Effective Tips to Write Powerful Product & Service Description: Features vs Benefits

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Having a great product or service description is the first step to getting more conversions. Most online business brands don’t pay much attention to their product descriptions, they just write the product information or copy the information from the manufacturer’s website. Incomplete and unclear descriptions have a direct impact on your profits.

In this article, you will learn how to write an effective description of products and services, useful tips, features, and benefits to convert your visitors into customers.

What is The Product Service Description and Why Is It Important?

It can be defined as a marketing copy that is used to convince visitors why they should buy after reading important information about product details, features, and benefits. For a better description, assume that you are a website visitor and write what you want to know. Make in-depth research on your competitors to understand where they lack and try to highlight what makes you unique.

About 90% of customers research a product before buying from an online shopping store. Every customer is interested in getting detailed information about the products. So I am going to share with you an overview so that you can write efficient descriptions.

Describe the importance:

Whenever you are going to buy any product, a question will arise in your mind how is this product beneficial for me? You will buy the product if you find your answer in the description.

Features and Benefits:

As you know, every product has its usages, features, and benefits. Try to explore the advantages that will increase the desire of your customers for a particular product.

Why Choose Us?

It is very important to show unique features to your visitors that differentiate you from the market. In this digital world which is full of competition, these are the answers that play a vital role in deciding on making a purchase.

Remember Your Target Audience

If you want to write any particular description, you must come up with proper research on the target audience. It is the most important factor to get a better ROI. Consider an example for better understanding: if you are selling Android mobiles or accessories, your targeted audience will be under the age of 50 having Android mobiles.

By figuring out the target audience, you can gather the related information and able to find out the unique wants or problems that they are facing. You can write an effective product or service description in a way that is related to your target audience.

Remember Your Target Audience

Focus on Your Headlines

It doesn’t matter that you are creating online shopping stores or different landing pages for your product marketing. The headline plays a vital role in attracting new customers because better headlines can attract customers and increase the number of sales.

Unique: Every good headline has the following qualities: Your headline must have at least a single feature that makes your services or products unique.

Good Sense: Those headlines are more attractive have a proper sense and deliver a clear concept about the product. Every professional wants to deliver a message about why the user needs this particular product.

Useful: Users will read the meaningful and useful headlines carefully. You need to put the information about your product that delivers the knowledge about what is in it for your customers.

Aggressive in nature: Sometimes you can sell a product that can change the lifestyle of any customer. So, come up with a heading that will be aggressive and competitive.

Most-Specific: Generic headings cannot attract the user, so always try to explain the product service description in the heading for the concept of actually what are you offering.

Focus on Your Headlines

By reading the headlines, users decide whether they need this product or not. So, always try to keep your headlines more attractive, explain the features, and be clear. Don’t write the technical features of the product, it may attract the person who has technical knowledge of things. For example, you state that your product is very fast, it is the feature; so try to use these types of words that our product can save valuable time.

Focus on Product Benefits

The important factor of the product services description is to deliver information about the benefits of the products that any buyer can get. A buyer wants to know about the product and how it can improve their lives if they make the purchase.

Most people get confused and cannot understand the difference between the features and benefits.

  • Features tell what they can do.
  • Benefits are used to relate the product features and how they can help the buyer.

For example, you are going to sell a storage device with the feature of 2GB of memory. Any buyer can store up to 2,000 mp3 songs, it is the benefit of using this storage device as the picture shows:

Focus on Product Benefits

It is not important what is the feature of the product. But it is most that how will the features benefit the buyers. So focus to the answer this question in your product service information which is known as description. If you want to understand the detailed difference between the features and benefits, continue your reading.

Top Copywriting Techniques

Effective copywriting needs to have a good knowledge of tested and well-planned techniques that copywriters use and produce a high-quality description of services. Expert writers can also learn related knowledge to improve their writing skills. I will discuss the top copywriting techniques that will help you to become a good copywriter.

AIDA Model:

Attention – Interest – Desire – Action Model

AIDA Model

It is the most famous model that is used by several marketers to write an exceptional quality of their services.

The most basic step in advertising or marketing is to understand how to attract users. You can perform this task by asking any question or describing through provocative imagery. It is also possible by placing advertisements in unexpected situations which is also known as guerrilla marketing.

The second step in this framework is to increase the interest of your reader. It is possible in many ways, you can enlist the benefits at a glance. It is generally the hardest task because if your product is not interesting then how can you create user interest?

After getting the interest of your customers, you need to increase the desire for your product by describing the results and outcomes that any user can achieve after using your product. In this step, you will covey the value of the product to your readers and why they need this particular service in their life.

After creating the desire for your product in the heart of your reader, now you need to give them purchase popups or any other specific operations that you like to take the reader. This advertisement should end with a proper call to action. Consider an example of Netflix, they convince the user to try their free trial with the help of persuasive text.

If you completed the product and service description sample, congratulations you have done your task with effective ways of the AIDA framework.

