How to Start Cloud Reseller Business

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There is no doubt that the cloud business sector is one of the most lucrative today and this explains why more entrants are showing interest in the cloud reseller business. There are several reasons that have been attributed to being responsible for this spike in interest and activity. One is that the steady developments in cloud computing on its own is fueling renewed demands for all kinds of cloud services.

Companies, firms and organizations increasingly find themselves needing these services. However, before you will take a plunge, it is better to get the right information on precisely how to start your own cloud reseller business and all that is involved. This piece will focus on the considerations that have to be in place whenever the time comes to set up a cloud reseller venture.

Without a doubt, there is a lot of opportunity in the cloud business, especially for those who are determined and know exactly what their goals are. There are some general tips every reseller should know. For example, in order to increase the revenue base, it is important that you also increase the volume of transactions being handled with your clients. Below are some other specific steps on how to start cloud reseller business.

Be Organized

As a cloud reseller, you need to be very organized and develop your own platform. This platform should have a number of features such as the automatic additions of new clients, management of existing data of clients, presentation of different plans and packages that customers can always choose from and even down to the calculation of the prices and margins for the business. Your platform should have the relevant backups, allow for remote uploads, easy but highly-secure access to data for clients and even allow the use of several computer systems at the same time. All these can only be successfully pulled off if the cloud reseller is highly organized and disciplined.

Get the Necessary Certifications

Practically anyone today can become a cloud reseller but it is only those who are properly certified that are regarded highly and taken seriously. Accredited resellers also gain from a host of other packages. For example, for those who are certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) resellers, they are offered generous price cuts, dedicated administrative support and even credits are given to them in some instances. But that is not all, certified AWS resellers are also able to have other AWS resellers under them, they are listed on the AWS Partner Solutions Finder Directory and can even make use of the AWS Channel Reseller brand. These are just some of the benefits that can accrue to resellers who ensure they have the much-needed certifications.

Provide Services with Real Value

That you are offering cloud services does not mean you are different from a conventional salesperson. It is still all business and the most important figure at the center of it all is the customer or client. As a result, you have to ensure that all the services you are rendering these clients are of maximal and real value to them all. You should strive to make each experience very memorable for the customers and they will keep coming. Set your business apart from the others by always giving a sterling performance to the customers.

Know When to Purchase and Sell

To succeed in the cloud reseller business, you really have to be very smart and observant. For instance, those who are resellers on the AWS platform can utilize countless servers on one virtual device. While carrying out these transactions, always know that you have to always give the most competitive of prices so you can increase the number of customers in your pool.

Build a very good relationship with the cloud vendors and the cloud services providers, follow all the market trends and know exactly when to buy what and when to sell what. Some resellers are so good that on each transaction, they manage to get a very fat discount and at the end of the day, they end up with a wider margin of profits. By the time you are able to substantially improve your client pool, then you can purchase when the prices are low and also sell at the same low margins.

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How to Start Cloud Reseller Business

  • Moss Clement

    Hi James,
    In all business nowadays, getting certified will help you scale your business beyond your imagination. Let me explain; I’m not a cloud reseller, but a blogger and freelance writer. However, do you know that I lost a lucrative freelance writing gig of $4,725 for one and half month of work because my business wasn’t insured? Yes, I did. Similarly, when your business is certified, it boosts your credibility and trust.

  • Hammad Mohsin

    Reseller program will each have their own expectations and rules expressed within the terms and conditions of the agreement. It may also be possible to create certain merchants on a case by case basis. As IBIS world notes above demand for web hosting service expanded significantly
    During the past half decade because so many firms have been building up their online visibility.

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