How To Find Domain Name Owner in 3 Effective Ways

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If you want to develop a website, you have to register the domain name. You are reserving the address (or URL) on the internet for some time. When you register a domain, you are added to the domain registration history. If you want to learn how to find a domain name owner, there are many online resources to help you out. In this article, we’ll tell you how to find the owner of a website, step by step.

Why Do You Want To Find Out Who Owns a Domain Name?

Finding out who owns a domain name can tell you valuable data about the domain name owner. Generally, the information includes an email address, name, and contact information, so that you can get in touch to buy the domain name. 

You can also know when your domain name was registered, how many owners the domain name has had, etc. If you find that many people have owned a unique domain name, it means there are many chances of the domain being used for spam. 

For example, If you are developing a WordPress website, the most important decision you make is selecting a perfect business name and matching domain. If you find a great and specific domain and you want to purchase it. But, it is already registered then you find out to see who is the owner of a domain and they agree to sell the domain name to you or not. 

There are many ways to find a domain name owner. In this article, we’ll tell you the 3 effective ways to find the owner of a website. 

Are The Website Owner And Domain Owner Same?

Mostly, the website owner and the domain owner are the same. But technically, this is not in every case. So, who is the owner of a domain? How to find domain name owner?

 There are many business examples you can look at. A business website is a part of the company. It can be owned by a partnership or corporation. Generally, domains are registered to one individual. 

When you register a domain, many contacts are listed for it. These are registrant, admin, technical, and billing. The registrant contact is called the legal owner of the domain. 

If you develop your website by outsourcing or hiring an agency to build it, might be possible they have registered the domain name. If the website is not registered under your contact information, you are not the website’s legal owner. Sometimes, domain registration services keep ownership of your domain. But, if they charge you for managing your domain such as updating your records, then it is a good sign that you don’t legally own your domain. 

If you find the domain name owner, it is easy to find the owner of a website and vice versa. 

How To Find Domain Name Owner

Before buying your website domain, you need to know who to contact about it. Following are different steps on how to find domain name owner. 

Visit The Website

Visit The Website

When you want to know how to find the owner of a website, your first step should be to start with the website and visit its domain. You will know whether someone is hosting a website with this domain or not. You can also find contact information for those who own a domain name or links to it on the landing page. 

If that domain is already registered but the website is not live yet, you can skip this step and move forward to the next step in the domain registration history. 

Check Your Domain Is Registered In The WHOIS Directory

Domain registrars collect the basic contact information when someone registers a domain name and information is submitted to the WHOIS directory so that there is a record of who runs each website online. How to find domain name owner? To find domain name owners, you can search domain registration history. 

Domain name registration and ownership are managed by ICANN. Write the domain name you are searching for and find all the data listed in the WHOIS directory. It needs the creation of WHOIS records that recognize domain name owners and provide their contact information and also includes domain registration and domain expiration date. It lets you know about the renewal of the domain. You may be able to renew your domain at cheaper rates.

To find the owner of a website using domain registration history, you’ll need to do a WHOIS search. 

If your domain is registered, you will find the contact information of the domain owner of a website. If you do not find any contact information like email or phone number, it means the domain has been registered privately.

Contact The Domain Registrar

Once you’ve drained all other choices, you can contact the domain registrar with which the domain name is registered. We have mentioned in the previous step that WHOIS provides all the information where the domain name is registered. While registering a domain name, if you enable privacy, no one can look up your personal information but the registrars do carry certain obligations if a domain has been used for illegal activities. 

Wrap Up

Finding a good domain name that hasn’t already been registered is challenging. But you are still able to buy the domain name you want. There are many domains registered at the same time and there are many other combinations that are not registered. With your authentic research and creativity, you can find alternative ways how to find domain name owner and alternative domains that are perfect for you. 

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