How To Create A Website Free Of Cost? [Complete Guide]

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Undoubtedly, everyone involved in any business, whether freelancing, personal blogging, or a company selling products/services, needs an internet address or virtual outlet. If I ask you, why doesn’t your business have an internet address? Everyone has different justifications, but most have a common issue: it is expensive or isn’t worth it. I would love to introduce the best way in the blog to build your online presence without investing too much amount into it.

After reading this guide, you will understand; How to create a website free of cost, important information about CMS (Content Management Systems), also known as website building software.

Press Ctrl+D and bookmark this page so that you can review the information you read. To publish a website on the internet, you need three main elements to set up a website.

  1. Web Hosting
  2. Domain Name
  3. Scripts/Themes


  1. Is It Possible to Create a Website for Free?
  2. What is Web Hosting?
  3. What is Domain Name?
  4. What is Script/Theme?
  5. How to Create a Website Free of Cost?
  6. How to Create a Website with WordPress?
  7. WordPress Theme and Plugin Installations
  8. How to Set Up an E-commerce Site with WordPress?
  9. Website Development Costs
  10. What Should You Consider When Choosing a Hosting Company?

Is It Possible to Create a Website for Free?

Of course, everyone can build a website today free of charge, irrespective of the available technical knowledge, coding experience, and website design competence. This can be rather a difficult task for newbies; however, it’s possible to manage it if you have the best intents and also proper tools that can facilitate you to get one of the most out of the web design and development process.

What you must understand is that building a website for free takes a while and also initiative as well as you’ll need to complete all the actions of the project development process on your own. DIY website development is not that challenging task because you understand all the major stages and processes to pick the best web development tools. You won’t be able to work with a designer or web development agency to build your website for you. However, this is not compulsory in the dominating amount of situations. You can go with one of your favorite CMS (Content Management Systems) to build modern DIY websites, and it is one of the easiest ways to build your websites without coding.

To work with CMS, you must prepare to invest even more effort and time to understand the web design procedure. Making use of Content Management Systems at first indicates some coding knowledge as well as website design knowledge. You won’t do without code editing to launch a professional site with significant efficiency and a unique layout. But you can build a good website without code editing if you have chosen a professional Theme. When picking one of the most appropriate and reliable website development platforms, it makes good sense to consider several facets. Such as your knowledge of coding fundamentals, skills, website design experience, type of website you intend to begin, short term and long-term goals.

What is Web Hosting?

In the simplest words, the land you rent for the publication of your website is called web hosting. It is rented monthly, annually, or any billing term in line with the sales policies of your hosting provider. It kept your website open 24 hours a day on a computer with a high internet connection and hardware capacity. Your visitors on the Internet, by typing your site’s IP address (or domain name) into browsers such as Google Chrome, to connect to the section reserved for you on the computer (hosting server) where your site is hosted. As can be understood from this statement, more than one site on computers may provide hosting services. But if you buy a VPS or dedicated server, this computer or hosting server should be dedicated to your website(s).

What is a Domain Name?

Every site has an IP address that is the address of the hosting machine where the actual files and data are stored. But IP addresses are long and numerical, just like phone numbers. For example, the IP address of the Temok blog you are currently reading is “”. In other words, if you type “http://” in Google Chrome or a different browser, this is the address you will come to. But this is a very tedious process. Because if you are a regular visitor to twenty different sites (which is more), you have to memorize similar numbers for each one. To get rid of the difficulty of this job, web developers have developed a product called “domain” inspired by the phone book.

Domain; It is an easier-to-remember solution that defines the IP address of your website, has hundreds of extensions such as .com, .net, .org, and can be created from letters and/or numbers. IP address of your site with the technology called Name Server; is defined to the domain you choose, and when visitors type your site’s domain address into the browser, your site will be opened directly, just as you can see in the example of typing the browser instead ofHTTP://

What is Script/Theme?

Web Theme/script is the name of the Front-End, and Back-End coded website template you have installed on your hosting server. The areas that a visitor sees, applications running in the background, content on your site, many elements that come to your mind are included in the script/theme.

Scripts/themes are also built just like real buildings. When using construction materials such as sand, cement, and iron to construct an entire building, “coding” is used to construct your virtual building.

Coding (i.e., writing code) is also divided into methods in itself. While some websites are coded with PHP scripting language, some are coded with ASP scripting language. While constructing structures from different materials such as reinforced concrete, prefabricated, and wood in real life; In the virtual world, structures are built with different coding languages.

At the same time, using the WordPress infrastructure, you can set up your website without the need for code knowledge by using open-source designed and coded great themes.

How to Create a Website Free of cost?

Now that we have determined the website’s requirements, we can start looking for an answer to the question of “how to create a website.” But the first thing we need to determine is; What will be the purpose of your website. Because the site you want to set up; can be a personal blog where you will share your articles from time to time, a corporate website that means your company’s office on the internet, or an e-commerce site that you will use to present the products you offer to the customers. You may even want to do all of these within a website.

In this article, I will tell you how to create a website free of cost where you can share your articles, promote your company and sell your products.

