How To Use Procreate: A Step by Step Guide to Procreate

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Procreate for iPad is a unique and reasonably priced digital art and animation tool. Still, if you’ve never used an application like Illustrator before, it may take some getting used to. While learning how to use Procreate from scratch may take some time, there are a few minor secrets and tips that you may not be aware of that can be pretty helpful.

In particular, for inexperienced artists, the world of digital art might appear daunting. Using Procreate is an excellent starting point for everyone who has always desired to experiment with digital art. This iPad sketching software makes it simple to paint and doodle on your iPad.

Procreate is a fantastic tool for novices, but getting started may be intimidating. We will go over everything you should know to get going with this amazing iPad drawing software in this lesson.

How To Use Procreate

Continue reading and exploring to learn the Procreate basics in our premium Procreate guide.

What is Procreate?

If you are a beginner in the digital art field, you must know about what Procreate is and the magic it can create to boost your digital experience. Let’s understand what Procreate is:

Procreate is an iPad and iPhone-only software highly regarded for its illustration, drawing, and painting capabilities. As a result, neither desktop PCs nor Android devices can utilize it. Although some significant variations exist between it and the well-known applications Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, they are most comparable.

Procreate has over 200 brushes for digital illustration, 3D model painting, and animation. There are several options to personalize your experience with the application, from customized gestures to Quick Actions menus. We will now discuss the major system requirements to know “How to use Procreate.”

Requirements For Using Procreate

To begin using Procreate, you need the following two items:

  1. iOS 15.4.1 or above on an iPad
  2. Apple Pencil
  3. Procreate App

iPad (iOS 15.4.1 or Above)

For those who wish to get more out of their tablet, the Apple iPad is the ideal gadget.

Among the most significant drawing tablets are the iPads, which are made by Apple Inc. and have a multi-touch screen that can browse the web, manage email, play music, and draw, employing Procreate. Since the initial iPad was introduced in 2010, several variants have been launched.

There are often two sizes available for iPads: regular and petite. They may also have varied networking choices and storage capabilities. While some iPads can use cellular data, others include screens with greater resolutions, known as Retina Displays. Additionally, a variety of color choices are offered.

Apple Pencil

You may use the Apple Pencil, a stylus with specific iPad models, to make writing and sketching more natural. Its pressure-sensitive tips enable more precise control.

For artists on the run, the Apple Pencil is a dependable and handy tool because it does not need batteries and charges rapidly. Everything seems seamless and natural thanks to its exact and intuitive design, which also shows you where your Apple Pencil will contact the screen.

For many tasks, such as taking notes in class or drawing out fresh ideas, the Apple Pencil is a terrific tool. It’s the perfect approach to organize your ideas digitally.

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Procreate App

The final requirement before using Procreate is, naturally, Procreate itself. The App Store is the only place to get the Procreate app. From this, you will come to know how to use Procreate professionally.

Here are three easy ways to download the Procreate software to your iPad:

  • Look for “Procreate” on the App Store.
  • To verify the purchase, click the “Get” button and enter your Apple ID password.
  • Procreate may be found on the home screen of your iPad when the download is finished.

Now, let’s understand the essential elements of Procreate before moving to the main topic of ‘How to Use Procreate.’

Essential Elements of Procreate to Understand

Here are the essential elements of the Procreate app:

Set Up Your Gallery

The gallery, where you can browse through your previously created canvases, is the first thing you’ll encounter when launching the Procreate app.

As you produce additional paintings, you can notice that the gallery gets a little too disorganized or that it becomes challenging to locate certain canvases. You may group your canvases to prevent this. To drag & drop the canvas, click and hold it.

Make a Fresh Canvas

Before using Procreate in any way, your canvas has to be set up. Press the + sign in the upper right menu bar to select a canvas size different from various predefined options.

