, remember, that flexibility brings a massive quantity of possible campaigns, so you should be patient to identify which discount and sales will do really well for your business. There are many types of discount that you can offer your clients, such as, “buy one get one” discount, first-time order discount, the discount of order value, a discount of specific products, discounts of subscribing to email, the discount of some special event, etc.

The discount pricing is used by the businesses to sell high volumes of product in low-price. In this strategy, the companies decrease costs to stay competitive. The big retailers can demand discounts on price from suppliers and make a strategy of discount pricing more effective for bulk purchases. A discount pricing strategy is not the only way, you can use to compete with these large retailers.

It is very important to cautiously proceed with the discount pricing strategies. The occasional discounts or discounts as a reward to loyal customers are also very effective. If you are using the discounts very often it can also result in the downward pricing spiral that may finally make it difficult for you to sell your product at whole price. For instance, if a retailer is offering periodic large discounts then it can lower their profit margins because your customers will always wait for the sale to buy the product.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

On special occasions like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can create landing pages for discounts and sales you are offering to your customers. You can share the coupon code for a discount on the landing pages. So, you can use the landing pages for specific marketing campaigns. The landing pages would also help you to improve your conversion rates. If you have not built your website yet, you can make a couple of landing pages for your product and service, so your customers can access you online. You can also link these landing pages to your social media accounts. You can create landing pages for specific marketing campaigns.

The sales and marketing plan and landing pages go side by side. If your business is not gated behind some landing pages, your sales marketing strategies and offers would never benefit you. The purpose is to make your website audience ‘pay’ you in contact information for the valuable offer, and the landing page is said to be the collections tool. Every time a conversion is made a form landing page, your sales and marketing team collects the valued data about leads. Your sales marketing manager can also use this data to understand what types of marketing personas or visitors are converting, and the sales team now has an information baseline about a lead.

Social Media

Social media is the first thing comes to the mind of marketers when it comes to making advanced marketing strategies to increase sales. There are enormous benefits you can get from the social median from build brand identity to access more customers.  There are many social media platforms available that you can use for fulfilling your marketing needs. Some of the most famous social media platforms used by most of the marketers are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.

You can create official pages on the most relevant social media platforms to access maximum customers.

Offer Free Trials

 If you are selling some sort of services to the customers such as web development, web hosting and marketing services, you can offer a free trial of 7 days or a month on the services packages. Doing this would help you to gain the trust of customers, so they would not hesitate to buy any service from you for the first time.

Offering the free trials of your product or services to the customers for a limited period or of a limited quantity is an effective internet marketing strategy to take advantage of the leads you get. When you are confident about your product or service quality and if your product is new, free trials are a perfect option to choose. There are several benefits of offering free trials to the customers. Offering free stuff is always a good gesture and it is also an indicator that your product is successful. Many of the peoples use free trails to get some free stuff and it creates a routine in their minds and they finally make a decision to pay for your product or service.

The free trails also offer a chance for customers to make a comparison between different products and services. The free trials also let customers get familiar with new products and technologies; most of peoples hesitate to pay for testing new things.

Do Offsite Marketing

Balancing the onsite and offsite marketing is essential for making your business successful. If you are an online company than the offsite market can be an effective tool to improve your internet presence. Offsite content marketing can boost your search engine ranking by maintaining SEO. The content marketing, social media marketing and building the links are also falling in the category of offsite marketing. Provide engaging content on social media to attract more customers.

 In content marketing, you have to publish the articles, infographics and other social media posts on a regular basis. Try not to make your content a sales pitch, make it look more natural and informative by using unbiased keywords, you can add a direct link to the company’s website in some articles. These marketing practices would not just important your SEO ranking on Google but also make your brand more reputable and visible to the customers.

Get Customers Feedback Through Survey

You can conduct an online survey to get feedback from the customers about your products and services. This survey of the customers would help the company to understand the interests and demands of the customers and how satisfied or dissatisfied are the customers from your services. The feedback of the customers on your products would help you to make better goals and strategies for the next time that are more compatible with your customers’ needs and interests.

The survey will help you to know about the complaints of your customers, so you can make adjustments in your products and services. A customer survey is an effectual tool to analysis the loyalty of the customer. When the customers mention the services or products they dislike and like, they disclose what makes them stay loyal to the company and buy their products. Knowing the causes of customer loyalty or the barriers to loyalty is a secret to an effective business.