FAB Model:

Feature – Advantage – Benefit Model

FAB Model

This copywriting technique is used in special cases when you need to showcase the benefits of your product or service. It will help to create the desire for the product and be beneficial in grabbing the reader’s attention.

As you know feature is a distinctive attribute of something. Consider an example for easy to understand, we have a digital camera that has many features such as 30 megapixels, 18-145mm zoom lens, and many more. If your profession is photography, you have a good understanding of all these features. You need a proper explanation of the benefits for new users who do not know these features and are not interested in knowing them in detail.

It is a process of putting something in a superior position and helps to understand the users to get benefits from features. For our digital camera example, 30 megapixels means that you have a larger number of dots that will help you capture more images with quality. You can also enlarge your captured images without losing the quality. And zoom lens will help you to capture perfect shots from a distance, so this camera is more flexible with these advantages.

The benefit is what the features can do for users. For example, there are many benefits of 30 megapixels including sharper images, enlargement, meant, and better quality images. The benefits of 18-145 mm zoom are greater flexibility, making different shots, and taking family shots perfectly.

Feature Advantages Benefits
Automated setup Reliable reproducible results
Less training required
Everything is under control
UNIFI (Software) Calibration with Automated setup Stable results for all users
Smart MS Errors are easily identified and eliminated High operational availability

PAS Model

Problem – Agitation – Solve Model

PAS Model

It is also an effective copywriting framework which is mostly implemented on TV commercials, but it is equally effective in written description also.

In the first step, you will realize the problems that are disturbing the customers. For example, if you are selling a power bank, you will focus on the problem that the phone battery runs out within a shorter period or mostly in the middle of the day.

According to marketers, it is known as twisting the knife. You will make your reader uncomfortable by expanding the problem you described in the earlier step. For our power bank example, battery die means getting on the wrong way without maps and missing important calls and emails.

In the final stage, you will show the impact of your product on this situation that you have created. You will write that there is no need to worry about this problem, we have a good solution to your problem. Simply buy the power bank and give your phone’s battery a new life when it goes near to die.

SEO Friendly Descriptions with Proper Keywords

Search engines scan the complete paragraph and understand how much it is meaningful and valuable. If you want to rank in search engines then avoid injecting keywords more and more in the smaller length of words. More keywords can be considered spam, so follow these tips to maintain your ranking.

  • Avoid Stuffing of Keywords
  • Use LSI keywords
  • Use keywords in the title, sub-titles, and body content
  • Give images ALT tags, optimize, and provide a proper description
  • Write an informative paragraph then optimize it for SEO.

Following is the landing page example where the keyword “iPhone” is used in the title, and description which is highlighted.

Make Attractive Descriptions with Offers & Images

Sometimes, making attractive content can increase your product or service description. I am going to share two additional ways to improve your marketing strategy.

Attractive and high-quality images:
Images have a greater impact on increasing the ROI rate. Try to use high-quality images in the description and try to write content, it will be more engaging and attractive than simple text paragraphs.

Add offers and discounts:
Add a money-back guarantee, different discount offers, and free replacement or free delivery services. It is more suitable at the end of the description.

Enhanced Product & Service Descriptions Improve the Sales

To increase the number of sales follow these simple tips:

Write clear and concise way:
Always adopt a way of writing that is easy to understand for your particular audience. Deliver your service description in a way that resonates with your readers or customers.

Enhanced Product & Service Descriptions Improve the Sales

Try to build trust:
When you adopt simple writing that is easy to understand then your customers will realize that you are writing highly relevant. It will help build their trust.

Increase the conversion rate:
The main benefit of your high-quality product and service description is that you have a direct impact on the behavior of your audience and turn them into your customers.

Make sure your website has dedicated server hosting for the highest bandwidth and dedicated resources with a 100% update to deliver an exceptional quality response.

What are the Features?

Features are factual or technical statements that help users to understand the characteristics and qualities of any product. They are also used to generate sales if a marketer uses them correctly. Every effective marketer will understand the unique features first and then find out the targeted market audience from where there is more possibility of sales. Following are the examples of features:

  • TV’s resolution
  • Weight of a tennis racket
  • Fuel mileage

What are the Benefits?

It is the highlight that causes a user to buy a product or service and appeals to him on a deeper level than features. Benefits allow your target users to visualize and create a desire to make purchases. Following are the examples of the benefits:

  • Any social media app has the function to schedule posts (feature), so you can save your time and energy.
  • A pair of shoes with a good sole (feature), so you don’t need to buy new shoes as soon.
  • A water cooler that keeps your water cold for 8 hours (feature), so you can enjoy cold water whenever you need it within a specified time.

Effective Strategy for Features and Benefits

The desired results are achieved with little effort if you use the combination of both features and benefits. Following are the steps to make an effective strategy:

  1. Consider the supreme features
  2. Describe the working of selected features and what advantages they bring to end-users
  3. Explain the advantages, how they solve the problems of the users

Always try to use both features and benefits for an effective marketing strategy and read the Top 14 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020.

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Effective Tips to Write Powerful Product & Service Description: Features vs Benefits

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