12 Lead Magnet Ideas To Grow Your Business In 2023

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If you don’t integrate lead magnet ideas into your marketing strategy, there’s less incentive for customers to interact with your business. Marketing professionals use lead magnets to capture prospects’ contact information. Lead magnets are usually found at the top or bottom of landing pages or in pop-up windows. 

To get your website visitors to take action, you must give them something unique, relevant, valuable, and irresistible. Visitors are asked to provide their contact information in exchange for a free guide, whitepaper, etc.

If done correctly, it can generate a lot of email subscribers and quality leads for future campaigns and communication. In this article, we’ll cover 12 different lead magnet ideas. By the end of this post, you’ll be equipped with ideas about interesting ways to increase your conversions and quality leads.

Let’s begin.

What Is A Lead Magnet?

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In exchange for the prospect’s contact information, lead magnets provide resources that help businesses generate leads. A magnet can be the following: 

  • eBook, 
  • Tutorial
  • Template
  • Checklist
  • Infographic
  • Whitepaper
  • Marketing guide

Building a lead magnet should be the top priority in your business development strategy. There is a clear motive behind using lead magnets. Visitors are more likely to sign up for your mailing list if you offer something of great value for free. You can achieve a lot with a lead magnet, from promoting your company to increasing sales and conversions over time.

Having a lead magnet on your website can be very beneficial. Let’s find out why.

Why Do You Need A Lead Magnet?

The first thing we need to do is look at some statistics. 

Whether you’re operating a business or starting an eCommerce business, you need lead magnets – here’s why. 

The number of daily email users has reached nearly four billion, and the average return on business investment for email marketing is $42 for every $1 business spent. What would be the point of missing out on an opportunity that offers 4200% ROI?

How does a lead magnet help you? Their purpose is to help you obtain the email addresses of potential customers on your website. You can promote your brand, make announcements, send offers, and direct visitors to your site for future purchases. 

Visitors are more likely to leave their contact information when lead magnets offer enticing incentives to potential shoppers and blog readers. 

For instance, if you’re selling kids’ masks, you need to offer valuable content surrounding using face masks for kids. Like this eCommerce store, you can provide incentives to users for choosing your products. Further, you can offer free shipping to customers from specific countries (usually the ones you’re targeting most or the ones that offer the most ROI). 

Realizing that visitors won’t just join your mailing list without a good incentive, it is time to find effective inspiration for your marketing efforts.

But what makes a great lead magnet? Read on to learn more about this in the next section.

What Makes A Good Lead Magnet?

If you want your lead magnet to be irresistible, it should do these seven things.

Here are the qualities of attractive lead magnets:

  • Provides a solution to a real problem –  Lead magnets won’t work if they do not solve a real problem or give your customer what they want. 
  • Ensures one quick win – One quick win is what you can expect from your lead magnet (and your lead magnet should deliver it). As a result, they should be able to accomplish something easily.
  • Specific and detailed – Lead magnets should not be general. If you can personalize your lead magnet to a particular landing page, that’s even better. The clearer you are about the benefits of your lead magnet, the more likely it is to convert potential customers. 

For instance, scalable data-intensive applications can use personalized content to deliver the best conversions. As a lead magnet, this business can provide customers with the option to join their Beta version free of cost in exchange for honest reviews. This will bring in quality leads.

  • Easy to understand – Because they are quick and easily digestible, PDF checklists convert well. Your prospects may feel overwhelmed by eBooks or lengthy reports. While eBooks work for some audiences, it’s a safer bet to start with PDF checklists.
  • Their accessibility is instantaneous – You will get the best results from your lead magnet if it can be delivered immediately. 

Your website conversions will rise dramatically if you can achieve these qualities. Now, let’s look at quality lead magnet ideas that will help you improve conversions.

12 High-Converting Lead Magnet Ideas

You can maximize your conversions by using these 12 proven lead magnet ideas.

Access To Private Newsletter/Group

Accessing premium content and talking with like-minded people are great reasons to be a private community member. You can generate leads by creating a newsletter or group.