Logically, a customer survey can also help to analysis the level of satisfaction of the customer. The customer satisfaction surveys are also said to be a chance for the customers to express their views about the products and services of the company, and they also share their side of the story (what they like or dislike about the product), spontaneously and without any interruption. Formerly the opinions analysis and submitted data by customers can be used by the company to divide the customers into segments, based on what should be the initiatives of the company to meet the needs and demands of the customers.

 You can also conduct an online survey for this purpose. An online survey is an effective tool to achieve vision into different segments of the customer, to allow the companies to modify their services or products based on the expectations and preferences of customers’ segments. Because a survey is an instrument to analyse the customer satisfaction that allows companies to get AN understanding of customers’ requirements and needs, their loyalty, and also get valuable feedback, may be positive or negative, its benefits are immensely employed in current business to allow companies to make customer-focused services and products, develop effective relations with clients, and by improving their business quality, make their brand more successful.

Community Charity

You might hear of the Facebook community charity. People love companies who are socially responsible.  You can say that social work is also a kind of marketing as it serves the same purpose as marketing and promotions of the company do. For example, Preferred Insurance Services is associating with the Pet Project Rescue in Minneapolis till the start of September, it is expecting to gather around $500 for this NGO. It is also committed by Preferred that they will donate $1 to Pet Project Rescue for each “like” on their official page on Facebook from time to time. In 3 weeks, Preferred the fan base doubles – and raised approximately $200 for Pet Project Rescue in the procedure. So, you must be a part of community charity on Facebook.

So, there is no doubt that taking part in charity create a positive impact on customers about your company. If you are involved in some sort of social work, it would be easier for the customers to trust your products and buy more often from your company. The charitable sponsorship is the most effective method to create a goodwill in your community, though getting some marketing experience. The donations are also helpful to make a positive image of your company in the market, particularly when you are sponsoring an event. You should ensure that the charity or event reflects mirrors the goals of your own company. For instance, if you are the company making the equipment for sporting, you can sponsor the sports tournaments or teams. It would have a good impression on your future and current clients that you are concern about your community and your business. taking part in the charity activities have a lot of benefits, it is obvious that you have to contribute something to your community.

The charitable donations are significant for the wellbeing and welfare of the community, and your clients will surely notice that you are socially responsible and making an effort to benefit society. The donations of your company can also help to improve parks or schools, providing safe places for children to play and learn. If you select to contribute to a nonprofit company that conducts medical research, you can help them to cure diseases. So, when it comes to donations and charity the opportunities are extremely helpful and endless.

Provide Instant Feedback

For online businesses, it is very important to give an instant response to the customers. The customers can contact you either to buy the product or they have some complaint and problem. To build trust in your clients, you must show then care by helping them in case of trouble, answering effectively and quickly to complaints, or providing a compassionate response. For better feedback, you can build the use of systematic loop feedback.

The feedback loop of the customer is a significant method to improve your clients’ support and experience and adjust your services and product based on the feedback of the clients. it is a kind of business strategy used by many companies to improve their customer’s experience, but here, it is advanced towards content marketing and SEO. You can loop the overall feedback of the audiences into the brand experience output that also includes user experience, responding to the right questions on the website (allowing for widens keyword opportunities and richer content experience). the user experience is the most substantial drawback to the web presence of the businesses, and Google growing continuously with its endless algorithmic apprises is having an impact on its website’s rankings scoring based on the score of user experience. The most effective way for businesses to measures their user experience is through getting direct feedback from the customers.

Mini-Video Testimonials

Mini video testimonials are very trending these days and many of the companies are also using this approach as an effective marketing and sales tool. You can collect mini-video testimonials from your audiences. for this purpose, you have to first identify your most influential and happiest customers, who are satisfied with your services and also loved what you are selling. Once you find some loyal and satisfied customers you can ask them to make a small video testimonial that can be used sensitively for your sales promotion activities. They can record a 15 -second Instagram video or 6-second Vine on your phone. Doing this can be fun for your customers and you. These mini-video testimonials can be used for consumer sales promotion and it can be displayed in-person while selling actively. You can collect mini-video testimonials from happy customers.

The mini-video testimonials are actually the video reviews of the company’s products and services. The small videos of the audiences are cool to see as compared with the typical reviews in comments sections.

