How To Find A Domain For Artists, Photographers and Performers?


Nowadays, running a successful business requires a solid online presence to target more customers from all over the world. It is mandatory to choose a creative website domain name for your online business to target a more specific audience. Choosing the right TLD (Top Level Domain) means getting more potential customers. Every traditional business is shifted on the internet or planning to make their internet presence because they know the real importance of their virtual outlet. But they can only earn an attractive amount of profits if they understand how to find a domain with a specific domain extension and invest in digital marketing.  

You are a photographer, artist, performer, or involved in any profession, you can register your business-specific TLD for better representation of your brand in any particular niche. In this article, you will learn all the basics of the top-level domain, benefits, and different TLDs for artists, photographers, performers, movie makers, and culinary artists. 

What is the Top-Level Domain Name? 

TLDs or domain suffixes are the mandatory part of domain names that come after the dot and better represent the site’s purpose, objective, or geographic region. For example, .gov for governments, .edu for educational websites, .org for organizations, and so on. Generally, the top-level domain is divided into two types: 

  • Generic top-level domains (gTLD) – All domains that are not associated with any country are known as gTLD and work under the ICANN’s policies. For example, .com, .org, .net and others. 
  • Country-code top-level domains (ccTLD) – All domain names associated with a country or geographical location are known as ccTLD and consist out of two letters like the US for the United States and NL for the Netherlands.

Moreover, different gTLDs are also available with three or more characters such as .photography to better describe your business. The management responsibility of all these TLDs is delegated to specific organizations by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which maintains the DNS root zone and operates the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). Creatives and proactive businessmen choose all kinds of TLDs with their brand name to represent themselves. Explore the complete URL elements in order to understand the concept of TLD, FQDN, sub-domain, Second level domain and Protocol.

What are The Advantages of Creative Domain Names And Extensions?

Creative and great domain address with the perfect top-level domain can increase your ROI. You will get a more targeted audience and potential clients. Cool website names can benefit your business by helping you to: 

  • Reach your target markets
  • Maintain brand reputation
  • Be memorable (Found easily by potential customers) 
  • Build a solid online presence
  • Set expectations and develop credibility 
  • Grow, expand and boost your SEO
  • Compete with other businesses 

The creative web names with proper TLD (extension) are more personal and direct than “.com”, “.net” or “.org” which makes their branding and marketing more effectively. Following are a few branding benefits of a great domain name: 

1. Indicates You are Forward-Thinking

Having a proper website with a good domain name shows that you are up to date and part of the digital revolution. How to find a domain that helps you to compete in the market and build a solid online presence is no more difficult. Only you need to do is: choose an easy to remember and great domain name with a unique domain extension. For example, if you are a dancer, having a .dance domain name will brand you right from the start of your online journey. 

2. Helps To Establish Business Identity 

As you know, a domain name is the first point of contact with people and it indicates something about your business to the website visitors. Once you have linked your domain name service with a brandable TLD, it will help you to establish your business identity. For example, you owned a co-working space and your domain name information is “” then it increases qualified internet traffic. 

3. Improves Search Engine Ranking and Fewer Errors

Domain registration details that are related to your organization or business will help you to get higher ranks in search engines. Easy to remember and shorter website address has fewer chances of misspelled, it means your visitors will be able to found your website without facing any error or landing on your competitors’ website. On average, the top 100,000 websites have nine characters in their domain name info or length. 

4. Proper Domains help with Contests and Promotions 

It is mandatory for every newly created website to run valuable promotions and contests in order to improve the lead generation and brand awareness. If your website URL is neither easy to remember nor properly pronounced, it will kill your all business excitement. For example, “” sounds cleaner and easy as compared to “”. So, it is highly recommended to use the .party domain extension because it also increases word-of-mouth marketing. 

Best Domain Extensions For Photographers and Filmmakers

Digital marketing of your business is no more complex and needs struggle if you choose the right top-level domain that immediately markets, brands and establishes your business. How to find a domain extension according to your business niche is very easy, just search for the extension you want and get more targeted visitors. In this article, I am going to discuss the TLDs related to artists, performers, filmmakers and photographers. 

If you are a photographer then you may need a web space or URL to show your portfolio and business cards to your fans. Potential customers and fans can easily take a look at your shots, style and reach out to collaborate with you for any contracts. It is the main reason why creative domain names help you to stand out from the crowd. 

Domain name suggestion with more specific and creative domain names for moviemakers and photographers could include:   

Best Domain Extensions For Performers

If you are an actor, director or performer, you can make a name of yourself both on stage and off with a great and profession related TLD. Most of the performers have experienced the domain name format “” but there is no magic in this. Choose any creative domain with an extension that speaks about you that you are neither a “.com” nor a “.org” but a “.band”.

If you are a performer then choose more suitable TLD from the following list: 

Best Domain Extensions For Artists and Designers 

Designers and artists earned a good fame form the social media platforms but these platforms can never take the place of your own personal website. You can easily display your portfolio is a very customized manner because you have the complete access to change your website layout and design as you want. In fact, the website is the showroom or virtual branch of your office and it is necessary to develop a good look that attracts the visitors. It is only possible if you register a creative domain name with a perfect top-level domain.

You may consider the following TLDs for your creative website:  

Best Domain Extensions For Culinary Artists

Most of the chefs are agreed with the statement “food is art”. You are a good creator in your kitchen and make great dishes then why not show off your style? Register a domain name with an extension from the culinary artist category to start your own presence on the internet.

You are a baker, brewer, restaurant owner, going to set up an online food shop or something else altogether, you can select an extension from the following: 

Final Words

According to ICANN, there are almost 1500 TLDs available, so you can register your domain with any extension that is more suitable for you. If you are a well-established public or private organization and want to use any extension that is not available, so you can apply to create and operate a new TLD registry. How to find a domain and its registration process is easier now. Choose any of the domain extension with a web hosting plan (shared, Could VPS, Dedicated) to host your website on the internet. 


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