Redirects Are Best Option to Be SEO Friendly

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Website URL redirecting is one of the most practised technique by bloggers and online businesses to be more SEO friendly. Being a part of an online business, I know that URLs redirecting helps the user in navigation from one site to another while searching for desired information. If you are an online business owner then it is something that you must consider because it will not just improve online user experience but also make your website more SEO friendly.  To make better use of the redirect, you must know about its SEO features that would help you to boost your website ranking at Google.

Many new businesses are actually not aware of the fact that redirecting website URLs actually help them optimize their website. The website redirects are also a long-term backup for all of your efforts that you are putting on your business by posting content on website every day.

There are many WordPress CMS plugins available that can be used to redirect the URL in the website. In this article, we will talk about how redirecting website URLs helps in SEO of the website and in long-term how it sustains the value added in business over the years. If you still not sure about the use of redirects for the optimization of your website at search engine then read this post carefully. This article provides detailed knowledge about the working of redirects.

There are two types of redirecting techniques used by most of the online businesses that are 301 redirects and 302 redirects, but not both of them are good for the SEO of your website. Many of the people ask questions about the functions of both redirect and which redirect is more suitable for their website SEO. Apparently, you might think that both redirects are the same and work similarly but as far as SEO is a concern the output of both redirects is completely different.  Here is a comparison between both redirects that would help you to choose the best for your website.

301 Redirects

You might have seen 301 redirects all around the internet, these redirects are most frequently used as they can drag a lot of users to your website. Although 301 redirect is quite boring and complex but believe me it is a great option when it comes to increasing your website traffic. While working with 301 redirects, you must consider the fact that it can be a bit risky sometimes, so you need to be very conscious while using this redirect. By gaining excellence in redirect practices and a little bit of safety consideration can do wonders for your online website SEO. When it comes to SEO in Google the duplicate content never works and 301 redirects are an effective tool as it eliminates the duplicate content.

If you are going to change your website URL or domain name now or even in the future then you should not ignore the 301 redirects because they will not break existing links and your previous efforts would not get wasted.

302 Redirects

Unlike 301 Redirect, this redirect is used for temporarily redirecting the user to the other page. This redirect is not very suitable when it comes to the SEO of the website. The business uses this URL when their website is not complete or under maintenance, so this redirect is not much recommended when it comes to improving the user’s experience and SEO. Let’s not be biased, because there are situations when it is preferable to use 302 redirects. The 302 redirects are easier to create as compare with the 301 redirects because 301 redirects need guidelines in .htaccess for Apache server. So, for temporary purposes, 302 redirects can be used. 

There is a common blunder that many of the website owners made when they mistakenly use 302 redirect instead of 301 redirects. It is very bad for your search engine ranking because of the logical error in your SEO tools. Google also understands that many of the webmasters make this mistake quite often so it sometimes treats 302 redirects as 301 redirects (only if it knows you do it mistakenly), but still you should not take chance on it.

To select the best redirect for your website, remember that all redirects are not equal. I personally not recommend you to use the 302 redirects because it can create a lot of complexities when your business grow older or change your domain name. In the past, webmasters have been using this redirect but now the things have changed and would definitely not work for you in the long run.

Multiple Domains Can Be Redirect to Single one

We know that the branding of the business is everything that can either make or break your business. The domain name is actually your brand name and it is directly linked with the commercial image of your business. It is true that people are going to judge your brand by seeing the domain name. Now many companies buy more than one domain suitable with their URL for their website to be on the safe side and defend their brand name from the competitors.

If you are one of those, who have bought more than one domain name for your business then don’t make your purchase go wasted. Instead, you can redirect these domains in your website. Even if they not well match with your current domain name or seems like some other brand, you can still redirect them to the website. Having multiple domains can be beneficial for your online brand image, you just need to know the ways to use your resources. So, what are you waiting for? Use all of your domain names now and make a strong SEO for your website.

Redirect previous domain to New domain

Do you have issues with your current domain? Do you think that your domain name is not compatible with your brand personality? If yes, then you are not alone because initially most of the business buy domain that is not desirable for them because they are a bit doubtful about their business and the cost is also very high for good domains. Once the business starts growing and the brand started getting exposure the need for the better and desirable domain name is the first choice for business owners.

