How to Measure the Domain Value? Why Is It Important?


A domain name is one of the most valuable assets for any business. The domain name value ranges from a few pennies to millions of dollars. Many factors determine the value of your domain and using them you can measure worth of your domain. Finding the perfect domain name is the dream of all businesses because in future it is going to represent their brand online. No doubt, finding the right domain for your website is something very hard because most of the valuable and right domains are already taken. 

You cannot guess the 100% value of the domain, because sometimes random domain worth millions of dollars if a company build its brand on it. In this article, I am going to share with you the ways you can measure the value of any domain. Measuring the domain name worth is very important to find the perfect domain for your website or for the reselling purpose of a domain. You can also use any domain name value tool to evaluate domain name worth. Some companies also buy domain names for sale and measuring the domain values is important for them to get maximum revenue out of them.  

Read this article till the end to find out the ways to measure your domains’ value and why it is important? 

What Is Domain Valuation?

Whether you want to know the worth of your current website’s domain or you are planning to do it for selling a domain, you have to perform a domain valuation to know the worth of any domain. This can be stated as the domains’ appraisal, but the principle is the same. You can use any method to estimate the value of domains’. 

Before measuring the value of your domain, make sure you know all the basics of a domain name. A domain name is the main part of the website’s URL that is also used by the visitors to access the website’s main page. For instance, the domain name of our website is

There are two primary components of a domain:

  • Top-Level Domain (TLD): TLD comes at the end of a domain that in our case is .com. There are a lot of TLDs available that you can use based on the type of your business, some of the major TLDs include .net, .com, .gov, .org, and .edu.
  • Second-Level Domain (SLD): SLD is known to be the main part of a website’s URL that mostly comprises the website name or the name of the business. For example, the SLD of our website is “temok”.

In order to add a domain to your website, you have to first register a domain with a vendor called a domain registrar. You can also get the domain from domain name web hosting companies. Temok is also offering one of the best domains to its clients through an easy interface to find, buy, and manage resources. This can be mainly valuable if you getting the domains and website hosting services from same service providers and keep the website’s administration under one roof.

Once you have found a domain and purchase it, now it’s time to link it to the website, you may give it a more attractive title. However, sometimes it is good to find out the value of your domain. The key motive behind doing this is when you want to sell a domain you don’t need anymore. For this, it is good to know about the value of domains ahead of time, so you can sell them at a fair price.

Factors of Domain Valuation

Following are some of the factor factors which have a huge impact on the overall value of a domain in the market. You should consider these factors to find a more valuable domain. 

Top-Level Domain. the TLD of the domain can be a major part of what makes it more desirable. For instance, .com is the most popular choice (as it is common and recognizable), so numerous buyers will settle towards it. Though, some newer substitutes can be trendy.

SEO and Traffic

 If you’re currently using a domain for your website, the traffic that website gets can be a major factor in measuring the worth of domain. The main reason is that if the domain has some existing audience, the buyer can control that traffic for their website immediately. If the domain has been in use for some time, this can help the new owner to manage and improve the SEO, which may make it even attractive. High traffic domains are more valuable and worth your money that means they have an existing audience that the owners can sell services or products to. The prices of such domains with existing traffic are higher as compared with the domain with no traffic. 

Sometimes, it is also seen that the traffic of your domain started to reduce after the sale that mostly happens because of the poor migration practice. So, it is very important to effectively do the domain migration to sustain the existing traffic. 


 The domain of your website is like a brand of your business and represent your product and services. While the brandability of domains can be very hard to describe, it is a significant thought many websites owners make while selecting domains. The most visited websites in the world have memorable, clear, and exclusive domains, such as,, and If your domain is attention-grabbing and catchy, it can make customers take some notice.

