New Gutenberg WordPress Editor: Are You Ready?


The new WordPress 5.0 includes the much-anticipated Gutenberg editor that allows you to drag-and-drop items in the website builder. No more Tiny MCE text block editor. Gutenberg is involved in all New WordPress hosting installs since launching on November 27th, 2018.

WordPress New Look

The Gutenberg editor allows you to select blocks of text and move it anywhere you want. You can even use it to transfer images. The Gutenberg editor has a new rich multimedia look. Gutenberg also allows you to do so much more without knowing coding and HTML.

You can create custom designed pages with the blocks of text and images exactly where you want them. The ability to move the blocks around gives WordPress a more professional look. No longer do you have to choose a template and hope no one else has a site almost identical to you.

Cool New Features

With Gutenberg editor, you can create custom pages designed just the way you want them. With Gutenberg, you can quickly move and add text and images and without needing codes. No HTML to learn. You no longer will need so many plug-ins and yet more functionality to your site than before.

By moving the text around to suit yourself, Gutenberg editor who was named after Johannes Gutenberg who invented the first printing press with movable type more than five hundred years ago you can create a professional look.

WordPress Tiny MCE made sure you were in a spot to bed, and Gutenberg allows you to customize the adventure for a professional looking website.

Using Gutenberg Editor

After installing Gutenberg editor, you can watch a demo from the menu which will explain further how to use Gutenberg. Gutenberg editor gives you a much larger writing space especially on smaller screens such as your phone. You can still use HTML to add more features.

If you hover over a block of text, it will give you several options including how to move it up or down using the arrows. You can delete it entirely if you want.

Gutenberg also makes it very easy to add a paragraph right before publishing. The TinyMCE toolbar is no longer available. Instead, you will see a drop-down menu that allows you to insert text quickly.

Cool Additions

Inserting a table is quick and easy since you can now install them as entire units of text. Gone are the days on embedding HTML or a plugin to add a table to your work.

You can also add responsive column text blocks of up to four columns.

There is a new item called live HTML block. This allows you to preview the code you entered right from the block.

The new Gutenberg gives you the ability to add and drop images for the first time. This is great when writing a new page or a blog.

They offer a recent blocks feature that allows you to reinsert blocks from previous use quickly.

In Conclusion

The new Gutenberg editor allows you to do many new things to improve the look of your WordPress site. There are still a few bugs to work out, but they are working quickly to resolve any issues. If you want a beautiful interactive page, then you should love Gutenberg editor.

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12 Comments on “New Gutenberg WordPress Editor: Are You Ready?”

  1. Avatar Vicky says:

    Trust me, I hate this Gutenberg Editor, Previous one was way much better.

  2. Avatar Pamela says:

    Trust, I so want go back to the previous version, new one is annoying, hate it. I later installed classic wordpress editor, it’s the same.

  3. Gutenberg may be a featured one. Still, I couldn’t give up the old WordPress Editor and move on to Gutenberg. If such a big WordPress community has taken a step towards its progress, obviously it must be a favor to us. Let’s practice and transform gradually.

  4. The new editor is a little confusing at first, very similar to a weebly build. I prefer the old wordpress editor.

  5. Avatar Paul says:

    Looks like gutenburg is not user friendly, you can only edit the content but you cannot change the design of the content which is not really a big change, classic editor is much better for me

  6. Avatar Noman Sarwar says:

    It was annoying at the start but simply cool and full of new features. It makes editing comfortable than ever.

  7. Avatar Godswill says:

    Gutenberg may be a featured one. Still, I couldn’t give up the old WordPress Editor and move on to Gutenberg. If such a big WordPress community has taken a step towards its progress, obviously it must be a favor to us. Let’s practice and transform gradually.

  8. Avatar Terry says:

    Good grief! I’m a blogger and hardly have the time to fiddle around with a new editor. Ugh! How can I bring the classic back?

  9. Avatar Moss Clement says:

    Hi Stuart,

    The Gutenberg WordPress editor is fascinating, although I only started using it. In act, I’m still struggling with a little with the editor, but so far, I’m enjoying it. Your tips are a great headups.

  10. Avatar Mike Jones says:


    Like Moss Clement, I have just started using it. It’s slightly tough though. Still, I believe it would be quite exciting once mastered. By now, got a go here. Great tips.

  11. Staurt,

    Thanks for stopping by. I have started using Gutenberg. It’s quite interesting. I love editing and posting with Gutenberg. Still, a long way to go anyways.

  12. Avatar Sri says:

    This new Gutenberg feels like material design & fresh, At the beginning stage, I reverted to old WordPress to my website but after seeing many features I started using this Gutenberg and ever simple and easy navigation.

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