Is Ruby On Rails Dead Or Still Good Choice For Building Apps?

Is Ruby on Rails Dead Or Still Good Choice For Building Web Apps
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As the requirement of developers and businesses develop, so do technologies. Frameworks are an essential part of this technology. They help businesses to design different solutions. Just like technologies, frameworks also develop with time. There are various programming languages like Python, Java, and many others. We also have a detailed comparison of the performance, features, and functionality of PHP vs Ruby. Ruby is also a programming language. But the questions arise is ruby on rails dead? Is ruby still alive? What is the future of ruby on rails? Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a web application, and it is written in the Ruby Programming language. This framework makes programming web applications easy to design. Ruby on Rails is not like most other programmed web applications. It saves developers time and assumes about developer requirements what he wants. It means developers can write less code.

Now, it’s time to face the misconception that is ruby on rails dead? But ruby on rails is still alive. It makes developers more productive, indicating the best way to write code. RoR was released in 2004. It is not a young framework but is continuously developed to fulfill business requirements. RoR has two guiding principles:

  • Limits Repetition RoR limits the repetition of data, maintains the code, has fewer errors, and is more extensible (adapt changes). It follows the DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) rule of software development.
  • By default Convention As featured, RoR is an assumptive web application. If you prefer the configuration of files, it takes more time. So, there is, by default, convention. By default, the convention is better than the configuration. It saves your time.

Is ruby on rails dead? No, ruby on rails is not dead. It is still alive and a good choice for building web applications. Let’s have a detailed discussion on why people say ruby on rails dead?

Why do rumors that ruby on rails is dead?

Ruby on Rails was released in 2004. It was a very popular, unique, and high-demand language. It has a significant impact on the whole web developer community. It was one of the most popular and common frameworks in 2006. Over time, many technologies and I.T. solutions have developed.

Secondly, Twitter has moved to other technologies that have negatively impacted Rails’ reputation. We all know that RoR is not a new framework as the competition is very high. As time goes by, new technologies come, developers review, compare and give their views about new and advanced technologies. RoR is due to its slow performance portability issues, and it is not new technology. It is slightly slower than other languages, but it has significant traffic on heavy and oversized projects.

Junior developers say that ruby on rails is not accessible and flexible enough. But we cannot blame only the framework. It might be possible there may be scalability issues due to any disturbance in the database. Yes, it is not new technology, but we can’t say it is a disadvantage. Old and mature frameworks work very well. They are very reliable and stable. It is in the hands of developers whether they use it correctly or incorrectly. In every technology, programming needs advanced and new skills. This is why selecting the right team with seniors on board for the project is essential. 

Is RoR Dying Due To Newer And Fresher Frameworks?

Is Ruby on rails dead due to coming new and fresh frameworks? New technologies and frameworks may show that RoR is no longer present. But as you can see, many countries are taking an interest in and implementing RoR in their projects.

Is RoR Dying Due To Newer And Fresher Frameworks

Following statistics and surveys show that ruby on rails is still a very relevant framework and many developers continue to work with it. The trend statistics on show the increasing graph of Ruby on Rails running apps around the web.

Is RoR Dying Due To Newer And Fresher Frameworks

Top Companies Using Ruby on Rails as Main Technology

Many big and top companies use ruby on rails as their leading technology. They are not afraid of using too old technology “Ruby.” Their web applications are running well and manage many users and traffic. The most popular companies are GitHub, Zendesk, Netflix, Hulu, Airbnb, Fiverr, Goodreads, Shopify, SoundCloud, YellowPages, etc.

Top Companies Using Ruby on Rails , Is Ruby on Rails Dead

These top companies show us how universal technology is ruby on rails. We can implement it in any organization and any industry.

For What Ruby on Rails is used?

RoR is a powerful technology to build web applications. If you want to develop a prototype of an application, ruby on rails is the perfect framework. If the project does not have any complexities and will be built in the future, RoR gives a surety to do that. So, we recommend the Agile and M.V.P. approach because it is very economical to develop digital products. As you know, ruby on rails is universal technology and can be dedicated to any industry.

What is the future of Ruby on Rails?

People are afraid that is ruby on rails dead? RoR is far from being dead. It may not be the next big thing in 2022, but it is still stable and a good option for developing web applications because it is a very cost-effective solution. It offers ready-to-build components with written documentation.

Ruby on Rails is a flexible and scalable framework. With RoR, the quality of work in the project is essential in the development process. If you are not well aware of using the ruby on rails framework, it might cost you performance and app speed in the future. But if you use it carefully, it offers you stability, fast development, and maintenance in the project. It also permits you to focus on the business. Let’s look at the future of Ruby on Rails how it looks. The implementation of ruby is also very easy and simple, and you just have to transfer the file to the server to deploy your app.

