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11 Mar 2017

11 Ways You Didn’t Know Proxies Can be Useful

Most of the people hardly know about the use of proxy servers. You might think that proxy servers only used to gain access to restricted content online or to keep your WIFI network secure. In this article, I am going to discuss with you the uses of proxy servers that you might never know before. ..

17 Feb 2017

17 Things to Know About Visual Content Marketing

Words. Sentences. Short paragraphs and keywords. Is content really king? It’s an old debate, but now than ever, content is a huge determining factor in the success of your website. But content doesn’t just mean words. Visual content is just as – if not more so – important than the words on the page. In ..

26 Jan 2017

12 Things to Consider When Designing an App

More than half of internet users worldwide use mobile devices. That number is increasing. While apps may never completely replace websites, they aren’t going away. Even if you already have a great website, you may soon need an app. With the increasing use of mobile phones, the mobile apps are becoming a huge opportunity for ..

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15 Jan 2017

12 Online Business Basics to Reconsider in 2017

New Year, New You. But what about New Year, New Business? You don’t have to start a brand new business to feel like you’re making a fresh start in the New Year. You can reinvent your current business by simply examining and rethinking some of the most elemental aspects of what you do. You might ..

5 Dec 2016

13 Ways to Easily Update Your Website Content for 2017

2017 is a great time to rethink your branding and your content. It’s a fresh start to the year. A perfect time for a fresh approach

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21 Nov 2016

How to Make Money Flipping Domain Names

There are a few key elements of a website. Graphics. Content. Links. But do you know what about the most important element of all? Your domain name. Often, domains are a foregone conclusion when we start to talk about the value of a particular website and how to make it work for us. But, in ..

26 Oct 2016

11 Things You Must Know About Web Design in 2016

Don’t you want to start 2017 with new, shiny websites? If so, this is the sweet spot of 2016 – a time to learn from what’s come before us and prepare for what is to come

13 Oct 2016

12 Ways You Haven’t Tried to Find Leads Online

It’s one thing to round up interested parties. It’s a different thing to make those leads stick around and take action. Keep being creative as you collect your leads and then exercise that same creativity on how you make them sit up and take notice. And hopefully take action as well.

29 Sep 2016

Revamp an Old Website in 13 Steps

when you revamp an old site you’re not just launching a new site, you’re rebranding, reworking and refining what you already know works and turning it into something that should work even better

12 Sep 2016

12 Critical Things to Do Before Making Your Website Live

Making a new website is a very exciting thing. You have to work on different aspects of the website such as designing, creating content, adding functionalities, etc. Once you have completed your website, it’s time to launch it on the internet. Wait! are you really sure your site is perfect and everything will function properly ..