How to Make Money with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing in 2023

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Pinterest is one of the popular social media platforms that has rolled out new ways to make money on the website and earn commission through Pinterest affiliate marketing. Users can turn their pins into shoppable pins where everyone can buy the products, and the user who posted this pin will earn a specified commission.

As an affiliate marketer, you are losing potential revenue if you have not started Pinterest affiliate marketing because many marketers think that Facebook and Twitter both are fine for them. Still, it is recommended to expand their audience base.

Why Choose Pinterest for Business?

There are many reasons why you should choose Pinterest as your preferred social media platform because your targeted audience is already interested in buying something. Following are the best reasons why Pinterest is a great choice for affiliate marketers:

Ultimate Visual Search Engine

Ultimate Visual Search Engine

You can consider Pinterest as a search engine for imhages. There are 320 million active users every month, and most of them (almost 70%) are women. If you view things closely, you will realize that all users have a median household income of $100,000 or more. According to the stats, people spend more time (around 14.2 minutes) on Pinterest than on Facebook (only 6.4 minutes).

Less Time-Intensive

Less Time-Intensive

If you publish a blog on your website for Pinterest affiliate marketing purposes, you have to write unique content, review it and then publish it on the website that takes much time. Furthermore, you need to perform in-depth keyword research and come up with great posts to get maximum results.

On the other hand, Pinterest is one of the best platforms that have less time-consuming affiliate link recommendation options through attractive pins.

Continuous Revenue Stream

Continuous Revenue Stream

You are putting your marketing efforts on Twitter and Facebook to promote your affiliate link, and you might be looking for a new income source to earn more affiliate commission. The best way is to join Pinterest for building a new income stream. You can build followers and easily increase your post engagement and definitely recommend your products or services.

How to Make Money with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

How to Make Money with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

Anyone willing to earn more income in an efficient manner can join Pinterest affiliate marketing to make extra money. First of all, you have to choose a specific niche and join an affiliate program to start a Pinterest affiliate marketing bid. If you have already joined an affiliate program, then there is no issue joining another one because it is up to you how many programs you can run simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at the given steps to launch an affiliate marketing campaign:

Create/Upload Affiliate Pins

Create/Upload Affiliate Pins

Click on the create button and navigate to the “Create Pin”.

Create Pin

Upload an image, add text, alt tags, title, and choose the board if you have created it already. Otherwise, open your Pinterest profile, click on the plus icon, and select board to create a new board.

Create & select the Right Boards

If you have created a board, select a board for your pin or visit your profile to create a new board. The process is simple, and you can click on the plus icons and choose the board; you will see the given popup.

Create & select the Right Boards

Enter the name of your board and click on the “Create” button.

Get Popular Keywords

Pinterest pays attention to the well written and right targeted content. So, if you do it right, you will get higher traffic and conversion rate. Use third-party tools and check keywords with high search volume by understanding keyword popularity. Remember, keywords and their popularity changes over time, so you have to choose them wisely.

Test Link to Different Buyer's Guide

Most affiliate marketers try to level up their skills and use buying guides to provide recommendations and the best advice to their audience. It is one of the best ways to add an affiliate link to a buyer’s guide and check if it generates traffic. Remember that you always have to add affiliate links and proper CTAs in your guides to convince a reader to buy your service or product.

Avoid Link Cloaking

Marketers hide their affiliate ID by shortening the URL using any third-party tool such as, but it is too shady for Pinterest. URL cloaking or shortening is considered a bad approach, and it is not allowed on Pinterest. Read advertising guidelines so that you can do better business without violating the policies.

Disclose Affiliate Links on Pinterest

According to the guidelines issued by Federal Trade Commission, you have to disclose that you are an affiliated person and promoting affiliate services or products. It is all about consumer protection, and they will also scrutinize your review in more detail because they know you are getting paid to promote this service or product. It is up to you that how can you disclose it, but most affiliates add different hashtags such as #affiliatelink or #sponsored.

Use High-quality or Paid Images

As you know, Pinterest is all about imagery, and great images cost money. So, don’t try to use free and cheap images because it will reduce your pins impression rate. Unique and high-quality images attract more people and force them to view or take action. In the beginning, you can go with FreePik, Pixabay and other high-quality images providers for free. Don’t go for free images when you are getting enough earning.

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