If none of the options are appropriate, you may choose the “new canvas” option at the top of the menu. You will be prompted to select the DPI to determine the resolution and provide the height and width of the pixels. You can adjust more canvas parameters, such as the color profile and backdrop settings, as you get more comfortable using Procreate.

Select a Brush

The next step is to learn how to draw on Procreate; your blank canvas is prepared and ready to paint. The first step is choosing your brush.

Clicking on the brush symbol in the upper right corner of the Procreate screen will bring up the brush library, where you may select from various textures, each intended for a particular use.

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Learn to Use Gestures

Another essential element in knowing “How to use Procreate” is to learn its gestures. The Procreate app has several gestures that you may utilize as shortcuts because it was created with touch in mind. The most beneficial Procreate movements are tapping to undo with two fingers and then to redo with three fingers:

Use Colors to Create Characters

One of the critical components of graphic design is color, which also helps to establish the mood of your work. Procreate provides tools to swiftly fill in your designs and an easy color-choosing process that makes it simple to create contrast and harmony with complimentary colors.

You’ll notice a circle and a big color wheel when you launch the color interface. The center disk determines the saturation, while the outside ring lets you pick the ideal color.

You may change from this traditional view to one that finds pre-filled palettes, recommends colors that go well together, and lets you enter hex and numeric values for exact color matching.

Acquire Proficiency With Layers

Procreate-created digital art is composed of several layered layers.

Since each layer is distinct, you may alter it without impacting the piece as a whole. To avoid damaging the entire canvas in the event of an error, you can, for instance, add a specific texture or feature in a new layer.

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How To Use Procreate: 6 Pro Tips!

How To Use Procreate 6 Pro Tips

You will learn how to utilize Procreate with the aid of our 6 best  Procreate tips. We’ll provide detailed instructions and visual aids to help you understand everything you need to know. A great drawing program for designers, artists, and craftspeople is Procreate. We’re confident that picking up Procreate skills will be a blast for you. Here we go:

The Gallery Page

The Gallery page is the first item you see when you launch Procreate. That’s where you create projects, save all of your projects, and manage your project organization.

An arrangement of items is referred to as a stack. I use this to organize several linked projects, such as a sequence of illustrations or a recurrent pattern created using several canvases. Stacks are a fantastic method to maintain cleanliness and organization in your gallery space. Clicking on the stack will reveal each project, allowing you to access all included projects.

To build a stack by combining many projects, select in the upper left corner, choose each project you wish to include, and finally select stack.

You may drag your projects to any desired location by tapping and holding the project you wish to relocate.

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Control Procreate Gestures

Learning how to use Procreate’s gestures is an excellent idea. Motions done with your fingers or Apple Pencil to initiate a task are known as gestures. For your convenience, we have prepared a visual manual that explains how to utilize gestures.

Handle The Interface

Let’s explore the application’s user interface. We wish to open the image of our choice first. If you’ve already made a canvas, choose your preferred picture by tapping Gallery and selecting Import.

You may use your freshly made canvas whenever you want by saving it to your Gallery files. Your design is stored each time you touch on the gallery. Be aware that there is no going back once you take this step.

Assistance Navigation Chart

You may download the 3D pack, recover purchases, get help, a handbook and directions, and more using the Help dialog guide.

The Panel for Adjustments

Here, you may apply a Gaussian blur or adjust the brightness, hue, and brightness. You may find these and other settings in the Adjustments Panel.

In Procreate, use the Changes panel to make picture adjustments.

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Settings For The Selection Tool

At the bottom of the display, the Selection Tool or “S” icon menu will appear. Use an elliptical or rectangular form with the automated option or freehand to create choices.

Using an Apple pencil, we sketched the selection surrounding the design after choosing the Ellipse. What is not picked outside the selection transforms into shifting diagonal lines.

Make choices in Procreate – How to Direct

Feel free to incorporate color, make changes, or create a drawing. That list will include your adjustments as well. To deselect, tap the “S” icon again. Before continuing, let’s quickly review the Color Panel in this instance. Moreover, it is the main step in knowing how to use Procreate professionally.