Start a Members Club

For a sales marketing to have long-lasting worth to your business, conversion and loyal following are essential for high ROI. For some of the businesses, one of the great tactics for sales promotion is a “Members Club”. Let’s take an example of local craft brewers, who have turn out to be identical with American small business, innovation, creating community, and environmental activist. These brewers incline to have some committed fans who worth “first dibs” on a variability; the aptitude to give and preview involvement is significant to them they participate in preferred craft brews. A craft brewer would start an exclusive, preview club for the member-only, offering launches access, events, co-promotions, etc. to the members only.

In the membership club, you can add value to fans through SMS for local tastings, tasting notes and flash sales, by members. Try to make your club very unique by keeping it personal, new baby congratulations, anniversary deals, extend birthday specials, etc., and tailor SMS to individual lifestyles by creating segments of the members in the club. The loyal members in the club will become the ambassadors of your brand, intensifying your brand and message, and offering high value at very low cost to your company.

Turn to Training

There are many of the sales and marketing companies providing education and training, just to promote their brand and adding value for the clients. Some of the major national organizations are ceu.com, CPCU Society, NAPSLO, and AIMS Society offering the particular classes in property insurance. The local affiliates and associations are more useful and helpful.

Personalized Marketing

The customers now demand more personalized and relevant experience and content from the companies, whether it is offsite or onsite. In order to meet those needs, some of the marketers are also motivated to leverage personalization of email to improve the experiences of the customer’s experiences that would not just meet but exceed the expectations of the consumer and help them to stand apart from their competitors in the market. This is the major reason when requested to rank one competence that will be significant for sales and marketing in the future, around 33 per cent of the marketer’s response: “personalization.” Additionally, 74 per cent of marketers say personalization also increases the engagement of the customer, and they get an average 20% increase in sales with personalized promotions and marketing. So, it is effective to use emails or phone numbers of customers for personalized marketing.

The email campaigns personalization is a confirmed way to raise your click-through and open rates and can have a calculable influence on your business’s revenue and ROI. Some of the studies have also shown that the personalized subject lines emails are 26 per cent more expected to be opened as compared with the generic mails, and it is found by Rich Relevance that revenue is 5.7 times higher in personalized emails.

As a substitute of receiving a campaign with general messaging and offers, all of your customers, who have subscribed will get an email that is directly targeted at them, including name and offers promotions and discount of the products that are more relevant to their needs and demands.

Coupons & Referral Bonuses

Eventually, the customers love to bargain that is the reason why coupon marketing is doing very well for most of the business. Yet, using the coupons for a discount is a very simple approach, as far as the e-commerce business is a concern, there are many other ways you can use the coupons marketing. Convincing the customers to purchase your product for the first time is the hardest thing when it comes to operating an e-commerce store. Once customers buy something, you can build trust and strong relationships with them and make them your recurring customers. A mutual tactic numerous online stores use is to offer coupons with tempting discounts for new customers. To display the offer, you can even arrange an intent pop-up, so you can get the visitors through this virtual door.

The referral reward is a kind of prize you give to happy customer or advocates for referring their friends to the company’s store. You can offer something that is interesting to nudge someone to take some action. Your sharing rate can be affected by the referral incentives, the more incentives you are willing to offer your customers, they more sharing rate you will get, and the referral conversion rate in the company that is the percentage of referral link click, cause purchases). If you keep your referral offer a bit low, and your audiences may be indifferent, but if it is very high and it can rapidly get expensive. You have to invest a lot of time to find out the perfect referral incentive that you should offer your customers.

Ask for Review

As you know that the customers must see your reviews before buying anything from your company. The reviews are an effective tool to evaluate the quality of the services that the company is offering to the customers and what kind of complaints and problems, the customers having concerning the products of the company. It is important for you to have good reviews and rating on the internet, so the customers buy from you. 

 You can also ask your loyal and satisfied customers to post a positive review on the internet about your company to build a good reputation.

Text or Email Campaigns

The one-two punch of text and email marketing lets you send the message at the right time to almost every customer. It would be more beneficial if both channels provide two-way communication (because engaging is like a conversation.) For short and time-sensitive communications, you can send SMS to customers; that can include everything from last-minute sale alerts to appointment reminders. You can also send the email of more information and content to the inbox because most of the people check their emails at least once a day. You can craft text or email campaigns to stay in contact with customers.