Before changing the domain name, you must know that change in a domain name can make your brand image shady and doubtful, and what about the old stuff you posted on the internet about your company? You don’t worry because the solution to your problem is all there. You just need to use the redirects that automatically redirect your old domain to the new domain. In the fast-changing technology, the migration of the website is very complex tasks but you can start with redirects.

Redirects handle all URL related issues

The online companies often have to change their existing pages URL. Sometimes the companies do it for the sake of better URL structure for their online business. In doing so, the major issue occurs when the old URL now makes no sense and all of the stuff that companies have put on their websites over the years are of no use.

I know that it is a common problem and many of you can relate to this. The use of 301 redirects can solve this issue because it will redirect the old URL to the new one. When you apply 301 redirects to your URL, it actually replaces the old URL with the new one in the search engine index. So, in the backend, the things changed very smoothly that the user’s experience on your website improves and SEO is also not suffering.

The redirects are very effective at managing the URLs, you just need to have a good hand on it and know its functionality at Google Search Engine.  The 301 redirects also help in cleaning the dynamic URL on your website by changing them with the ones that are more SEO friendly.

If you are going to start a new business or making a website then make sure to use only one type of URL such as HTTP, FTP, info, News, etc. Having different types of URLs for your websites would put you in trouble because it will make your website difficult to maintain. Having the same type of URL not just make the maintenance easier but also improves your domain authority.

Do redirects have an impact on the website ranking?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions and the answers is Yes, they do. You are familiar with the PageRank, that is a special technique used by Google to rank pages by knowing about the quality and quantity of links. To understand Google ranking, you must know what the PageRank is. You should know that the PageRank has a major role in highest page ranking and Google also confirmed it in 2017. 

As far as PageRank is a concern, the 301 redirects are an effective tool because it allows you to add more quality links to your posts and redirects from them. This practice would improve your page ranking on Google and eventually your SEO enhanced. What else you need, when the 301 redirects are ranking your page higher, they give you page authority and drag more traffic to your website.

The best thing about the redirects is that they managed your URL and your domains very well that would help you to boost your ranking on Google. I hope all of your doubts about the redirects being SEO friendly are clear now. If you ignore the redirects now then I am warning you the things will soon mess up and it will be hard for you to control them.

How redirects actually function?

There are different methods are there that can be used for redirecting the links to the new page and the method you would choose is depends on the redirect protocols you are using. There are different types of redirecting protocols such as client-side, server-side and wildcards. The redirecting method for all of the protocols is different. Here is a brief overview of different protocol working for redirecting.

Server-Side Protocol

 In the case of server-side protocol, the overall process of redirection is handled on the server-side. The first request for the redirection is not loaded on the server-side, it just goes through the instructions and directs the user to the next page. It is one of the most common ways of redirection.

Client-Side Protocol

In this protocol, the redirection is not set on the server but it is encoded in the page. In this way, the request for the site in sent, loading for the resource starts and loading the direction is rerouted during this process.

Wildcards Protocol

The wildcard protocol allows the multiple pages redirection to one page. In the case of wildcard protocol, each subpage of the website will be redirected to a specific location. 

 All of the three protocol have quite different functions for the redirection of the links to new pages. You can use any of them depending on what you want to offer your customers and what are your plans about the SEO. 


Summing up the discussion, it can be said that the redirects are very effective tools because of many reasons such as they handle URL and domains, they rank up your pages, they add more traffic to your website and in the long run, they save you from many issues related to changing your URL, Domain, etc. There is no doubt that the redirects improve your Google ranking because of its SEO friendly nature. I hope, by reading this article, you are now clearer about redirection functionality and contribution to SEO.

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3 thoughts on

Redirects Are Best Option to Be SEO Friendly

  • Moss Clement

    Hi James,
    Even though I’m not a WordPress expert, I learned a few ropes here. And the fact that all redirects are not the same is new gives one a more reason to want to know more about the differences. Your post is well rounded and valuable. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hammad Mohsin

    Create SEO friendly redirects a few different kinds of redirects:301,302 and meta refresh. Each redirect has one mission: to tell site visitors and crawlers that the page they want has moved and directed them to a new location.

  • Donna Merrill

    Hi James,

    This is a very interesting idea.
    I understand the value of the 301 redirect, but would not want to do it unless I was using a plugin of some sort.
    I’d never trust my own limited WordPress skills.
    But you’ve given me good reason to look into having this done for UX and ranking.


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