This practice allows you to capture leads and better understand your audience. Make sure to include your community’s benefits in your headline, such as “Join 60,000+ marketers” for more conversions.

For instance, you can start a private newsletter for sales enablement and build a community of genuine users who can take the most advantage of your newsletters. This will help you get more leads, and the users will receive quality content around sales enablement tools for them to use freely. Further, you can offer a free trial of the tool to increase quality leads.


The ultimate collection of articles about a particular topic is yet another lead generation magnet. If you’re targeting users looking for car brake repairs, you must provide guides to help them understand the importance of regular brake maintenance.  Further, in the brake repairing business, getting free estimates can be a hassle. Once you provide those, your leads will multiply.

You won’t simply compile your blog posts into guides. In place of that, you can curate the best posts and articles from the Internet, giving credit where credit is due. 

You can use the guide as a lead magnet for your website since it’s a valuable resource that users can access from anywhere and at any time.

For instance, if you’re looking for leads from people looking for bankruptcy alternatives, you must provide them with useful information. You can start by discussing the bankruptcy options and the conditions that are important to consider before filing for certain bankruptcy. Further, you can also recommend using professional services and how they might help.


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In the rapidly growing field of online education, also known as knowledge commerce, users always look for new topics to explore and learn about. You can use that as an opportunity to host mini-courses to attract leads.

In addition to videos, tutorials, guides, articles, audio recordings, homework, and quizzes, mini-courses can include videos, guides, homework, and quizzes. To keep subscribers informed about the course, you can send them weekly emails. 

You will capture your audience’s attention if you mention the advantages of the mini-course in your lead magnet overlay. 

For instance, if you want to educate users on how to sell an Amazon FBA business, a step-by-step mini-course can be the best lead magnet for you. You can walk your customers through the process involved in selling and evaluating the business.


In addition to managing projects, spreadsheets are also used to manage finances. Both businesses and customers benefit from their ease of organization and accountability. Many spreadsheet software packages are available, but not everyone prefers to build them from scratch.

You can provide a lead magnet to help your prospective customers. Design spreadsheets that will simplify managing your target audience’s tasks. Lead magnet popups should be able to be easily customized and show visitors spreadsheets.


There is nothing complicated about a calculator as a lead magnet. It does, however, require some coding skills and a working knowledge of math. For instance, using an exercise calculator can help gym lovers count their reps and keep track of their fitness. Create a solution-oriented workout calculator for a variety of audiences to get the best results.

You can gather leads by providing an email address that will allow users to download the exercise calculator. Your content copy should convey the value of your calculator in an informative manner, keeping in mind that visitors might not be aware of its advantages.

Moreover, if you’re looking to educate your visitors about the best dividend options, you can secure more leads. Provide information about different dividends based on the stocks available. Further, you can also choose to educate visitors about dividends and how they work by using free guides as a lead magnet.


Planners can be handy for keeping organized and managing their day or week. A blank planner can be an effective lead magnet if it’s well designed with proper columns for users to fill out. Blank planners are an excellent option, but they aren’t suitable for every website.

A better way to maximize your impact is to design industry-specific planners if you know your audience well. Users should be able to fill these out easily either on their computers or physically using a printable copy or digital PDF copy.


Marketers use infographics in blog posts, landing pages, and email campaigns to capture visitors’ attention. You can’t share the whole infographic on a landing page since infographics are long visual representations. Therefore, you may consider making the complete infographic into a free lead magnet.

Your first step should be to create original infographics because visitors are always interested in learning more when they see new content and statistics. To gauge the value of the complete infographic, show a small screenshot from the long infographic in the lead magnet popup.

For infographics, you want to target users looking for graphical illustrations of complex topics in your niche. For instance, getting designs developed with quality and speed sounds like an impossible feat to achieve. Through your infographics, you can inform users how they can get good designs in a limited time and without burning a hole in their pockets. 


A user can listen to audio recordings while doing other stuff, which is even better than video recordings. In exchange for visitors’ email addresses, you can offer access to your podcast series if videos aren’t working.