Length Matters 

It is a common principle that people are more likely to pay for shorter domains. The length of the domain is not the only thing going to value, if your short domain is not clear and relevant, it is not going to help you. Though, an odd brief domain such as is not valuable. Your domain should be clear and meaningful. A short domain is recommended because they are easier to share, memorable, and marketable. Effortlessness goes along with the domain’s length. Try to keep it straightforward and short, avoiding pointless misunderstanding that causes spelling mistakes and takes users to other websites.


In your domain, using the right keywords is also an important SEO aspect. It is conducted by Higher Visibility study that in a lot of industries, most of the websites comprise high-quality keywords. For instance, for search engine query “hotel” the top-rated website is If your domains contain keywords that are more likely to be searched by the audience, it would increase the value of your domain. In-demand keywords will increase the value of your domain. As far as the use of keyword is a concern, you should keep a balance because more keywords do not mean more money. Use of a lot of keyword in a domain can also make your domain look weird and long. 

You can also use the free Google tools to search the keywords more interest your audience. Google Trends is a famous tool to search keywords, as it gives you an estimation for the people’s interest in a particular keyword. 

Search Engine Rankings

In recent years, while the keywords’ value in domains has reduced, mainly on Google, research suggests that there can be a lot of benefits to having more search terms in site’s domain, as far as the search engine ranking is a concern. Factually this is surely having an effect on the domains’ value on the list such as, and


 It is very obvious and important to keep the spelling of your domain correct. Maybe, there are some people who swayed to use the domains looks unprofessional and sloppy. In some of the cases, using unexpected spelling can also benefit your website, as it might make your sites’ domain brandable. For example, and have taken incorrect spellings and used them to make lasting, memorable brands.


The more memorable is your website’s domain, the higher will be the price tag is going to be. In the digital world, the users’ online attention spans are very short and the website visits competition is high. In this situation, it is important for the website owner to make their domain memorable to the audience so they can easily type their domain in the URL. 

One of the good examples of a famous and memorable domain is It is short, simple, relevant and easy to remember domain. It is simply an easy to remember domain and you don’t have to write on a notebook to memorize it. So, you can see that the price tag for the is a lot higher than the, for sure. 

Measure Your Domain Value

There are many factors that combinedly makes a domain valuable. Following are some of the major elements that determine the value of the domains. 

Find the Worth of Similar Domains in Market

In order to determine the value of your domain, you have to start by checking the worth of similar domains in the market. To find the sales prices of a different domain, you can conduct small research in the targeted industry. You can also use the tools such as DN Journal that would help to find the sales price of different domains as they publish the highest reported domains’ sales lists on a regular basis. Here you can find the sales report for two-week, there are also all-time archives and annual data. To evaluate what people are likely to pay for a particular domain, you need to know what is the changes for similar domains. One thing you should keep in mind that the domain’s value can change intensely over time, so you perhaps can’t use what you primarily paid for the domain.

At this point, you have to do some research to find out what domain is being sold for and relate them with yours. Luckily, numerous websites collect data about sales of the domains and you can use any of them to get the report for the domains’ sales in the past few weeks or on an annual basis.

Domain Name Wire is another site that you can use to get the domain’s data. In case your domain name is short, ShortNames is a useful option for you. This website gathers data about recent sales but focusses on a short domain. So, it can be said that these kinds of websites are very handy resources that you can use to track what domains are high in demand and selling for the highest amounts. For instance, if you see the recent list of DN Journal, you can find numerous domains that match the standards mentioned earlier. Featured prominently in this list are short, clear, keyword-heavy, and memorable domains. If you find your domain is quite similar to these domains, you might be sitting on a possible treasure-trove. These roundups can help you catch trends in the domain.

Though, if you are willing to find data about domains’ sales that are directly analogous to yours, you have to make a little bit deeper research to have a better idea about the worth of your domain. 

