How to Earn Money from YouTube? Learn 7 Steps to Make Money with Ads, Affiliate Marketing, & Sponsored Products

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These days everyone desires to earn money on YouTube. Talking about the most obvious get-rich-quick strategies! You tend to produce a couple of videos, upload them on YouTube, and wait for the money to roll in your account, right?

No, this is not as simple as it may seem.

I must say that being a video maker is an amazing way to make money. But it completely depends on time, dedication, efforts that you may put in to achieve what you want. And if you have made your decision and are serious about working hard to earn money with youtube then I am here for you as here I will give you a complete step-by-step guide for making money on this platform. Here you will discover how to build an audience, viewership monetization, and make a substantial income from youtube channel.

When you are done gathering a sufficient viewership and move towards becoming a Vlogger, amazing things might happen. The best part is that not only you can convey your message to your audience but also you will step into an ecosystem where a good deal of money comes in naturally. Here are my seven tips on how to earn money from youtube step by step:

1: Hone Your Craft

When you are in the initial phase of starting a new channel, you don’t have to focus on its money earning aspect. Because to be real, there is no quick way to earn money via YouTube. You just can’t sit there after uploading a couple of videos and hoping that they might get viral. This is not how it works.

You are required to consistently release high-quality videos and grow your channel. This is the only way someone can monetize their channel. As it does not enable the creators to go for monetization until or unless they have proved their mettle.

My first step to getting money from youtube is to hone your craft. There are three things you should do:

Set the Stage

It isn’t a necessity to have some expensive or advanced tools in order to get started with the YouTube channel. Well, it is not all about the camera a video logger owns, but it is about the idea and content you are going to produce for your brand. You can also utilize a smartphone to shoot the video but the content must be of high quality.

 The two most important cornerstones for the quality of the video will be:

  • Image stabilization — As the audience doesn’t desire to watch jerky, shaky video footage. Think about getting yourself a tripod. Or, if you desire to go for handheld footage then try to use a wider camera lens or any lens having optical image stabilization.
  • Audio — The viewers desire to hear you clearly without any distortion. Be careful with noises that could have a bad impact on the audio.

Establish Your Process

With the passage of time, you will develop quality within your creative process. Now what we have to do here is to take a note on how to move step by step from conception to completion of your videos. Analyze how much of time is required in conducting research, writing a script, film the content, make needed edits, optimize and then share the video across the web, Knowing and implementing each of the above-mentioned steps will help you out in refining your ability to make videos.

Plus, you’ll be able to understand how many videos you’re capable of producing; don’t commit yourself to a once-a-day upload schedule if you’re going to burn out in a week.

Know Your Brand

The content of your every single video needs to be unique but coming towards the tone and style of your video must remain the same. In other words, your brand must stay the same. If you comprise deep knowledge regarding your brand you can easily more honest, authentic, and passionate videos. But if you are in the initial phase then cultivating and defining your brand is the most crucial step to take.

2: Create Valuable Content

Basically, valuable content refers to videos that offer the audience an emotion to feel. Making value on this platform comes in many various forms. You might be teaching something to your audience; the content quality is that people can get a deep understanding or study how to do something. You might be making the audience laugh; the channel turns to be valuable within its capability to offer some entertainment and escapism.

Develop some valuable content, giving your audience something new, something they might not have experienced before. In the end, know that only videos with quality content stand to earn a substantial income.

3: Develop an Audience

It is quite obvious that if no one is watching your posted videos you will make no money. A successful channel is established through an engaged and loyal viewers community. So, the question that arises id that how someone gets discovered and attain sufficient viewers?

Find Your Niche

If you really desire to establish a profitable channel then it is more suitable for you to stick to something you are good at or something that is your passion. So, start looking for that thing you think you are best at. Pour your heart into the videos you produce. I can assure you that your original enthusiasm is going to be the core factor to engage and attract viewers for your channel.

Check Your Analytics

With the help of analytics, you can easily know the gender, age, geographic location and watch time of your audience. The user can also analyze the number of views on each of his videos along with the source of the traffic. Once you are done monetizing your channel you will soon be able to evaluate your earnings and performance. The analytic tools here allow the user to know which one of his/her video is currently resonating within the audience and also the ones which aren’t.

Engage with Your Audience

If you need to be successful and earn money, you are required to connect with the target audience on a personal level. This also means creating a community and creating high-level engagements.

The relation between audience and creator on this platform is a lot deeper than any casual consumption, as it is an engaged and active relationship particularly based on trust and support. As a good content producer interacting with the audience does not have to be complex or time-consuming.

