SaaS Growth Hacks: Every Business Should Focus To Grow Rapidly

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Dreaming of turning your SaaS startup into a big business brand having millions of users might seem impossible to achieve until you spend a lot of money and wait for many years. By experimenting with the SaaS growth hacks, you will achieve your business goals within a short time period.

In this revolutionary world, technologies are getting advanced and providing innovative ways to earn a massive amount of profits. One such tool that companies can use to build a big business brand is SaaS. According to Finances Online, 63% of businesses choose SaaS because of the flexibility of changing marketing conditions and 58% due to business continuity. Moreover, 80% of businesses use at least one SaaS application.

In this article, you will learn the main aspects that you need to grow your business and valuable Saas growth hacks to acquire an active audience, turning them into your customers to expand your business more efficiently. 

Keys to Grow Your SaaS Business

1. Target audience

In order to get digital marketing hacks, you need to build a significant audience before getting any type of business from them. In this digital world, there are no generic ads more effective to convince your audience about the business. So, follow the saas growth hacks and identify your customers because there is no need to build a huge audience that is not interested in your business.

You need to figure out your customer’s challenges and create a tool that will help them massively in particular or different aspects of their business. Keep in mind, you should determine who you are going to help and how. It will help you to get your desired results and long-term benefits.

2. Average Revenue Per User

If you really want to grow your business then understand your customer’s value in order to earn a significant income. Once you have realized the true worth of your every customer you can set realistic revenue goals, better streamline your marketing efforts and implement useful ways to increase the overall revenue.

The average revenue per user is the easiest way to calculate how much a customer is worth to you? It will help you to understand the revenue amount of each user by dividing the total amount of revenue generated during any particular time period by the number of active users in that specific time period. Anyone can understand the average revenue per each user of your service generates for you with the help of ARPU.

3. Measure Churn Rate

When any existing user stops the business activities with you for any reason is known as customer churn. It impedes the growth, so organizations should have a defined method for measuring customer churn in a specified time period. Every business either small or big has a customer churn rate, so if they are able to understand the true facts, it will be easier to handle.

It is a tricky way to find a method for the calculation of churn rate, so you can easily fix this issue. Mostly, it is measured by the number of canceled subscriptions or inactive accounts.

SaaS Growth Hacks to Grow your Buisness

You have understood the value of identifying the target audience, the value of each customer, and measuring your churn rate, let’s move on to the saas growth hacks to boost SaaS company.

1. Content Marketing

Always create unique, well researched and useful content that will provide solutions to your users for solving their problems. Content will also help you to get higher ranks in the search engines and build the trust of your particular niche. In this digital world, content is not just a simple written text, it could be in the form of videos and infographics.

Discuss the problems that people can face without the presence of any product or service with proper features and details. You can also understand the most effective ways of content marketing. Don’t forget to give the food of thought and reasons to trust your business with their problems.

2. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a necessary part of any business to get organic traffic. Website optimization is the initial step towards the successful SEO of any business. In the case of Saas business, it will help those people who are actively looking for Saas products that you have offered. Organic traffic is potential traffic and attracts high-quality visitors who may turn into paying and beneficial customers. Optimize your website using the following techniques:

  • Research and specify a business-related keyword to rank for
  • Improve internal linking by adding links to other related posts
  • Improve the page speed and optimize the user experience

 3. Product/Service Trials

You have the world’s best product but you cannot earn money if the users/people don’t have an idea or know what you are offering. So, it is also an important point to gain competitive advantages by offering a win-win situation that is equally beneficial for both future customers and the company. It is necessary for people to test the features of the product and make the decision either it will work for them or not.

Provide free trials after signup, it will also help to build an email list of people who are interested in your product and maybe buy later. Keep in mind, your customers will have a flawless experience, so that they can buy your paid version. People like the trail because they try out the product without paying anything. Following are the advantages of offering free trial:

  • An organization can get a competitive edge against similar services/products
  • People will invest time into your brand to avail this wonderful opportunity
  • You can get critical feedback on your particular product

 4. Link Building (Off-page SEO)

Link build is a technique to earn a brand reputation and authority by the search engine to get high-quality referral traffic. The time you spend on off-page depends on your business marketing goals, Dr. Peter J. Meyers from Moz observed that most of the online business owners spend about 30% of their time on off-page and 70% on on-page factors.