Putting together an informative guide or detailed explanation of trending topics in your recordings can instantly capture visitors’ attention. Also, you will be able to reach a much larger audience with your podcasts in the future. Ensure the lead magnet popup mentions the speakers and topics you will cover.

Free Shipping

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Free shipping lead magnets are ideal for eCommerce businesses that want to convert visitors into leads and customers. By offering free shipping on the checkout page, you can push visitors down the sales funnel on your site.

A lead magnet like this is likely well received by customers who are already engaged with your products and services. It’s hard to beat free delivery for products, right? Your checkout page should be designed uniquely and have a crystal clear call to action that takes visitors straight to it once their email addresses are entered.

Let’s take my favorite shoe brand, KURU Footwear as an example. For the customers of this footwear, offering free shipping can mean a lot. This can help customers realize that purchasing with your brand might be a good bargain.  Further, KURU Footwear offers free shoes to visitors which works as their high-converting lead magnet.

Limited-Time Discounts/Deals

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To encourage shoppers to purchase, you can display a discount or deal popup if they show interest in your products. You can capture visitors’ email addresses by providing them with a discount code, a gift card, or other incentives.

For instance, adding a countdown timer for affordable flight tickets to your offer can make it more compelling. With this approach, you can generate more leads and sales in a shorter time.

Spin To Win Game

Using a spin to win a lead magnet on your eCommerce site can be very effective. Gamifying the site experience increases visitors’ chances of participating in a game and winning discounts. You can provide free giveaways as a result of spin-to-win games. 

For instance, if you’re selling a resume matcher, include a one-time free service or an attractive discount to encourage customers into making a purchase. For the recruitment industry, resume matching can’t be underestimated. Many visitors can come to your website in hopes of getting a good deal. Gamify the process of enticing your potential leads. 

You can use a similar approach to develop unique design ideas and games to interact with visitors. If your visitors refer friends and family, you can give them more spins.

Free Demo/Free Trial

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Offering visitors a free trial for SaaS businesses is a proven lead magnet. This is best for visitors that are already considering the benefits and features of your software. The best way to determine whether the software suits their needs is to try it out for free for a few days. 

Therefore, you can offer free trials to clients or they can schedule a free demo with you to answer their questions. If you’re selling a product repricer, you should be willing to provide a free demo of the tool so that the customers can see how useful it is. You should also mention the advantages of your product repricer. This lead magnet works best for the eCommerce industry.

Checklist For An Attractive Lead Magnet

You must understand what your ideal customers want to build a successful business. A lead magnet should provide people with some helpful information – an “aha” moment or a learning experience. 

Lead magnets have a more significant impact on prospects when they have exceptional value. Such as offering affiliate programs to visitors at a discount.

Ensure your current lead magnet or any new ideas you have for one comply with this list.

  • Are you adding the most value possible? What if every subscriber got a free car? That would guarantee a conversion rate of 99%. Every good offer is met with skepticism. Consider something a little less extravagant. 
  • Does it evoke any emotional responses? Then why are you giving it away for free? There’s nothing I want more than that! You want your visitors to have this reaction. It is essential to consider the emotional response.
  • Are you putting in the necessary effort? You cannot expect to take shortcuts, especially when building a quality lead magnet. You can brainstorm lead magnet ideas and choose the best one. Your efforts will reflect in the final result. 
  • What are your expectations? Do you stretch the truth or set false expectations? Breaking promises is the worst thing you can do to your customers.

Creating a lead magnet of the highest quality requires patience. While working on your killer lead magnet, you can start with something normal to gather some emails.

Wrapping Up

The examples in this blog are intended to inspire you to experiment with your lead magnets. You’ll also need a stellar lead nurturing campaign ready to reach new subscribers and a landing page or popup that stands out among the competition. 

If you can create a consistently high-quality experience for all potential leads, your business will grow in no time. When it comes to lead magnets, you should provide incentives so that you can achieve high conversion rates. Free shipping, guides, and templates are some examples of the best lead magnets to start with.
Check out our blog for more meaningful content surrounding the business landscape.

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