4: Be Patient

Making substance to profit is somewhat similar to a forthright venture. You will need to contribute a great deal of time, vitality and assets into making these recordings, and from the start, they’re likely not going to do that well.

Actually, YouTube regularly won’t perceive your channel until it has around 20 recordings. I have seen many individuals come up short since they would prefer not to place in that forthright venture. They need a prompt return, and when they understand the degree of duty required to profit on YouTube, they surrender. Meanwhile, in case you’re beginning without any preparation, attempt to release a video at any rate once per week. You may not perceive any huge development within your channel until the 30th video. That is alright! The key is to be understanding and release a lot of recordings.

On the once a seven days plan, it will take roughly 6-8 months before your channel develops enough to be worth for monetizing. This is an entirely standard time span for any business, and a strong benchmark for the YouTube achievement.

Although, I do not recommend you to upload 20 recordings at the same time! That won’t really accomplish much. Upload efficiently and over a moderate timeframe. With every video upload, break down what works and what doesn’t. Interface with watchers and recognize what they do and don’t care for. Utilize this data to improve your next video, and afterwards do it once more.

When you release your 30th video, you will be a professional. Your substance will get the job done perfectly, and your channel will flaunt a group of viewers that a couple of your rivals have.

Try not to expect that you’re going to get a lot of money flow on YouTube inside the initial 6-12 months. However, do expect that if you invest in effort and time, pursue the tips in this article, and stay patient, you will be successful.

5: Leverage Other Marketing Channels

Try not to depend on YouTube alone with regards to promoting your recordings. The greater permeability your substance has, the more views you will get and the more cash you will remain to win. Two of the most ideal approaches to get your recordings out there, aside from YouTube itself, is through social media and email marketing.

Build an Email List

An email list is the simplest method to associate directly with your group of spectators. I’ve worked with some huge YouTubers throughout the years who do not comprise an email list — that is insane to me! Regardless of whether you have a few million endorsers, email-direct advertising will give you the chance to speak directly with your group of spectators. Utilize your vids to advance an essential page where you can gather your crowd’s email addresses for email marketing.

It may be an extraordinary thought to offer an additional incentive to individuals who buy into your email list. You could have a fabulous time test, give a free digital book, post videos only for email supporters, etc.

When you have urged your followers to join your email list, send a new email every time you tend to post another video. You may be astounded by what number of your YouTube supporters stay unaware when you launch video, so assembling an email rundown can be a pivotal advance on your campaign to have the option to make a profit on YouTube.

Promote with Social Media

Social media is an enormous platform for your brand to flourish. Make a profile for your business on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or any place that your viewers are hanging out. At that point work on those platforms each time you launch a video.

Now share your YouTube video link directly. Embed the relevant video into a landing page or blog post on your site, at that point share a link to that, as well.

You could likewise advance your video through quality social bookmarking locales like PearlTrees or StumbleUpon. Locales like these can be a great referral source. They give an additional social sign to your substance, which Google and other web crawlers will frequently consider being a positive positioning component.

6: Do YouTube SEO

At the Viewership organization, we experience numerous individuals who are attempting to prevail on YouTube however they do not know a thing about organic search engine optimization.

Before you make a video, you should consider the relevant keywords and expressions that outline the substance. YouTube SEO empowers you to get views when you first launch a video and will keep it positioning exceptionally later on.

Video Optimization

Optimizing videos means that you are making things easier for your potential users, as they can easily watch and find your content across the platform. Ensure to tick all the below mentioned things in your checklist.

  • Compose a convincing title — Your video titles ought to be succinct (close to 70 characters), imaginative and enlightening. Give knowledge into what your substance is about; watchers who recognize what they’re going to see and are bound to see till the end.
  • Develop engaging thumbnails — Making a modified thumbnail can give your substance a cleaned, proficient look. Remember that over the portion of your group of spectators is utilizing a cell phone; make the picture and data simple to see.
  • Incorporate the video depictions — YouTube’s inquiry and disclosure framework depend intensely on the substance you put in the video description. Organize the most significant keywords and information in the initial sentences. Google Trends can assist you in recognizing the most accessible keywords to utilize.
  • Adding web links — Use the video depiction and comments to connection to your site, blog, online life channels or bulletin information exchange page. Connecting is a valuable method for amplifying traffic and improving a group of spectator commitment.

7: Utilize More Than One Way to Make Money

Regardless of whether you’re considering to start a normal cashflow on the side, or you need YouTube to turn into your paid profession like it is for me, there is a wide range of roads you can take. My initial six hints were tied in with setting up your YouTube channel. In the event that you need to succeed and profit on YouTube, you can’t ignore these means.