Utilize the Colors Panel

The circle mark in the upper right corner is the Colors panel. Use the set-up colors or upload your own free or paid color schemes.

To add color to the design, tap the color circle and select a color. The color will now appear in the circle as the active color.

Select Colors Using The Procreate guide’s Color Panel

The color circle may then be dragged and tapped onto your artwork.

To continue adding fill, if the color does not encompass the whole design, drag with your finger or Apple Pencil to the right.

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The Button for Transform

The Transform option, or arrow-shaped tool, comes next. With the handles on the sides and corners, select the design, move it about the canvas, spin it, resize it, maintain consistent modifications, and warp or distort it as necessary.

Brush Collection

You can discover your Procreate patterns and brushes in the Brush Library. When using Procreate brushes, you may create an ongoing design or “paint” flow by tapping and dragging your finger or Apple pencil over the canvas.

Tap the screen once to apply the Procreate stamps to your canvas. An imprinted image will be added on every tap. To maintain a neat and orderly library, be sure to arrange your brushes following installing them.

Add Color and Brushstrokes to The Artwork

View our helpful lesson on Procreate’s layer functionality. Additionally, you may create a clipping mask, alter a layer’s opacity, or even duplicate many layers into a new canvas. Adding color and brushstrokes is the main and important step in knowing how to use Procreate professionally in 2024.

The Eraser and Smudge Tools

The Eraser Tool resembles a standard eraser, whereas a hand symbol represents the Smudge Tool. The identical brushes and stamps under the Brush Library are available on both menus.

Keep tapping to switch between the tools quickly. To use the Smudge or Eraser tool, ensure that the Brush Library icon is chosen and then press and hold.

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Create Accurate Lines Using Quickshape

Using Quickshape in Procreate, you may quickly and effortlessly draw a straight line or a perfect circle. To create the ideal form, draw your design, smooth it out with one finger, and then place another finger on the screen.

Ability To Copy And Paste

In Procreate, you can copy and paste in a few different methods. What you hope to accomplish with your design will determine this. You may utilize the selection tool, copy your design to a new canvas, or replicate individual pieces.

After choosing our layer, we touched Actions > Add > Copy.

The menu will subsequently only let you Paste once you select copy.

After pasting, the copy will be immediately over the original but under its layer, and the Transform menu will appear. Now, you may reposition it, alter its color, and make other necessary edits.


Utilize Procreate’s plethora of capabilities to bring your creations to life. With this tutorial’s advice, you can begin making digital art immediately. You may then pick up more sophisticated tools and methods! That’s how to use Procreate for novices, then. We looked at the necessary tools, how to set up Procreate on your mobile device, and some pointers to help you become creative. Comment below if you have any queries related to our Procreate guide and get the best answer accordingly!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q#1 Is Procreate Good For Beginners?

Procreate has a learning curve, but it’s not a particularly difficult application to use. Artists used to work with complex software won’t have any issues, although initially, some novices could feel overpowered. Fortunately, there are a plethora of resources available to learn Procreate.

Q#2 How Do I Start Procreate For Beginners?

  • Start with basic form sketching.
  • Make your color scheme.
  • Try out some basic Procreate projects.
  • Try out several brush types.
  • Turn on the cursor to view your brush’s form as you draw.
  • To aid with proper proportions, use viewpoint grids.
  • Discover where items are located in the QuickMenu to save time.
  • Examine the effects of varying the opacity of brushes and layers on your artwork.
  • Make a time-lapse of your work to share your method with others and see how your item is made.

Q#3 Is Procreate Better Than Sketchbook?

Reviewers said Sketchbook was not as suitable for their business needs as Procreate. Reviewers concluded that Procreate offers better continuous product support than the other alternative. Our reviewers thought Procreate was better than Sketchbook for product upgrades and roadmaps.

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