Is PHP Dead or Still have a Future in Web Development?

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NO. PHP is not a dead language. We still don’t know what the future has for this language. We can see the most sustainable features in future updates. So time will tell. Now, you might have calculated whether you want to learn the PHP language or not. If you want to become a good back-end developer and want a command, there is nothing wrong with learning this language. Don’t believe things that people say about PHP on the internet. It is good to learn PHP to start your programming career. If you were doing an online search for PHP, you would come across numerous articles asking whether PHP is still relevant in 2022 or if is PHP dead.

History Of PHP

When people think about creating web applications, particularly developers, go tend to the latest and advanced frameworks, such as React and Angular, that allow designers and developers to create single-page applications that run across different platforms from desktop to mobile. Compared to these new and advanced technologies, PHP is a dinosaur, a relic made when the internet became mainstream back in 1994.

Usage of PHP Language

PHP’s popularity with developers has been slowly decreasing over the years in favor of advanced technologies, like Rust, Python, and JavaScript. In 2021, a recent StackOverflow survey was done in which Python was the most used language according to 70% of its applicants, while PHP was chosen by 25%—according to market reports from, showing that almost 78% of websites run on PHP. According to a rough estimate, 244 million websites run PHP today.

What Makes PHP so Popular?

What makes PHP so Popular?

1. PHP is Open Source

PHP is authorized as open-source software which means it is free to use and distribute. Anyone can download, develop, and create a website without paying to use PHP, which greatly enhances its accessibility to people. Many other popular frameworks, such as Laravel and Symfony, are also free to use.

2. Versatility

Another reason why PHP is so popular is its efficiency and versatility. PHP language can be used to create any website and solve any problem. PHP developers have developed thousands of PHP modules and plugins that provide specific functionality and features.

3. Support Databases

PHP supports most available databases today, including MySQL, Oracle, MariaDB, MongoDB, and the list continues. You can easily connect the database to your application by using PHP so you can focus on writing your code.

4. Simple & Easy to Learn

PHP is well-documented, simple, and easy to learn for developers. While the official PHP documentation is enormous and provides a complete reference of the language and its syntax, a quick web search shows thousands of books, blogs, tutorials, and online courses on every topic conceivable. Its information is easily available to the public, making it easier to learn PHP.

5. Develop Apps Quickly Using Frameworks

A PHP framework allows a developer to create web applications easier and faster by providing libraries that handle common tasks and functions, which means there is less code to write.

6. Build Anywhere, Run Everywhere

The beauty of PHP lies in running virtually anywhere. PHP applications can run on old or new systems, Linux, OSX, and Windows. You can now host your PHP websites and applications in Managed PHP Cloud Hosting.

7. Security

You may hear that PHP is insecure and can affect thousands of websites. As with any platform, developers must create their applications with a security-first mindset following different best practices, such as protecting against SQL injection or cross-site script attacks. PHP is no less secure than any other programming language. In fact, with the appearance of PHP and its usage all over the world, PHP is continuously evaluated for vulnerabilities, and fixes are easily developed. What is mentioned here is not specific to PHP but general to any web application or website.

8. Performance & Stability

PHP has been used for the last 25 years to support major websites, like Facebook and Wikipedia. For a long time, PHP has seen continuous improvement in its stability and performance, particularly in how it controls memory and how well it can scale to support numerous user requests.

Why Choose PHP Language for Web Development?

Is PHP Dead? Why Choose PHP language for Web Development?

There are many other programming languages that developers choose like ASP, JPS, Perl, CGI, and PHP for web development. Today, knowing the PHP scripting language is the most demanding skill for developers. PHP web development is cost-efficient. PHP language helps to decrease the time of web development. PHP programming language also helps in web hosting. Highly performing PHP websites help businesses to retain their customers.


For the last two decades, PHP has been the leading web development technology used to develop millions of websites and applications worldwide, and it shows very few signs of slowing down in the market. We expect PHP will remain the leading technology thanks to its cost (Free!), availability of mature frameworks which boost development, and of course, the huge worldwide community that supports its ongoing development.

Is PHP dead? No, it proves that PHP is not a dead language using PHP statistics. You can also simplify PHP Hosting with fast performance. Temok is the best option for hosting PHP websites and applications for its clients. We cover all aspects of a complete and comprehensive PHP hosting experience.

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