Best Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2023

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In the developers’ community, it is the most frequently asked question “Which programming language to learn?”. There are many programming languages and the answer to “what coding language to learn?” is not very obvious. People will give you different opinions that can make you more confused. This article is all about learning new programming languages and the reason you should learn a specific programming language. The number of developers and programming communities are growing very quickly than ever before. There are many programming languages trending that are well-suited for different development categories such as mobile applications, web application, distributed system, game development, etc. 

Here, I am going to discuss the best computer language to learn in 2023 to get a job in future. I cannot give the right answer to your questions, only you can know the right answer.  So, why I am writing this? Well! Maybe I don’t know your right answer but I will put all the information together to assist you in finding the right answer for you. Selecting the most useful coding language to learn will be based on your career choices and where you find yourself standing in the next 10 years. You must know that what work you want to do, how you will do it, or how easy you want it to be. I hope so, this article would help you to get a better idea of what you should pursue, keeping in mind your interests and future industry scope.

Readout this article to better understand different programming languages and what are the potential pros and cons of using these languages.


As far as the scope of the programming languages is a concern, Python is on number one in this list. It is extensively acknowledged as the most useful programming language to learn. Python is easy-to-use, fast, and easy-to-deploy that is being broadly used to build scalable web apps. Instagram, YouTube, SurveyMonkey, Pinterest all of them are built-in Python. It offers outstanding library support and has a huge community of developer. Python is the fastest-growing language in the world.

The programming language offers a great basis for beginners. for the programming who want to get a better job, should absolutely learn Python as soon as possible! There are also a lot of startups using Python as main backend stack and so, this opens up an enormous chance for full-stack Python developers to grow their career and earn more money. 

Python is one of the most flexible programming languages as it can be used for data science, machine learning, web development, etc.

It is also common in finance, media, and electronics. Actually, Python very well controls businesses especially finance tech.

It is one of the most significant languages in machine learning and data analysis that makes the Python well situated for artificial intelligence. So, you can say that Python is very useful languages to work in the scientific field. Some of the pros and cons of Python are as follow:


  • Making and using objects and classes is easy because of OOP features
  • It focuses on readability of code
  • Perfect for creating prototypes and faster ideas testing
  • Offers support for a gathering of systems and platforms
  • Extensive support of the library
  • Has the aptitude to scale the multifaceted applications
  • It is open-source with the support of the community
  • It is very easy to use and learn 


  • It is slower because it is an interpreted programming language
  • Negotiating is not very good because of Global Interpreter Lock
  • Not a good choice for mobile computing
  • Its database access layer is undeveloped


Swift is a high-level programming language made by Apple. Inc. this programming language is created to support the apps on iOS. Apple makes an extra effort to make Swift easier to learn for programmers. Swift is primarily used to make iOS apps. As we know that the popularity of iOS-based devices is becoming popular. For instance, Apple iPhone has taken an important market share and is also a competition for Android phones. If you really want to make your career in mobile developer the Swift is the best programming language to learn. Apple is going to make Swift more friendly for new programmers.

 If you are not sure, whether you want to do mobile or web developer then you should better start with a language that is not just limited to mobile development. Some of the procs and cons of this language are as follow that you must consider before learning this language.


  • It is backed by Apple
  • You can easily add new features
  • It highly readable because of its English-like syntax
  • You can also assimilate Server-side Swift with any technology
  • It is fast as compared with other programming languages, for example, Python and Objective-C
  • Automatic memory management avoids leaks in memory
  • You can add functionalities to the product and bring more developers because of its stability
  • Motivate developers to write readable and clean code
  • Interoperable with Objective-C
  • Better code sharing and faster development process when used for backend and frontend development


  • It is unstable because as it is a relatively new arrival in the programming
  • Limited community resources and support
  • Legacy projects have no support; can be used just for later apps or iOS7


In large organizations, Java is the most famous and widely used programming language. Java is extensively used for creating enterprise-scale web apps. It is also very stable and, many large businesses have accepted it. You should learn Java if you really want to get a development job in an organization. Java is primarily used for Android App Development. Nearly all businesses today require an Android app because there are millions of Android users out there. There is a huge chance for the Java developers as Google has made an outstanding Android development framework based on Java called Android Studio. Java is hard to learn as compared with other languages.

Be careful! It is more challenging to learn Java as compared with other programming languages mentioned in this article. If you want to learn Java first before any other programming language then you should know that this language is harder to learn than others.

Java is the most used programming languages for Android development. The TIOBE index ranks it the most widespread and famous programming languages. Here are some pros and cons of Java that you should know to make the right decision about learning a new language.