Around 43 per cent of the consumers access the emails through a mobile device, the mixture of email marketing and SMS marketing could be what you require to change depends on the needs of your audience on mobile. The valuable and short SMS can be more often sent as compared with the emails, but many probably not want to SMS your customers more than once or twice in a week. Set the right expectations from the beginning. Sometimes the shorter emails are more likely to perform better for your customers. it is very hard for the people to get some time for reading long messages in the emails. So, no matter how attractive your subject line is, they may still not open the message because of the time they have to spend on reading the mail.

Retention and Rewards Marketing

It is shown in the study by Technology Advice that around 82.4% customers are more likely to buy from stores offering some loyalty program, demonstrating that the rewards marketing strategy may be what you require to stand out of the competition. You can also say that the rewards marketing model is retention. The rewards programs make it easier to create permanent contact with customers by giving them incentives to participate in many ways. This may be buying something, sharing something on social media, or posting a product review. By providing a reward such as free products, discounts, or limited access to new services and products customers are specified a reason to build a relationship with your brand more than their purchase for the first time. This ensures the added value that makes it more possible for them to build a long-lasting relationship with your brand.

This is particularly right when you join referrals in the rewards program. Customers are more likely to have trust in their peers as compared with the paid advertising that can also knowingly decrease the cost of marketing for business. you can also combine this with the data of your best customers and you can simply market to your target buyers who can keep the cycle of retention going!

Use Podcasts

One in every five Americans listen to podcasts every month, and this figure is continuously that is why it is important for you to put your voice on the podcast. There are many people listening to podcasts and they want to hear from you. You are the one who can lend your exclusive viewpoint to the present discussion. Get involved, participate actively in the chat, trial the status quo, share new understandings, and get familiarized with the new audience. There are a lot of people in your customers wants to use your content but they don’t have enough time to read your prolonged blog posts or even get in touch with you on social media platforms.

Rather than writing content for the blog post, you can make some podcast on the same topic that is interesting for your audiences. You can also turn your blog post into a podcast. There is no hard and fast rule to do the podcast, though there are some practices for podcasting you should witness. Try not to publish podcasts on an irregular timetable because people have made a time plan for podcasts and they should know that when you will upload it. for example, if you publish every Thursday, your audience is able to make some adjustment in time to listen to your podcast.

Guest Posts

When it comes to making sales and marketing strategy plan, the guest posting is a must-have because of its enormous advantages, for example, building your reliability; high ranking on Google; meeting dominant bloggers, and increasing your social media followers and website traffic. In accumulation, you can also improve your writing knowledge and skills in the related subject. There are many marketing blogs available on the internet and you can choose any of them that seems more relevant to your interest in guest posting.

Try to choose the blog that is most suitable for your skills and you can pitch your content ideas to the blogger for guest posting. For guest bloggers, making accurate content means making content that is attractive to customers and urges them to make a purchase. It is estimated from the study by LookBookHQ, “49% of marketers are learning to drive content to align with the buyer’s journey.” Yet, making an in-depth, valuable and keyword-optimized guest post requires a lot of time and not everyone is willing to do it. so, the guest post is one of the most effective strategies to increase sales in your business.

101 Beginner’s Guides

These kinds of blog titles are very investing for the users, who are new to some field. For example, if someone wants to learn web hosting, or install a window for the first time, these kinds of guidelines always helpful. There is always someone wants to learn a new thing and starting out in the biz; the guidelines to the beginner’s and 101 content to provide industry knowledge will always share around and get linked to. So, you can share informative 101 beginner’s guides with your customers.


This article provides a detailed discussion about different sales and marketing ideas that you can use to attract more customers to your business, build a brand image and increase your sales. You should know that when it comes to marketing and selling not everything works for your business. you have to accept some more unique and effective sales and marketing techniques to guarantee long-term business success. The marketing and sales goals should be well-matched with your company’s mission. There are numerous social media platforms available that you can use to satisfying your marketing needs. The discounts and coupons are used by the businesses to sell high volumes of product at low-rates. The companies so some reduction in the costs to stand strong in the competitive market. The donations and charities are very helpful to create a positive image of your company’s brand in the market, mainly while sponsoring an event.

 I hope the information I have shared in this article is helpful. If you have any query concerning the sales and marketing techniques you ask in the comments sections.

Do share this post in your circle, if you find it useful and informative.


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