Is LinkedIn Allows Freelancers to Promote Services For Free?

LinkedIn Allows Freelancers to Promote Their Services for Free
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Is LinkedIn Allows Freelancer to Promote their Services For Free?

The world’s largest professional network LinkedIn has introduced a service marketplace that helps individuals, business startups, or freelancers to get orders by promoting their services on LinkedIn for free. In 2021, the LinkedIn services marketplace became available with limitations, but it is now available for all to get started promoting their businesses. It was first launched in February 2021 to a small group for testing, and it has been expanded to more than two million freelancers.

This guide will show you how to get started with LinkedIn services Marketplace with a step-by-step guide and how it can lead to lucrative opportunities as a freelancer.

What is LinkedIn Services Marketplace?

You can say, LinkedIn Services marketplace is a search engine that is used to find experienced and qualified professionals to hire for short- or long-term projects.

Anyone, including freelancers, can list their services in this marketplace across 250 job categories and get the relevant audience and orders without paying anything. On the other hand, people find service providers by choosing the right category or searching it on the Service marketplace landing page.

Moreover, clients can also publish requests for proposal (RFPs) same as Fiverr or other freelancing platforms offers to encourage the service providers to bid on the job they are hiring for.

In short, the LinkedIn service marketplace is a professional tool used to connect clients with service providers or freelancers. All other things, including negotiation, invoices or other tasks, should be done off-platform.

Freelancers or individuals can’t review the client, but clients can review them so that they can make their final decision.

As you know, it is not a freelancing platform, so that’s why you can’t actively search for work, but you can only list down your services and wait for the clients to get discovered.

At the moment, you have an idea of what it is and how it works; here is how to use it to get started with it and found by the clients.

How to List your services in LinkedIn Marketplace for free?

Whether you are a freelancer, business startup or an individual service provider, you can list your services by following the simple step-by-step guide if you have a LinkedIn profile.

First of all, login to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Open To” button at the top of your profile or click on the “Get Started” link as shown in the screenshot given below:

Login to your linkedin Profile
Open to

When you click on the get a started button or “Providing services,” you will see a popup or navigate to the “How it works.”

How it works

Click on the continue button and add the services you are providing.

LinkedIn service marketplace: add services

Write down the about introduction content up to 500 words choose work location, turn on review visibility and allow clients request then click on the next button to proceed it further. You can add up to 10 services from a list of 16 main categories, and each one has multiple sub-categories to choose from:

  1. Accounting
  2. Coaching & Mentoring
  3. Consulting
  4. Design
  5. Events
  6. Finance
  7. Home Improvement
  8. Information Technology
  9. Insurance
  10. Law
  11. Marketing
  12. Operations
  13. Photography
  14. Real Estate
  15. Software Development
  16. Writing

Now, write attractive and descriptive content to tell the clients more about who you are or how you work etc. As you can see in the screenshot given above, you can choose whether you are available for remote work, in-person or both. After completing all these additions, you can now publish your services in a dedicated section to get started.

After adding your services, either share in a post or in a message to your LinkedIn connections so that you can get instant response.

LinkedIn services marketplace: share in a post

How to Find Freelancers or Services providers on LinkedIn Services Marketplace?

Clients who are looking to hire service providers or freelancers can conduct a search on the LinkedIn marketplace and start typing the service they need.

They can also choose from popular services as shown below:

LinkedIn services workplace categories

If you are not sure how it works, then watch the video on this landing page or see the simple steps given below:

How linkedin services marketplace place

Now, start typing your service that you are looking for, and LinkedIn will suggest the most relevant category as seen below:

Take your projects from to do to done

Click on your specified job category to find service providers who offer these services. These results will be displayed according to how closely you are connected with each freelancer or individual on LinkedIn.

When you find a freelancer then you are interested in, send him a message to get started with the hiring process.

How to Offer your Professional Services under your brand name?

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