  • It offers a lot of open-source libraries
  • Automatic garbage collection and memory allocation
  • It follows the OOP model
  • Has a stack allocation system
  • JVM feature provides a high level of platform independence
  • Highly protected because of the explicit pointer’s elimination and security manager’s inclusion that is responsible for defining the classes access
  • It is the best choice for distributed computing
  • Offers a lot of APIs for different tasks accomplishment, for example, networking, database connection, XML parsing, and utilities.
  • Provides support for multithreading


  • There are no templates that limit high-quality data structures creation
  • Memory management is quite expensive here
  • Slower than programming languages compiled natively, such as C++and C

C Language

C language is primarily used for system software programming and is the Operating Systems’ lingua franca. C has impacted all programming languages, particularly C++and Objective-C. So, if you have a good understanding of C, it will perhaps be easier for you to choose other famous programming languages. Since the code of the C is more complex to do simple tasks, it is a tough language to start with and you may need to put some extra efforts on it. But C language understanding will absolutely help you as a programmer in future. C is an excellent option to become a brilliant developer and a master coder.

As we know that C is one of the widely used programming languages. As it is stated by a renewed programmer Joel Spolsky, “C is to programming as learning basic anatomy is to a medical doctor”. C is a “machine level” programming language that allows you to learn the ways program interrelates with the hardware and learn the programming fundamentals. Learning this language would allow you to have a good understanding of memory management, debugging programs, and the functions of the computer that you may not able to do in other higher-level programming languages such as Java. So, you can say that C is a very versatile language that keeps prepping you to efficiently code for other programming languages. You better call it a “grandfather” of other higher-level programming languages, such as C#, Java, and JavaScript. Some pros and cons of C and C++ languages are as follow:


  • It contains a lot of libraries and compilers to work with C++
  • C/C++ offers Faster programs’ execution as compared with other programming languages
  • C++ is a multi-device language that used in multi-platform app development
  • C is a procedure-oriented language with a collection of blocks and function modules. It makes testing, debugging, and maintenance of programs easier.
  • C++ has a rich function library
  • C/C++ runs closer to the hardware of the system and offers a low abstraction level
  • C++ supports function overloading and exception handling
  • C allow you to get easy access to hidden or blocked objects by other languages
  • C/C++ forms the base for understanding multifaceted languages
  • C also offers a huge degree of transportability
  • In C/C++ languages, programs are easier and efficient to understand
  • C++ has a wide application domains variety, for example, GUI applications, games, and mathematical simulations in real-time.


  • The syntax of the C/C++ is quite complex
  • C Doesn’t support namespace in the program
  • C is not capable of solving real-world, modern challenges of programming
  • The object-oriented system of C++ is not very efficient as compared with other OOP languages
  • C requires you to manually generate a high-level construct
  • C/C++ has no dynamic memory allocation or garbage collection
  • C offers no strict type checking
  • C/C++ offers no run-time checking
  • C/C++ are hard to learn and not a first-priority to learn to programme
  • C/C++ is overwhelmed by the memory corruption and buffer overflow issues
  • Standard library for C is smaller

C# Language

C# is developed by Microsoft and is a general-purpose programming language. It is generally used for backend programming, building Window phone apps, building games and a lot of other things. Some of the major pros and cons of this programming language are as follow:


  • It doesn’t permit pointer types that make it much secure than C++and C
  • Automatic updateable and scalable
  • It follows a syntax quite analogous to the C language
  • Perfect for all kinds of Windows development
  • Supports type security
  • Capability to work with shared codebases
  • Object-oriented language, component-oriented
  • Completely joined with.NET library
  • Rich sets of data types and library functions
  • Quick times of execution and compilation


  • It allows some pointers in ‘unsafe’ blocks
  • It is less flexible as compared with C++
  • Determining errors needs serious knowledge and expertise
  • Nearly every variable is a reference and deallocation of memory is understood using a garbage collector
  • Needs a lot of time and effort to learn


Ruby is a dynamic open-source programming language. Furthermore, it is more concern with productivity and simplicity. It is a high-level language, but it is not at all hard to learn the Ruby language as compared with other languages. Besides, you can build an application using lesser code with Ruby language. Here are some major pros and cons of the language. Ruby is the easiest languages for people with no programming experience.


  • It is comparatively easier to understand and learn the fundamentals of the framework
  • There are a lot of helpful libraries and “gems” created by the community that you can also use in your software. 
  • There is a massive Ruby developers’ community on GitHub. 
  • Ruby advantage is a web standard strong backing for application, from the UI to transfer of data. 