However, when you’ve begun to develop your group of spectators and are getting a huge amount every month, you’re presumably going to need to consider the methods for procuring cash from your YouTube channel. My 7th and last tip are about the various ways to earn money from youtube, strategies you can really utilize to earn cash.

Before moving forward, you are required to allow the monetization feature on your new YouTube channel. This also means that you are becoming the YouTube partner and enabling ads on your videos.

How to Enable Monetization on YouTube:

  • At first sign up for a YouTube account.
  • Choose the account icon at the top right corner.
  • Click at the creator studio.
  • Now in the menu at the left side, select Channel > Status & features
  • Click at Enable icon placed in the Monetization segment.
  • At last, follow on-screen steps to agree on youtube term and condition.

When that is done, you’ll have to make an account for Google AdSense to function into Google’s promoting system. All YouTube makers may apply for the AdSense (on the off chance that it is accessible in your nation) when you hit more than 1k subscribers and 4k watch hrs in the previous year.

The user can initiate to post ads on his/her videos — and Google here will pay them every time the audience watches these advertisements.

The ad profit might be the most simple and easy method to start earning by youtube. Although, I guarantee you that if you start implementing all the mentioned techniques in this article you will surely attain elicit outcomes

Sell Branded Products

As your channel becomes bigger and increasingly well known, you may discover individuals are happy to burn through cash on data items and products identified with your brand.

I have been an IT specialist for a long time. Beginning my YouTube channel was tied in with improving my conversion rates and online perceivability. Through my channel, I can for all intents and purposes offer free pieces of advice, which requests to my crowd yet can likewise leave them needing more.

YouTube is an incredible method to drive these kinds of offers. For example, I have a video that tells watchers three programming languages they could send to start a new online e-commerce store. I completely spread those three languages in the free video — however, I additionally gave a link to my digital book, which contains more than 100 writings.

By doing this, I am attracting my group of spectators with free data, at that point selling them an overhaul of that data with my site.

Create Sponsored Content

In the last four years, I have been accepting messages from associations that need to support my recordings. I have quite recently chosen to take up one of those sponsorship bargains.

I was mindful of doing this, as I have my own one of kind brands. As we know, sponsorship is obviously an incredible method to help your channel and profit. What’s more, to really sweeten the deal: with sponsorship gives, you won’t need to give YouTube a piece of the benefits.

As your channel develops, you may wind up being drawn closer with conceivable sponsorship bargains. Yet, in the event that you don’t have anybody contacting you yet, you could go for utilizing influencer advertising locales. Stages like these are perfect for small channels. You can scan for and work together with organizations that need someone to make marked substance supports on YouTube, Instagram, and different platforms.

Try Affiliate Marketing

 Let’s understand the concept of affiliate marketing first.

Consider that you are watching some amazing soup recipes on some famous channels. You may notice that the Youtuber may point towards the brand of the pot in which he is cooking the soup. He may say things like “This is a high-quality non-stick pot and I placed my order at amazon easily” he may also say that if you want to place the order for that pot then you can click on the given link in the description and make an easy purchase. So, what they did here is said to be the affiliate advertisement.

This kind of promotion can be quite an advantageous strategy for YouTube. Moreover, present video marketing research has demonstrated that 64 per cent of individuals make a buy in the wake of viewing marked video content. You market an item, and you give a link in the video description as well as a video overlay. So, you will get a little level of each deal made through that affiliate link.

When your channel develops sufficiently large, you can even turn the idea of affiliate advertisement on its head and use it for publicizing rather than for money. Even I have an affiliate program with an agency; individuals market my channel, and I pay them consequently.


With the advent and extreme use of social media platforms, people are now frequently utilizing YouTube in order to market their brand and for growing their audiences. And if you have decided to market your content just like these successful brands, of course, you want to earn money from youtube videos.

Based on my personal experience, above I have explained the whole procedure bit by bit in a simple way so that you can get out in the market and start promoting and making money by YouTube. I hope that it will help you grow your viewership and monetize your YouTube channel.

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How to Earn Money from YouTube? Learn 7 Steps to Make Money with Ads, Affiliate Marketing, & Sponsored Products

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    While it is possible to make significant income from youtube as a content creator, it is not the easiest either. Four hundred hours of video upload to YouTube every single minute across the world. Therefore the competition is pretty intense and making a lot of money online becomes more challenge. Here are some powerful strategies you can employ to jump-start your earning potential from YouTube.
    Here are some powerful strategies you can employ to jumpstart your earning potential from YouTube.

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