Use an Appraisal Service

Another method you can use to measure the value of your domain is to use an appraisal service. You can use the authorized domain name appraisal services to get an idea about your website name price. Domain Index is the most dependable appraisal service online. Using this you cannot just find out your domain’s estimated price, but it assesses the appraisal accurateness, keyword usage, categorization, and numerous other valued details. A domain appraisal service is a website that allows you to discover data related to your domain, helping you to guess its value and compare it with other similar domains.

This service saves a lot of time and effort for you. It automatically makes a comparison between your domain with similar names and gathers data about the selling prices of these domains. It will help you to measure the value of your domain, depends on numerous factors. If you want to put an estimated price on the domain, this is the easiest way to get your answers.

There is a lot of appraisal website available online, one of the most well-known and widely used websites is EstiBot with around two million appraisals performed regularly. If you want to try this domain value appraisal tool, you just have to enter your domain on the homepage and click on Appraise. At this point, you would be presented with a report on your domain that you have just entered in the tool. All in all, it can be said that online appraisal service is one of the handiest and easy tools to find the worth of your domains. 

How Many People Can Pay for a Domain? 

The third method to find the value of your domain is to directly go to the potential customers of your domain and ask them what they can pay you for a specific domain. there is an online tool named Sedo that is an online domain marketplace use to negotiate the price of a domain with buyers or introduce domain auction to sell the domains to the highest paying buyer. Websites can make the profit using different ways, and you can also sell your website domain at good prices. The most website owner, not a thing that way, so, in this blog, I have shared with you some amazing tips to find out the value of a domain. 

This blog showed you the three methods to determine the value of your domain. Don’t hesitate to try these methods – you can really make your domain name a goldmine!

Researching for the domains and using estimation tools can be valuable. This gives you an understanding of the potential price that you can charge for your domain name. Though, it is the best way to directly approach your potential buyers for a final answer.

For example, a domain may contain all the good attributes of a perfect domain but still if it is not relevant to anyone no one is going to buy this domain. Sometimes the domain is very much similar to an existing brand, or it has an unfortunate meaning that makes it less desirable for the people.

If you want to do businesses for a domain, nothing is certain. A domain that shouldn’t be valuable might be something a website owner is searching for. This can make this domain more profitable than expected.

One of the best ways to find out these things is by putting up domains for sale. This may sound radical, particularly if you don’t really want to lose the domain, but it does not have to be jeopardy. Actually, numerous sites that allow you to sell and buy domains will let you set a standby price for them. If you have any experience of selling domain ever on eBay, this concept should be quite familiar.

Basically, a standby price for a domain name is a figure specify the minimum price you will receive. If your reserve price is exceeded or not matched by any offers, the auction ends without a deal happens. This also allows you to auction a domain and see what people are willing to pay, without the risk of domain selling for less than expected price.

The Flippa is also a well know website that you can use for online domain selling. It is an online domains’ marketplace.

First, you have to sign up for an account. Remember that it is free to get an account, but you have to pay website at least $9 for selling per listing. As such, you would do this if you have spent less money on valuation. If you think that the entry cost worth it, click on Sign Up on Flippa’s homepage make your account.

You will get a confirmation email for account activation. Click on the link attached and you’ll be asked if you are signing up as a seller or a buyer.

Increase Your Domain Value

There are multiple factors that have an impact on the domain’s values, for example, the domain extension (TLD),, .com, or .us. Similarly, values based on the length, the number of words it has, the characters if it has numbers or hyphens and other factors. If you already have some domains and you can still increase its value without registering or changing another domain. Here are some methods that you can use to increase the overall worth of your domains’ and make it more valuable for the customers.

Create A Domain’s Website 

One of the best ways to raise the value is by creating a domain’s website. The key reason that a website improves the domain’s value is that domains have sites built up search ranking and some other ranks. It is a good practice to buy a domain with some existing ranking, the new website is easier to be searched on Google and the website owner has to do less work to be found on the search engine result. Therefore, the website is a good way to increase the value of your domain.