  • There are many defaults, set objects that can restrict you to be more creative.
  • This language keeps evolving continuously
  • The framework’s boot time is very long, particularly when you are working on a huge project

R programming language is commonly used languages for Machine Learning and Data Analysis. R offers built-in libraries and an outstanding framework to create Machine Learning algorithms. This programming language is used for graphics and general statistical computing. Many of the enterprises adopted this language. If you want to join the “Analytics” team in an organization then you should absolutely learn R programming language. This language is extensively used by data miners and statisticians for creating data analysis and statistical software. The major R application is written in, C, Fortran and R, and numerous other applications intended to improve their speed or growing extensibility. A related application is pqR (pretty quick R) made by Radford M. Neal with automatic multithreading support and better memory management. FastR and Renjin are Java applications of R programming language to be used in a Java Virtual Machine. 


  • It has the ability to run effortlessly on different operations systems
  • It is open-source and grants the capability to make tweaks according to the needs
  • Highly extensible
  • A dynamic, growing community
  • Complete statistical analysis language
  • Powerful package ecosystem


  • It lacks the security features
  • Poor management of memory
  • There are no strict programming rules
  • Some packages quality is subpar

PHP Language

PHP language is first made for creating personal web pages that’s why it first stands for Personal Home Page but later it is changed to Hypertext Preprocessor. It one of the most famous and widely used languages. It is also among the easiest programming language to learn. It is a server-side programming language that executes on a server. Furthermore, it is beneficial for making HTML web pages. The major reason why PHP is a widespread programming language is that it is free, cheap, and easier to use. So, if you are a beginner then PHP is the best option for you to start with. You can also use the PHP language to develop web applications. It is also a good choice if you want to create content management systems such as WordPress.

PHP is a popular backend programming language. However, PHP is getting a tough competition from JavaScript and Python, although there are many PHP developers are in the market but the demand for more developers is still very high. PHP programming is quite a good language to learn if you want to do banked programming. Here are some major pros and cons of PHP language.


  • PHP got a lot of powerful frameworks
  • It allows first-class debugging with Xdebug
  • You will get a lot of tools of automation for deploying and testing applications
  • It supports functional programming and object-oriented paradigms
  • If you want to create web pages than PHP is a good option to start with
  • It has a huge ecosystem and gigantic community support
  • There is no scarcity of tools for automation like testing and deployment


  • If you are developing complete websites in PHP, the process is slower than other options
  • Poor error management
  • It doesn’t offer good security
  • Needs extensions to a higher extent


JavaScript is broadly used for designing interactive frontend apps. It is primarily a “frontend” language. For example, if you click on a button that opens a popup, this logic is applied through JavaScript, it is mainly a client-side scripting language that is widely used for developing front-end applications. JavaScript is well-suited transversely for all browsers and is can create more interactive web applications, frequently by using the libraries, for example, front-end frameworks and jQuery like Ember.js, AngularJS, etc.

Nowadays, many organizations, mainly startups, are using NodeJS that is a JavaScript run-time setting. Node.js allows the developer to use JavaScript language for server-side scripting—executing server-side scripts to make content for dynamic websites before the page is directed to the web browser of the user. Henceforth now with JavaScript, a programming language can be used for client-side and server-side scripts. You must consider learning JavaScript language if you want to get a tech job in a company of your choice. 


  • Client-side JavaScript is faster as it runs directly in the web browser as there is no need for compilation
  • It is highly versatile
  • It reduced demand for website server because it is a client-side language
  • It offers numerous add-ons, for example, Greasemonkey, for functionality extending
  • You will get a lot of resources and support for the mammoth community
  • Remarkably works well with other languages
  • Offers a richer website interface
  • It is the web-based programming language
  • Time to time updates through the ECMA plan
  • Basic implementation
  • Used for creating a wide and diversified range of apps


  • It allows only single inheritance
  • Absence of equivalent or copy technique
  • Might be differently interpreted by all browsers
  • The code executes on the user machine, a lot of people disable JavaScript because of the fear of malicious action exploitation.


 In this article, we have catered some most frequently asked questions about learning programming languages such as which programming language to learn?, which programming language should I learn first?, best language to learn programming?, easiest coding language to learn first?, how many programming languages should I know?, should I learn Ruby or python? etc. this article is the answer to your question about learning any programming language. I have discussed in detail the features of different programming languages with some pros and cons, so you can have a better idea of what is the best choice for you.

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