Discover How to Block a Website in Firefox Via 3 Distinctive Approaches


Firefox might be a little behind Chrome and Edge as far as highlights and security are concerned yet it still is the browser of my choice. Because out of these three, firefox is the only one that doesn’t harvest and sell my data. I can guarantee that this browser is the first choice of many security professionals.  Keeping all of this apart, Firefox offers a great deal of authority over perusing with one cool component that is the capacity to block a site.

If you want to learn how to block site on firefox, read on!

Why Would You Want to Block A Website at All?

The web also means freedom, right? It gives the user a sense of freedom to go where ever he pleases to go. In case you’re a grown-up, utilizing your own PC, the web ought to be open and free. Yet, shouldn’t something be said about youngsters? Shouldn’t something be said about at work, school or college? What if you want to ensure high security?

The vast majority think enough about the web to be cautious where they go and what they save or download. Most grown-ups know there are places you simply don’t go on the web. The equivalent can’t be said for everybody however and on the off chance that you have individuals to ensure or profitability to keep up, blocking a site in firefox is a genuine approach.

So that’s the why now to the how

Block Site On FireFOX

 For most circumstances, there are three different ways to block a site in Firefox. You can utilize Windows parental controls, physically block sites within your host file or utilize a Firefox addon. All of these approaches take care of business yet differ in their usability. Addons work quickest, yet include downloading an addon and running it. Parental controls come straightaway yet aren’t fully useable. The host’s record is the most involved yet is more subtle to somebody needing to dodge your limitations.

Block Website on Firefox Using Windows Parental Controls

Tragically, Firefox doesn’t accompany parental controls worked in so we need to utilize Windows. To make this work you should set up a kid account inside Windows 10. While it is alluded to here as a kid account, you can utilize it in any capacity whatsoever you like.

  • Navigate to Settings and Accounts inside Windows 10.
  • Select Family and different clients and afterward Add a member.
  • Select Add a kid and enter their email address and snap Next. All youngster accounts must have Microsoft represents some explanation. In the event that you have to make one, follow the wizard that shows up.
  • Select Family and different clients again and click the Manage family settings online connection. This will open Edge and take you to the family settings page.
  • Select the new client and select Settings by Web perusing.
  • Select Block wrong sites to empower SafeSearch.
  • You can likewise permit or square explicit sites as you see fit by including their URL.

These settings work characteristically with Edge however Firefox checks the settings each time it is stacked and submits to SafeSearch settings.

Block Sites on Firefox Using Addons

Firefox has a wide scope of addons you can use to block explicit sites. These might be more reasonable for circumstances other than ensuring youngsters yet can be bypassed if the client comprehends what they are doing.

  • Follow the arrangement guidelines as each varies by item. Make a point to set a unique password to keep extra secure.
  • Restart your program whenever required and test.

There are many addons that do a scope of things just as block a site in Firefox. Each varies in precisely what they do and how they do it so check client feedbacks before using.

Block A Website in Firefox Using Your Hosts File

The last method to block a site in Firefox is to alter your host’s record. A host record maps IP addresses with their domain names and is checked by Windows before visiting a specific site. It is a decent method to block explicit sites without utilizing parental controls or addons. The drawback is that you should change the section if you need to get to a specific site as it squares them for all time for each client.

  • Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
  • Right-click your host’s document and choose duplicate. At that point glue it into the folder so you have a perfect copy.
  • Right-click has and select the edit option.
  • Type or paste ‘’ and ‘’ on discrete lines. Where you see the site name, include the URL of the site you need to block. We spread both www. what’s more, site name as sites will, in general, utilize both.
  • Repeat for the same number of locales as you need to block.
  • Save the host’s record and reboot your PC.

Now every time you endeavor to get to one of the sites you recorded you should see the incapable to associate page in Firefox. By guiding a URL to, you are sending it to your PC’s loopback address. This implies the program will never arrive at the site being referred to.

The drawback to utilizing the host’s document is that you need to physically obstruct every site. The upside is that most clients won’t know how you did it.




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