In order to make a quick website without using your domain, you can also try a parking provider. There are a lot of sites where you can put up your domains for sale and offers some parking options. For instance, at Sedo, you can make money on clicks by your domains parking. There are many online companies offering parking services to the people who want to sell their domains online to the customers. 

Though domain’s parking allows you to monetize domain, it may not improve your domain’s value much like your custom website. If you build your website, it would a huge impact on your domains as Google knows parking pages and more prefers custom websites with unique content.

Creating your own website is easier than you think and with a lot of online CMSs and website building tools, you don’t need any technical stuff to build your custom site. If you have Webhosting, you can build a website using WordPress, Magento or another CMS of your choice. You can get your Webhosting from any trustable hosting providers in the market. 

If managing web hosting and installing a CMS is confusing you, you can go for online site building tools on the web to create a website, for example, Duda or Strikingly. You can use either of these services to make professional looking websites without any coding or designing skills required.

There are a few reminders that you should keep in mind while creating a website: on the website, have some good texts regarding the in-depth information topic, don’t use too much text. Include images and pictures of the topic. And make multiple pages connected to each other.

Make Use of Social Media

Build free social media accounts such as Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc, and put some domain name information here about your website and provide a link to a domain. These websites are scanned by Google spiders every minute and will discover your newly made profiles quickly. These usernames and profiles can be accessible with the domain, now increasing its value, but if you get some followers, the domain’s value will only increase further.

Next, you have to ensure that your social media accounts and website get shared more on connected socials. Social media is a powerful tool to access the massive audience and build a community to make your domains easily accessible to the audience.

Use Right Keywords

It is very important to use the right keywords on your domains to make it more disable for the customers. Keywords for your domains should be chosen to keep in mind the priorities of your target audience. It is better to use one or two keywords in one domain. Don’t use a lot of keywords as it would make your domain long. Using the right keywords on your domain is also very good for the SEO ranking of your website. Your website is more likely to rank higher with the domain contains a keyword enter by the user in the search engine. So, using the appropriate keywords is also a good way to improve the value of your domains. 

Get More Backlinks

Backlinks are other websites’ links to your website. Rather than using social media accounts to get more backlinks, you can also have backlinks from other sites. You can get backlinks by adding a link to your website on forums about a similar topic like your site, through blogs’ commenting or guest blog writing about the existing blogs’ topic, and you can also get backlinks by links exchanging with other sites. Links exchanging is also known as one of the oldest tricks to get maximum backlinks, a site put your link in exchange for a link you put on your website forum about their website. You can also use link directories to put your links such as DMOZ. Ensure to find the right group for posting the link, otherwise, the request for your link can be refused.

Do not purchase the website’s links that are offering free backlinking. This may work for you, but the increase in your domain’s value is less than the link’s costs. So, you should not spend a lot on your backlinking and try to keep things more organic. 

In A Nutshell!

This article discusses the methods that you can use to measure the value of your domain. Knowing the domains’ value would help you to buy the right domain for your website or purchasing some domains for reselling purpose. Many factors can make a domain more valuable such as length, keyword, brand-ability, memorable, etc. While searching for a domain it is very important to look for these attributes to make your domains more worthy. Along with the attributes that make a domain valuable, I have also discussed some ways that you can use to determine the value of your domains such as comparing them with other similar domains in the market, using the online appraisal tools or get an idea about what people are willing to pay for your domain. 

In the end, I have provided some amazing tips to increase your domains’ value. Creating your own custom website, using social media accounts, the right use of keywords and backlinking are the best ways to improve the worth of your domains. Using all the tools mentioned in this article would help you to get an idea about the value of your domain but you can still not be 100% sure about the worth of your domains and how much a customer will pay for this. I hope the information shared in this article helped you to find the value of your domain. If you still have any question regarding measuring domains’ value and how you can increase the worth of your domain, you can ask me in the comments section below. 

Do share this article in your social circles, if you find the information shared in it useful and helpful. 


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