You can build your website free of cost using WordPress CMS, but you need a domain name and a hosting plan to publish your website on the internet. You can get FREE .COM domain with lowest priced Linux shared hosting plan. In short, you will only pay for hosting from Temok, and in return, you will get a Free .com and be able to build your website for free using WordPress. It is important that choose shared hosting at the beginner level to reduce costs. Because a newly opened website (if it is not a special project) will not attract many visitors and will not take up a lot of space, cheap hosting packages will solve our business. If your hosting package becomes insufficient to meet your site’s needs over time, you can always upgrade to a higher package by paying the price difference.

I prefer Linux Shared hosting because, in this article, I will tell you about WordPress, a CMS content management system that will meet all your needs, and “How to create a WordPress website?” that we will answer the question.

How to Create a Website with WordPress?

WordPress; It is a type of free script that is constantly developed by hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of programmers.WordPress runs only on Linux hosting packages with full performance.

In the hosting control panels (for example, CPanel) offered by a good hosting company such as Temok, WordPress is installed with one click using the Softaculous app. You can login to the cPanel with your username and password and set up your site in a minute or two with one or two clicks (without any coding knowledge).

To explain in stages;

1. The domain name is decided, and the domain is registered.

2. The hosting company is decided, and the domain is directed to the Name Server address specified by the company. If the domain and hosting are purchased from the same company, this process is done automatically.

3. With the hosting panel information received from the Temok via email, the panel is entered, and WordPress is installed with one click.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Installations

In the light of the above information, you learned how to set up a basic website. On this occasion, we can say, “Welcome to the world of webmasters.” But as you can imagine, the site setup does not end there. We still have a long way to go.

To be more understandable from the beginning of our article, “How create a website free of cost?” to the question, I tried to answer by analogy to real buildings. To continue our effort, we will continue to explain WordPress themes and WordPress plugins in this way.

Theme; It is the interior and exterior of a website. Just as the parts of a whole building that are visible to visitors are called “facades,” the parts of websites seen by visitors are called “themes” or “interfaces.”

WordPress developers have designed more than one hundred thousand paid and free themes for this script. You can get information about free WordPress themes and get these themes by checking our other articles.

Of course, an entire building has various add-ons. For example, air conditioning systems, security systems, communication systems are among the add-ons of a building. We can call it a building add-on for a boiler, air conditioner, security camera, and even a doorbell. We want to say that your website also needs various plugins for users and you to benefit.

For example, the contact forms your visitors fill out to reach you are an add-on. In general, this feature is activated by installing a plugin named “contact form 7”. On the other hand, WordPress plugins for different purposes such as security, site speed, SEO.

You can install a WordPress theme and WordPress plugins on your site with a few clicks, often without technical knowledge. However; Some professional WordPress themes and plugins may require coding knowledge. However, since there are many WordPress developers both in the country and abroad; It will be cheaper than other scripts to have the theme or plugin you need installed or even code it specifically for your needs.

How to Set Up an E-commerce Website with WordPress?

WordPress; It also allows you to set up an e-commerce site with its plugin named “WooCommerce.” Honestly, it’s not enough at the moment to showcase and sell hundreds of products. However, if the number of products you sell on the website you set up is not too much, WooCommerce alone is enough for you.

Again, there are thousands of “WooCommerce themes” on the market. Apart from this, almost all organizations that provide payment system services offer free plugins to collect from your WordPress site. Most of the add-ons that will allow you to integrate banks’ virtual pos to your site are free or sold at very low prices.

Other CMS Systems

There are CMS systems in the market where you can set up a personal blog and corporate websites such as Joomla, Drupal, and others that do the same with WordPress; There are also CMS systems specialized in e-commerce, such as OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop. Moreover, almost all of these CMS systems can be done with a few clicks, like installing WordPress.

Launching A Web Site With No Experience Has Now Become A Reality

Website Development Costs

It is almost impossible to determine a standard price for these costs. Because the only factor determining the website’s cost is your expectation, you can have a simple website in minutes by using free themes and plugins in today’s conditions. However, it is possible to publish a website by spending millions of dollars.

If you have just entered the web industry and want to make more or less money in this industry for the rest of your life, to say hello to the web world, I recommend you start with the lowest costs. In this manner;

1. Domain Name

2. Web Hosting

3. CMS of your choice

It will be enough for you. But if you enter the web with an e-commerce site; Your costs will increase slightly. Because even if you use a CMS system; Depending on the type of product or service you are trying to sell, you will need additional requirements. For example, the cargo module.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Hosting Company?

Here is the most exciting point. Especially those who are at the beginning of their professional life in the digital world start the match 5-0 because they choose the wrong hosting provider. To start the match with a score of at least 0-0, you should ask your hosting company the following questions.

1. Check feedback and review on different websites.

2. Does it offer 24/7 technical support? (Websites are systems that should be open 24 hours a day. For this reason, in case of any problem, they should be accessible 24/7 with a ticket or similar system.)

3. Do you have serious references? (The web hosting company is just like your barber or accountant. They should not be changed frequently. You should question this situation as you will not have problems or will experience less in hosting companies with serious references)

Now that you have finished the article, you have advanced knowledge about setting up a basic website. By continuing to review the blog, you can have a better command of the professional internet world. Good luck.

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