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Despite what many may think, utilizing Facebook Pages for your brand or business is essential. Even if you are a hobbyist and talking about something as general as dog sitting, the ability to spread your word beyond the boundaries of your city, state, or country is there! Yes, Facebook can make it more difficult for our posts to be seen in the daily feed, but there are still many more pros than cons.

Let’s look at it a bit further in detail.

Create a Page

Creating a brand page is quite easy. Before you get started, I do recommend having all pertinent information regarding your brand at your fingertips.

  • About.
  • Add the link to your Website so your audience can easily click through.
  • Keep Contact Information up-to-date. Mailing address, email, phone number(s), and/or Skype username(s) are all essential ways to use for allowing potential clients/customers to contact you via your Facebook Page.
  • Don’t forget to list the hours you are available and/or your operational hours.
  • Be official and Verify your page! It’s fairly easy to accomplish. You can verify via phone where Facebook will call you and give you a 4-digit number to get started. Or, you can verify your page by uploaded documents.

Customize Your Facebook Page

First, don’t create a page and leave it hanging. You’ll want to customize your Facebook page according to your brand or business.

Start first by adding a cover image. Facebook pages can walk you through the exact measurements for the image or you can use Canva for even more ease. Next, add your profile image, whether it be your own picture if an entrepreneur, or your business logo if multiple owners and employees.

Publish Some Content

Speak to your audience!

Whether you’re promoting products or services, talk about them! Post some images along with content and even a link to your website. Be sure to tag other Facebook business pages to spread your own page further into the Facebook algorithm.

Don’t be shy with video and try a few live videos for your page. Videos tend to get more views on Facebook today than just plain text and links.

Today Facebook is building a music video app called Lasso that may soon be available. They hope to gain the younger back onto Facebook with this one.

Link to Your Social Media Accounts

Facebook can link your Facebook Page to your Twitter and Instagram account. This means, you can configure your page to automatically publish the content you post on your Facebook Page to your Twitter account.

You can also configure your Instagram account to auto publish the content from Instagram to your Facebook Page.

  • Facebook Page to Twitter – This is accomplished via your personal Facebook page settings. Look for Public Posts – Twitter, and Link it up!
  • Instagram to Facebook Page – This is very easy to set up but first off, I would make sure that your Instagram account is listed under Business and not Personal.

Save Yourself Some Time – Automate!

If you’re like most entrepreneurs or business owners, free time rarely happens. So how are you going to manage your Facebook page along with your other social media accounts?



There are many applications on the market today that can help save you time and let you tend to more pertinent business tasks. Tools like Agorapulse, Buffer, and Hootsuite and get you on your way to scheduling content periodically during the day.

Tip! It’s best to be consistent in publishing content on your Facebook Page but don’t overdo it. A few posts a day should help get your page and brand seen. The number one reason people tend to unlike a page is for posting too often.

Be Responsive and Interact

One of the things I see often is a Facebook Page where the audience is commenting on published contact and no interaction from the brand/business. This is imperative! As part of building your brand and attracting clientele, we must be approachable, friendly, and responsive to any questions or comments our potential customers may have.

Don’t lose a sale by not interacting! It’s not only rude, but being on social media, can hinder your reputation across social media as well across the globe.

It doesn’t take much time to have a team member or yourself share a little time mingling with your audience. Guaranteed, they will love you for it!

You can download the Facebook pages app for your mobile device to help you stay on top of comments, etc. There is less chance you will get confused too between your personal Facebook and your business Facebook page.

Other Useful Applications that Can Benefit You and Your Page

Try a YouTube video!

Video is rapidly increasing in the business industry. The ease of watching via reading makes it easier for those on-the-go to search out products and services they are seeking.

This may be a little advanced for the novice Facebook User to achieve, however, there are many easy tutorials on YouTube to help you add a YouTube tab to your Page.

Link up with Woobox!

Using this simple application via Facebook can help you not only display your products in a visually pleasing way, but it can also make the process of purchasing via your Facebook page that much easier!

Woobox has many benefits and is highly customizable. You can even use it to add your Twitter Feed to your page!

Online Shop Owners!

We all know many of the smaller entrepreneurs are selling products on apps like Etsy and Shopify. By using Facebook Shop, you can sell your Shopify products right on your Facebook Page! It’s very easy to use and set up. Check it out today!

Storefront Social is another pretty cool tool to help you link your ecommerce store to your Facebook Page. Facebook stores can gain more customers because there is already a database filled with consumers who are looking for what you have to sell!

There are a world of applications on the webeager to help you turn your Facebook Page into an engaging and profitable place to be!

Interaction for Your Facebook Page


Key to managing a Facebook Page? Interaction!If you’re really anxious to kick your page off with a bang, add Live Chat for Facebook and get chatting with your audience today! Don’t forget though. A professional appearance and atmosphere is a must if you want to build and maintain a good reputation. If your rep falters, so will your business.

So, check out the apps mentioned above to get your Facebook page off the ground and running for your business today.


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