Maintenance and Updates

Regular maintenance and updates are an essential part of any technology. Suppose any framework is accepting maintenance and updates. In that case, it shows a good sign that people are interested in your framework and want to ensure that it is growing with innovations and other updates. But if any framework, technology, programming language, hardware, or software stops accepting updates and maintenance, then you can say that it is dying or almost dead.

Is Ruby on Rails get updated regularly?

Ruby on Rails developers and team add essential features to ensure that it is kept up to date. If they didn’t keep it up to date and maintained, RoR would not run web applications well. But, make sure that ruby on rails is not dead because many people are still working to better and maintain this web development framework.

Community Support

RoR is an open-source (easily accessible to the public) framework. Open-source technologies depend on community support for many different things. If your community is engaged and active with your framework, it is a good t-sign that the framework or technology is still alive. There is not only a large community of developers of Ruby on Rails, but they are also growing very well. You can find many various Rails forums online in places such as Github, Reddit, and StackOverflow. This community is a valuable resource for checking problems, finding help for advanced tasks, and sharing data and different ideas. Technologies that have no community support or very little support are dying. Ruby on rails is not dead because its online community grows every year.

Why is Ruby on Rails still alive?

We have collected many reasons why ruby on rails is still alive and shows no signs of deadness.

It is perfect for e-Commerce websites.

Ruby on Rails is the perfect option for eCommerce websites. RoR allows developers to implement custom pricing algorithms, product photos and descriptions tools, and image resizing tools. Rails’ modular approach would be a great option to develop eCommerce websites because there are various pages, images, and products to manage. RoR makes it smooth to combine payment systems with eCommerce websites.

Agile Approach

Is Ruby on Rails Dead , Agile Development using Ruby on Rails to develop full-scale web applications

An agile approach using Ruby on Rails is the best approach to developing full-scale web applications.

The essential facts you’ll get from using Ruby as a core technology and Agile as a key methodology, kindly check the following list:

  • User gives quick feedback on a developed software project
  • Quick response to user’s feedback
  • Implementation of the desired changes
  • The budget is kept low while R.O.I. continue to increase
  • Better control over the development process regularly

Best For Content Management System

Ruby on Rails is a perfect choice for content management systems because it is simple to use and easily navigate and upload files, images, and content. A CMS built on rails makes editing, reviewing, storing, and publishing simple. If you think that is ruby on rails dead? It is not true because it significantly impacts search engine optimization. Web applications built on ruby on rails are search-friendly and improve your web app or website rankings and visibility. It guarantees you better traffic and improves R.O.I.

Quick Development and Easy Maintenance

Do you want to develop your website within a short time? RoR helps you to develop websites quickly. Ruby developers can easily modify and make necessary changes when required. It has a quick ability to generate new features and create new libraries. RoR remains among the top technologies for quick development and easy maintenance.

Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails

benefits of ruby on rail , Is Ruby on Rails Dead

We have discussed how RoR is a perfect choice for building web applications and how it can benefit business? Ruby on Rails has many advantages that can uplift your business. As we already discussed, RoR has rapid development and is easy to maintain. It saves your time with rapid development. Its logical and simple codebase increases the projects’ development speed, helping developers write less code and more on other tasks. It is also cost-effective.

Also, it is flexible. Due to its flexibility, you can make modifications according to your business demands. It helps developers to solve problems in various ways. Community support saves both your time and money. The ruby code is easy to read, and the documentation is well-written.

RoR also has efficient scalability, making sure all business requirements are fulfilled. It also protects your business information. If you want to secure your business information, RoR makes sure the stability of your business. Ruby On Rails is fully Optimized for those who start a new business. Due to Ruby on Rail’s cost-effectiveness, flexibility, speed, and other factors.


Although Ruby on Rails is an old framework, it is still suitable for developing web applications. It is a fast and powerful technology. In this article, we have cleared all ruby on rails dead? What is the future of ruby on rails? Rumors about RoR are just rumors. There are different frameworks and programming languages, but we prefer Ruby on Rails due to its custom solutions, cost-effective solutions, faster development, and saving your time. You can build more complex and high-traffic applications quicker with RoR. It is beneficial for both small and large businesses. Regardless of the size of your business, Ruby on Rails is an excellent framework that should be used for development by any company. If you are looking for All Ruby On Rails Web Hosting, you can get the best deals & offers from Temok at very affordable prices.

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