Expert Tips To Increase Email Open Rates For Successful Marketing

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Email marketing campaigns are created to achieve a specific objective and it depends on the email open rate. If nobody opens your email then the business owners or marketing experts cannot generate new business from email marketing. The best way to measure the effectiveness of this marketing strategy is through the open rate. That is why we bring you this post with the recommendations that you should follow to increase email open rates for successful email marketing.

Several tools are available in the market that help to measure the percentage of the email open rate of your emails. One of them is Mailchimp, which generates an image in each email that is invisible to your users and indicates when the email has already been opened. This way you can get your statistics. Almost every email marketing tool has its way of showing the campaign stats. So, you need to make effective strategies for good results.

In the digital marketing world, the email open rate is one of the most valued metrics because it reflects that your customers are interested in the content sent via email. This makes the need to find the best way to increase these figures every day. I clarify that there is no magic formula, but by the following recommendations you can get your desired results:

Write an Attractive Subject

Write an Attractive Subject

The subject is the first thing users will see, so you need to get their attention to open it. Try to write something that stands out in the inbox, that it is inevitable to open it, and that causes a lot of curiosity.

Follow these expert tips to make a successful and efficient subject:

  • Offer the solution to a problem
  • Use creativity and originality
  • Customize based on geographic location
  • Use action verbs
  • Ask a question 

Submit Valuable Content

Submit Valuable Content

There will be no interest if you are just talking about your brand or promoting it. The idea is that you will provide valuable content that is useful for your customers.

When users see that each of the emails you send them helps to solve a problem or provides them with relevant information, they will always open them. To achieve this, it is important to previously segment your audience, so you will better know the type of content they want to consume.

Implement The STO (Send Time Optimization)

Implement The STO (Send Time Optimization)

Timing has a huge impact on whether or not your subscribers open your emails. So, every marketer is wondering about the best time for sending emails to achieve maximum results and successful email marketing campaigns.

Fortunately, there is STO (Send Time Optimization), a function included in some email and marketing automation platforms that allows you to send an email at the most effective time and day for each user. You can get help from the behavior of users in previous campaigns and modify your marketing strategies accordingly. If your email marketing platform already includes the STO function, you can do it without any problem.

According to Mailchimp, the best days are weekdays (except weekends) and the best time is 10 AM in the recipient’s time zone. The tool works as follows: When you have the data on a user’s behavior, the email will be sent according to the location, age, and occupation of the recipient at their ideal day and time. If you do not have the data yet, the email will be sent at the time and day programmed by default.

Apply Moment Marketing

Apply Moment Marketing

Moment marketing refers to content related to the context that users experience. In this type of message, events such as atmospheric conditions, natural events, political situations, and sanitary conditions, among others, are taken into account. The idea is to search for elements that are linked to the user for the moment.

The trick of this strategy is to send the email at the right time so that your customers have no alternative and open it. Currently, many companies apply this strategy, which undoubtedly helps to increase email open rates on a large scale. The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has led many brands to apply moment marketing, here you already have an example of its use.

Use an Optimal Sending Frequency

Use an Optimal Sending Frequency

Sending maximum emails can bring negative results for your brand, users can feel saturated with information. Few shipments can also be counterproductive, because they lose the habit, and that leads to rejection.

The idea is to find an exact number of emails sent; you can achieve that by being clear about your target audience. That is why you must know your audience very well, their tastes and consumption habits to offer them the content they need.

Evaluate The Results Constantly

Evaluate The Results Constantly

You must always verify the results of each of your email marketing campaigns. Constant testing is essential, it is the only way to know what is achieving a better email open rate or if it does not work. One way to do a test is with the A / B test method, which consists of sending an email A to a group of users and a B to others, then selecting the one that achieves the best result.

When testing your email marketing campaign, you must take into account all aspects of each email. Each of them has a specific function and together they are the ones that will guarantee success if one fails it will affect everyone. Here is a list of all the aspects that you should test regularly:

  • Affair
  • Pre-header
  • Sender’s name
  • Content extension
  • Images used
  • Ease of navigation
  • Calls for action
  • Product recommendation
  • Use of personalized content
  • Reaction to incentives
  • User response time
  • Shipping time

Email marketing campaigns are never static, on the contrary, they are very dynamic and changing. After reviewing all these recommendations to increase the email open rates of your email marketing campaign, we see that the issue is fundamental. Simply put, the email open rate is directly related to the attractiveness of your subject.

Final Words

In summary, the constant evaluation of the results achieved through your email marketing campaign will be what allows you to increase email open rates. We live in a world that is continually changing, in which no rule is strict, and those who know how to adapt better will be the ones who will achieve the best results. You need to understand the email hosting solutions to keep your sensitive data safe and protected with a massive storage space per mailbox. 

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Expert Tips To Increase Email Open Rates For Successful Marketing

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