In simple words, off-page SEO tells the search engine what others think about your business or website. If you have high-quality backlinks that are pointing to your website pages, search engines will assume that you have great content that will increase the value. Off-page SEO includes things like:

  • Social media marketing
  • Guest blogging
  • Bookmarking
  • Linked and unlinked brand mentions
  • Influencer marketing

5. Excellent Customer Support

Either pre or post-sales, customers need to be valued and appreciated by the organization. Hire industry experts to solve your customer problems, it will help you to run your business on a long-term basis.

Create and maintain a good relationship with your potential customers even after they have done business with you. The fully qualified and expert team will help you to get repeat customers and genuine referrals that will help you to grow SaaS company.

6. Attention to Detail

Don’t make those products that are already available in the market, try to Improve ideas to expand the reach. Give importance to your customers’ feedback it will help you to improve your product ideas. Usually, most of the software is not perfect in their initial releases, they need different updates, bug fixes and improvements to release a stable version. Saas growth hacks demand to release the stable versions of your products to get valued in the SaaS market.

Use innovative ideas and reduce the complexity of the sales because most of the people are not tech-savvy they need to use those products that are easy to manage. If you want to get a great reputation in the market then don’t stop the updates and make improvements to survive.   

7. Implement Referral Program

Most of the customers give more importance to product recommendations and convinced by friends. Implementing a referral program is one of the best saas growth hacks, it will help you to increase the number of signups. Either you can provide the amount to those who successfully referred their friends or provide free storage and other useful offers to attract the customers.

The referral program is not only beneficial for getting more signups but it also encourages the customers to be engaged and visit your website again and again. You can also use different affiliate marketing options.

8. Use PPC for Non-Promotional Content

Follow these actionable tactics and increase the ROI (Return On Investment) through PPC.

1. Promote Your Best Content with Facebook Ads

Use Facebook’s Audience Insights to segment your audience and promote your best performing content by boosting the post to different target specific audience groups. Following are the two type of audience to boost the post content:

“People who like your company Page and their friends”

“People you choose through targeting by different strategies”

Firstly, run PPC ads to build an audience for your particular content and then utilize “boost post” to reach further people interested in your content.

2. Write Powerful and Clickable Headlines

Use different tools to discover content ideas that are viral in your niche. Leverage these keywords to create catchy and relevant headlines for your ads. It will attract and engage the users who typically don’t involve click advertisements. Moreover, conduct A/B testing on different headlines and analyze which one produces the most clicks and conversions.

3. Think Mobile-First

As you know, billions of users are using mobile devices and nearly 60% of ad clicks across all platforms are made from phones and tablets.

Use catchy images, infographics, and visual content to increase your mobile conversion rate for any paid campaigns. Don’t forget to follow the rules for landing pages with the help of the following tips:

  • Write short and catchy headlines
  • Use concise paragraphs
  • Avoid pop-ups on mobile screens
  • Use a responsive image
  • Don’t forget to add a clear call-to-action

4. Craft Killer CTAs

The main purpose of any landing page is not fulfilled without the proper call-to-action on your landing pages, especially for paid promotion articles. People debate either a CTA should be placed above-the-fold or at the end of content but you need to be placed where you have relevant content. Mostly the CTAs are included at the end of landing pages to increase the conversion rate.

9. Leverage Business Networking Events/Workshops

Get in touch with national and local event organizers, marketing events, trade shows and breakfast meet and don’t be shy to talk about your business. Don’t forget to collect business cards or other contact information to keep your relationship strong. Analyze the different people that are suitable for mutually benefits to get your business on the next level.

10. Focus on Customer Storytelling

You can’t ignore the fact that our brains are hardwired for stories that’s why storytelling is one of the best saas growth hacks. Talking about your customers’ experiences and turning them into marketing assets is a more effective method to attract leads.

With the best case studies, prospects will trust your brand and help users to solve their biggest problems. Leveraged firsthand stories form your fans into blog posts, social media content, emails and live webinars to showcase the transformative nature of your products.

Saas Growth Hacks Conclusion

The demand for SaaS products is increasing day by day and it is necessary to use saas growth hacks for any SaaS organization to meet the needs of potential customers. Identifying your target audience, average revenue per user, and measuring churn rate will help you to grow your SaaS company more consistently. Link building and other saas growth hacks will increase your brand authority, reputation and potential organic traffic to increase your revenue.


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