15 Marketing Strategies that will Boost Your Holiday Sales

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Shoppers go crazy on their shopping sprees during the holiday season. Kids’ sugar levels are through the roof, pets eat decorative items, adults are sipping on hot chocolates, and as for us marketers, we can sprinkle the holiday sparkle on our customers and steep in large cups of sales. We will share some fail-proof tips to help you build the perfect holiday marketing strategies for your business. We will discuss general sales strategies, channel-specific strategies, both paid and free, and other tactics to attract customers and boost sales. 

A well-thought holiday marketing strategy can boost revenue by attracting new users while improving relationships with our current audience. It is essential to be prepared beforehand. We must take full advantage of the holidays and build effective strategies to sell more. 

Let’s get right into it. 

15+ Strategies to Boost Sales this Holiday Season

We will start with some basic guidelines and slowly move further. The purpose is to understand better rather than get overwhelmed with too much information. These strategies will help you stand out from the crowd and taste the pumpkins of success. Let’s get into it without any further ado. 

Prepare properly 

It would help if you started early. When you start sooner than July and September, you get plenty of time to develop a brilliant campaign. You get more time to modify and improve it. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep your product inventory sufficient enough to maintain the increasing demand. Stock up on popular items and new items on board, and get more gift items as per your niche. 
  • Figure out which channels will be most effective for your audience and what message you wish to convey. 
  • Determine how you will get your word out, whether it’s through social media posts, online ads, print ads, or in-store flyers. 
  • What do you need to offer, the advertising budget, where should you cut back, and what kind of discounts can you afford?

Choose your channels wisely

Choose your channel wisely

Ensure that you choose your channels wisely while promoting your holiday marketing campaigns. It will help you ensure the time, money, and efforts are all well spent. You also get to target your audience better and cater to their needs. You can choose channels like:

  • You can choose organic posts or paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 
  • Use Google ads, blog posts, GMB posts, etc. 
  • You can roll out emails, including holiday deals, early bird offers, regular newsletters, etc. 
  • Take advantage of local newspaper ads, in-store flyers or digital screens, radio, TV ads, etc. 

Create seasonal landing pages 

Many businesses lose a lot by not having a particular landing page, especially for holiday marketing. Not only are they a must, but they are also helpful in giving your landing pages a theme and flare. 

Make it clear that you are offering something unique. To get more conversions, include the following:

  • Essential details without stuffing a lot of text. 
  • Make your page scannable 
  • A compelling CTA strategically placed on the page 
  • Instruct your visitors on how to avail of the offers 
  • Use countdowns and other gamification elements to add excitement and a sense of urgency 
  • Keep your page responsive and interactive to give a better user experience. 

For example, creating discount coupons and codes on Black Friday is an effective way to boost sales.

Start early, end late

Start your holiday campaign before your competitors to get one step ahead of them. People go crazy shopping for the holidays and constantly look for discounts. Starting early will help you stand out and easily win your users. 

You can easily earn six-figure revenue before the holiday season starts. 

Be ready for increased demand 

Before you launch your campaigns, do a final check. Ensure that everything is ready and you can handle the boost in demand. Ensure that:

  • You have enough stock. 
  • Your staff is properly trained for it 
  • The website will manage the sudden spike in traffic. 

Build curiosity with time-sensitive sales 

You can run online pop-up sales to boost sales during the festive time. You can increase discounts, offer exclusive deals for a few hours, etc., and run these a couple of times a day. Some more tips are:

  • Use pop-ups, countdowns, alerts, etc., for your time-limited sales. 
  • Use different coupons for each sale to keep track of time slots. 
  • Promote the sale on your website, social media, and emails. 

Create guides that cater to your audience 

It is the time to find the best gift guides that can be used for a loved one, children, parents, friends, other relatives, etc., that people search on Google mostly. 

Create these guides that will help customers, attract more users, and boost SEO. Below are some gift guide tips:

  • Be specific; consider age, gender, preferences, personality, and more. 
  • Use keyword-identifying tools to identify popular gift guide queries. 
  • Include your products and services and explain why they will be the perfect gift. 
  • Use carousels to show your products in detail. 

Offer freebies 

Offer freebies

To make people love your brand, offer them something for free. Customers love free things, during the holiday season, people spend more so giving out a freebie can help you. 

It will be like fresh air, encouraging people to come again and boost your sales. Please do the math before offering freebies, stay one step ahead of your competition, and don’t let them steal your customers. 

Run referral discounts 

Run referral discounts

Motivate your audience to refer someone in exchange for a discount. It will help you grow your sales by reaching a similar audience without spending too much. More than anything, your customers will promote you. Customers are rewarded with referral incentives, such as free cash, major discounts, or a free month of subscription. It automatically establishes a sense of trust among potential customers. 

Get your hands on virtual reality 

The world has evolved, and so should you! It is showing unusual behavior online post the pandemic. So it’s a win-win for eCommerce brands; you can learn about virtual reality features and leverage them into your strategies. 

Give them virtual tours of your store, allow them to browse your products, and much more. Adopting this strategy as soon as possible can ensure long-term gains. 

Run Google ads 

Run Google Ads

You can make yourself more discoverable by running Google ads and winning new customers. Target your audience and develop ads according to their preferences. Bid on the queries people are searching for during the holidays, but at the same time, keep in mind that you need to cater to more logistical needs for the upcoming year. 

advertise on facebook

Use Facebook ads to boost your brand awareness and sales. They are affordable yet very effective. Use the tips below to run brilliant Facebook ads:

  • Use Conversions API to retaregt visitors 
  • Create promotional carousels, videos, and ad copies.
  • Run them a few days a week. Keep in mind that Facebook reviews your ads before rolling them out. 

Use Instagram 

Use instagram

Instagram can boost your sales during this festive season as the users on this platform are highly engaged. Stats show a ten times increase in the engagement rate during the holidays. 

Follow these tips to see success:

  • Convert to a business account to use analytics. Make the right decision, find influencers, and collaborate with them. 
  • Type creative captions, and share UGC to add a trust factor to their purchase journey. 
  • Do not forget to take full advantage of hashtags 
  • Post reels, IGTV, highlights, and stories to express brand personality through powerful visuals. 
  • Run Instagram ads with inspiring content and attractive offers, and target the right audience. 

Organic Twitter posts 

With 238 million daily active users worldwide, Twitter is a powerful platform. Twitter is great for finding new customers, connecting with them, and re-engaging with existing customers. Use visuals in your tweets, and remember to post UGC. 

Engage with your Twitter audience and give holiday marketing ideas and tips while promoting your product. 

Improve SEO for holiday traffic 

Improve SEO for holiday traffic

To boost your SEO, you will need to target product-oriented keywords. You need to focus on keywords like Cyber Monday, holiday sweets, Hanukkah decor, home cleaning tips, DIV, Christmas gift ideas, etc. 

Using the right keywords at the right places can effectively get you on the first page of a Google search. 

Summing it up!

The holiday season opens many doors for brands to capitalize on users’ inspiration, influence them with creativity, attract more users with uniqueness, and see conversion rates skyrocket. There are so many ideas to build a smart holiday marketing campaign, but regardless of the ones you choose, ensure that you are prepared to keep up with the increased demand. If you want to learn about advertising and marketing tips from industry experts, you can follow these instructions.

These strategies will help you take the proper steps at the right time, before, during, and after the holiday season. So, implement these and get desired results. 

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